Or maybe both? In this vid I cover this controversial supplement and give science based advice. An extensive article that examines the study mentioned in this video on the effects of ARA on strength and muscle mass can be read  HERE!

Note: The ARA supplement used in the study discussed in this vid was the  X Factor ARA product sold by Molecular Nutrition.  The manufacturer of ARA for supplement companies interested in offering ARA as a supplement is Cargill and the contact (wholesale inquiries only) is  sales@arachidonic.com



  1. makster 10 years ago

    Very interesting Will. I have never heard much about ARA. I will be looking for your follow up info.

  2. joe 10 years ago

    no biggy Mr. Brink, as long as your happy with it , just messes with my senses of proportion lol. And just for the record I don’t have huge traps either , just medium.

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