I just returned from my annual trip to the Arnold Classic. Below is my highlight vid. 2008-2010 can be found under the topic drop down option if you have not seen the past vids!

  1. Sam 12 years ago

    As a vegetarian I was of course insulted by your choice of best T-shirt. I’m sure there were plenty of others to chose from. I chose to go vegetarian because of my concern for animals and their mistreatment. I don’t push these ideas on you or anyone and deserve respect for not trying to hurt creatures. Being vegetarian hardly seems like a negative stance when all we are doing is choosing to spare suffering of sentient animals. I wouldn’t dare eat my dogs and I extend that simple idea to all sentient creatures as much as possible.
    Also, I was a omnivore until 30 years of age. I’m 40 now. My body hasn’t changed for the worse. As a matter of fact, some guys at work comment that they wish they could get “vegetarian muscles” like me.
    Vegetarians aren’t strange people. We just don’t eat meat. Please use discretion in promoting negative stereotypes of vegetarians, as I personally don’t know anyone who is vegetarian who is less intelligent than any omnivore I have met. We are hardly “village idiots”, but rather kind-hearted people.
    Sam Dias.

    • Joe 12 years ago

      Relax Sam, it was meant to be a joke! What’s with you tree hugging liberals anyway? You could probably use a nice rack of ribs.

      • Author
        Will Brink 12 years ago

        Now now Joe, be nice 🙂

        • Joe 12 years ago

          sorry. I apologize Sam.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      If there’s one thing I note about vegetarians, is a lack of sense of humor. The shirt was funny as hell, period. I’m not anti vegetarian per se, I’m also capable at having a laugh at my own expense, something I find most (not all!) vegetarians lack the ability.
      We have plenty of vegetarians for example on the BBR/FLR forums and do our best to assist them in their goals.
      In the US dogs are pets, but they are food in many parts of the world, so your choice to not eat dog is fine, but not “proof” of anything other then you have attachments, as most Americans do, to dogs.
      Human beings are meant to be omnivores, but I agree in that humane treatment of animals is lacking in large scale factory farming today.

      • Joe 12 years ago

        I couldn’t agree more Will. I’ve known vegetarians and when it comes to their eating habits, they have NO sense of humor. Yet, I’m sure if you found some fat Italian sitting in front of a huge plate of macaroni and meatballs with a funny caption, most of them would have no trouble laughing at that. They just lack the ability to laugh at themselves.

  2. Bill T 12 years ago

    Who won the bodybuilding contest?????

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Which one? There’s several. I don’t cover the contests much (seen one huge juiced guy in his underwear, seen ’em all as far I’m concerned at this stage/age in my life) but if you mean the mens pro show, winner was Branch Warren.

  3. Joe 12 years ago

    yeah, that girl in the white, it looked like a great expo! Girl in the white, I mean, you saw a lot of things there too, like the girl in the white. Did you get a lot of samples? girl in the white.

  4. Cam 12 years ago

    I’ve been to the Arnold Classic once. Although there are some positives to attending, there is still an aura of heavy PED abuse in the competitions and the magazines that cover them. There is this feeling of hypocrisy regarding health and fitness. If that day ever returns when there is renewed respectability, at that point I’ll check it out again.

  5. rob 12 years ago

    i went for my first time this year. it was awesome!! i met kai greene, hidetada yamagishi, and bob chicerello at the expo and with all the sampling it was like having an iv of protein into my bloodstream, i really liked the protein pudding by MHP and the new chocolate carnivor by musclemeds was much better than their other flavors

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      I didn’t try it, but everyone raved about that pudding product by MHP. Other companies have tried similar products in the past and they flopped. Maybe this one will do better.
      Glad you enjoyed your first time to the Arnold. I have not missed one since 1997 I believe. 🙂

  6. Sam 12 years ago

    See, there it is again. Stereotyping vegetarians. I don’t lack a sense of humour and as most people who know me I am the first to poke fun at myself. This T-shirt isn’t poking fun at the wearer.
    Will, when I mentioned dogs it was to show non-vegetarians that dog is just another “meat”. I didn’t state the fact that I don’t eat dogs as “proof” of anything and that my attachement to dogs extends to other creatures.
    Joe, I’ll pass on the ribs, thanks. I prefer a hug from a cute vegetarian girl with a great sense of humour like myself. That won’t be hard to find.
    And finally, I don’t laugh at other people because of their circumstances(being fat) , nor their ethnic background. So no Joe, I wouldn’t laugh at a fat Italian guy eating meatballs.
    Thanks Will for mentioning the horror that is factory farming. And don’t worry I get and give my share of laughs.

    • Jeff 12 years ago

      I read all of the comments before watching the video, so I didn’t know what this was all about–>”As a vegetarian I was of course insulted by your choice of best T-shirt.”
      HA HA HA, I watched the vid and yes, that’s a funny T-shirt. Humor is supposed to may you laugh, and if you don’t think it’s funny so what? Move on. Just don’t assume that the joke was intending to insult you. If you take offense, then it’s you with the problem. Maybe you are subconsciously trying to make your views known by objecting to the joke, which means you really aren’t insulted, you are just angry that others have a different world view and you want to speak out about what you feel is right.

      • Sam 12 years ago

        Humour is subjective. Don’t make me take your “world view”. Funny to you, but not to me. I’m not subconsciously doing anything. I’m fully conscious and aware of what I’m doing and if I take offense the problem is only mine?! Then why did you have to get involved Jeff? That’s a contradiction isn’t it?
        So, if you don’t like my comments, like I don’t find the T-shirt humourous, so what? Move on.

        • Jeff 12 years ago

          Sometimes when the truth hits too close to home, you defend your position by simply repeating what was said to you as a means of accusing the other of the same. Sounds like a logical fallacy to me.

          • Sam 12 years ago

            So far no “truth” has been stated Jeff. I don’t need to defend my position because I already have with my original statement. Besides, I’m not accusing you of anything, just stating your obvious hypocrisy. Don’t like it? Move on. Sounds like a logical idea to me.

  7. Joe 12 years ago

    Cool vid Will. Thanks for bringing it for schmucks like me who missed it 🙂

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Make it next year Joe!

  8. eldon raison 12 years ago

    Great stuff Will. Send more please.

  9. Joe 12 years ago

    Sam, the sad truth is that you seem to be looking for some sort of vindication for your dietary choices. From the looks of that t-shirt, it doesn’t look like you’ll find it here. Maybe you’re the one who needs to move on.

    • Sam 12 years ago

      Hey Joe,
      Where did you come from? Decided to jump back in eh?
      I’m not looking for any type of ” vindication”, I’m just trying to make a simple point that both you and Jeff seem unable to grasp.
      Gees, maybe it’s the meat-eaters who need a sense of humour! Maybe have a laugh at the expense of some fat Italian guy, or maybe you’re the one who needs to move on. That’s “the sad truth”.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      I don’t know if this adds context for additional offense, but here’s some prior comments on vegetarian eating I blogged on a while back:

      • Sam 12 years ago

        Actually Will, it does seem a little skewed towards non-vegetarians.
        Vegetarians come in different “formats”. There IS more than one type.
        I don’t “hate” meat. I just hate what it means for the creature that is being munched on. So, no I don’t believe that most vegetarians “hate meat”. I definently hate certain smells of meat cooking. But I still love the smell of bacon. I just choose not to eat it.
        Also, there are alot of unhealthy meat eaters. Probably just as many (%) as vegetarians if not more!, so the last part of that entry was entirely skewed towards eating meat.

  10. MikeyZ 12 years ago

    Any idea who the girl in white was?

  11. Von from VonsFitnessTips.com 12 years ago

    That last chick in the white… oh my god haha

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