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“Whether you are involved in competitive weight training or are a weekend warrior or somewhere in between – you need to understand the science behind your goals. Will Brink, writer, athlete and expert distills the essence of the facts on nutrition, training, weight loss so that you can understand and use the data. You’ll benefit from his years in the fitness industry and the solid information from his experts to build your body and plan for optimum results.”

SHOW #1:

Brink Zone Radio – The fat burning zone for weight loss: myth or science?

This show we examine the “fat burning zone” with guest Dr. Jose Antonio. People are often told to exercise at lower intensity, within some target heart rate,  to “burn” more fat, but is that accurate advice or outdated?

Listen to this show HERE!


SHOW #2:

Brink Zone Radio – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), overrated or the optimal form of exercise?

HIIT training has become very popular recently, but what is HIIT training? Who will benefit from it? What’s the difference between HIIT and interval training? Is it superior to aerobics? In this show we answer those and many other questions about HIIT training with researcher Dr. Abbie Smith-Ryan.

Listen to this show HERE


Show # 3


BrinkZone Radio, What You NEED To Know About Whey!

What makes whey protein so unique from ALL other proteins? How does whey positively impact your health?
What makes one whey protein better than another? Isolates vs. Concentrates?
There’s far more to whey protein than most people realize, and in this show people will learn what’s so unique about whey as well as learn what marketing terms to avoid to choose the whey that’s right for them.

Listen to the show HERE


 Show #4


BrinkZone Radio, Vitamin D3, Scam or Panacea?

Vitamin D3 is now claimed as a cure for everything from cancer to heart disease to erectile dysfunction. What’s the truth?
What does the science actually say? How does one know the right dose for them? Can it raise testosterone? How much is too much and is it toxic at high doses?
Can it really help fight the major diseases of our society?
Learn the answers to those questions and many more in this BrinkZone Radio show

Listen to the show HERE


Show #5


Steroids In Sports: What Do You Really Know?

The recent MLB steroid scandal has made steroids in sports a hot topic again.
Most people only know what they hear about these drugs from the media, and the objective facts, few and far between.
This week, I cover steroids in sports with attorney Rick Collins, an authority on steroids and the law and a well known author who covers the topic of Performance enhancing drugs in sports. Forget what you have heard on some sports talk show on this topic. We will cover the reality behind performance Enhancing drugs in an objective science based manner minus the hyperbole and hysteria over these drugs in sports.

Listen to the show HERE


Show #6


Reversing Diabetes

It can’t be done by everyone who has been diagnosed with type II – as there are genetic influences and other factors – but make no mistake, for a large % of people with type II diabetes, it can be reversed or at the very least, GREATLY improved.
This show, I use the example of one person to show how diabetes can be reversed.

Listen to this show HERE


Show #7



Sarcopenia – defined as an age related loss of muscle mass and function – is a major public health threat. Millions of people have sarcopenia – both YOUNG and old! – and it impacts every aspect of your life, from increased risk of disease to being unable
to simply function in ever day life. It’s THAT important!  Although loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) has been on the radar of main stream medicine for decades, sarcopenia is now starting to get the attention it should, by researchers and the medical profession in general.
In this latest BrinkZone Radio, you will learn what sarcopenia is, what the major causes are, and how it’s prevented and or treated, with my guest, Dr. Lopez.
Listen to this show HERE

  1. kevin 11 years ago

    Hi Will,
    My critique of your first radio event: ARRRGGGGHHH! It was 30 minutes before I heard the word, HIIT. Then I never heard it defined. I never heard specifics on what it is and how to do it. IT was like you two guys were having a radio bromance. Sorry. Dr Mercola does a good job of explaining HIIT and how to do it on a stat bike or elliptical. But says it can be done on the track also. The main requirement is that you must monitor your heart rate. HIIT requires you to get it up to your maximum. These are all thing that you could have discussed but didn’t. I do HIIT on a treadmill while wearing my heart rate monitor so I know I’m getting my heart rate to its max on every repeat.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Thanx for the feedback Kevin, but you also seem to have entirely missed the topic of the show. The show was not about HIIT. It was about examining the issue of low intensity aerobics and the “fat burning zone” which people are told is best for losing weight. Not sure how or where you would have gotten the impression the show was about HIIT.
      HIIT was mentioned as the topic of the next show as a counter to steady state low intensity stuff (eg, “fat burning zone” training) often recommended.
      I hope that clarifies the recent show for you.

      • kevin 11 years ago

        Thanks, I’ll be watching for that show.

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          BTW, there’s also HIIT vids and write up here is you use the search function.

  2. Stan Pontiere 11 years ago

    Hi Will
    Thanks for a great show. Back in the 80s and 90s I used to combine aerobics along with traditional weight training. Now that I am 66 I still do the same and once a week or so I do a HIT session just to keep the intensity up. Cardio alone never did much for weight loss but the combination of training that I do keeps me down around 11.5% body fat. I was raised on “No pain-No Gain” but people should understand that does not mean that we should invite injury into our workouts.
    Please, I am really looking forward to your proposed show on supplements as most of the commercial publications are nothing more than hype for the latest and greatest “do nothing supplement.” Most of what I read makes me want to put on a pair of hip-waders because the stuff is getting so deep.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Tons of free articles, reports, vids here on supplements if you want to do some research on that topic Stan, in addition to the paid books I have. I’m sure I will get to some of that on the show also no doubt. 🙂

  3. Jeff 11 years ago

    Good show! Keep it up. I find this type of radio much more interesting than FM/AM and many other audio options.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Tom Plascyk 11 years ago

    Great first show!!!
    The next show on HIIT should be great and I look forwaed to hearing it.
    Thank you.
    Tom Plascyk, 53 years young!!!

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Thanx, Now I need to get working on a guest for next show 🙂

  5. Joe 11 years ago

    Thanks Will, great concept on the radio show. Enjoyed listening as I was driving. Great dialogue with Dr. Antonio and I look forward to episode 2.

  6. Lance 11 years ago

    Enjoyed the show. Always lots of good info. Regarding HIIT, do you know about Title Boxing’s Power Hour? Been doing it for about 2-1/2 years now. Almost 52 and probably never been in better shape. Title is a local company. Email me and I can connect you with the founder. Might be a good guest. (Honestly no spam or ad intended, I’m just a member).

  7. Patrick Skailes 11 years ago

    A very solid inaugural radio show that hopefully will help answer the questions surrounding LISS and explain why it’s not the best for fat loss. I look forward to your next show and what you have to teach us or at least get many of us thinking outside the box….

  8. Chris 10 years ago

    Hi Will,
    Thanks for the radio show very interesting,
    Perhaps I missed it however I often perform Low intensity cardio first thing in the morning in a “Fasted State” albeit with a strong cup of coffee (Thank God) inside of me… Now the idea of fasted cardio being kept at a low intensity is to prevent catabolism of lean mass… would you say that that too is myth, or should one be more reserved on exercising with a “reserve tank” for fuel?
    Another question I have is that with low intensity comes low impact… I can easily perform 45minutes per day cardio at around 70% effort without risk of repetitive strain or overtraining.. however the same can it be said for performing higher intensity cardio?

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Chris, the fasted cardio vs fed cardio state is another topic perhaps for a future show. Studies have been somewhat conflicting but personally I’d say at least some protein before the cardio session. Whey is always a good choice for various reasons, such as its high BCAA content, etc.
      I wouldn’t do higher intensity work (weights or otherwise) fasted as there’s no benefits to it.
      As mentioned in the show and articles/vids here on the site, HIIT style has +/- vs. low intensity steady state (LISS) exercise has its benefits too, but it does not put one into any magic “fat burning” zones. Excessive HIIT in any form can indeed lead to injuries, OTS, etc, so must be balanced out in a well rounded program.
      LISS has many benefits and I do it regularly but not excessively.

      • Chris 10 years ago

        Thanks Will for your reply,
        I will actually try a shot of whey before my session see how that effects my results
        Keep up the great work

  9. Sarah 10 years ago

    Hi Will, listened to this as I was getting ready for work in the morning. Thought it was great – I don’t make gains in anything I do unless I frequently change it (and it generally has to hurt!), so never could quite understand how my friends could go for a leisurely stroll around the block to stay within their ‘fat burning zone’ while I was doing sprints between power poles or power walking uphill while pushing my child in her pram to get the results I needed. Nice to hear clarification on what I thought was correct and to have it explained well. Look forward to the next one!

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Thanx Sarah! Have to get working on the next show in a day or two.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Latest show on sarcopenia is up!

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