A simple but often unappreciated issue regarding creatine monohydrate is the benefit to pre dissolving it fully, which will greatly improve any stomach upset for those who experience it and may improve absorption for some users. This vid will help you get the most from your CM products!

Also see updated comments below the vid



This simple vid I did showing pre mixing creatine a good idea, has gotten more traffic and discussion than any vid I have done, and still shows up regularly. So, let me explain with more details and self corrections from the criticisms I get gotten…

Yes, I may have over stated the importance of it in the vid, but, the fact is, creatine must be solubilized before it will get absorbed. There’s a number of papers confirming that unless there’s another route of absorption for CM I’m not aware of… It will either get solubilized in digestion or it can be done first in the glass.

People who get stomach problems from creatine have been told to pre solubilize their creatine for decades. For people who get stomach upset, non responders (approx 30% of users) they may get better responses from fully dissolving, but that’s hypothesis on my part.

I can say, thousands of people have reported the stomach issues and bloating they experienced were gone once they pre solubilized their creatine.

Clearly, some of the creatine not dissolved in the glass will be made soluble and absorbed and I should have been clearer about that in the vid, but it’s well established in human digestion that compounds with poor solubility are often poorly absorbed. It’s also going to be dose dependent (large amounts of CM are more likely to not get solubalized and absorbed, causing stomach issues, etc) while smaller amounts, less so.

At this point, I tell people If one has gotten good response from not fully dissolving, don’t sweat it, but it’s my opinion that fully dissolving *may* optimize absorption for some, reduces waste, may improve effects in non responders, and will reduce stomach discomfort in those who experience it with creatine.

It’s also going to be individual. Back when loading was all the rage, some got killer cramps, the runs, and a bloated stomach from those mega doses, some had no issues. That was due to the hypotonic effects of large doses of CM.

  1. makster 13 years ago

    I never even thought about the absorption of creatine till it was discussed at BBR. I now dissolve it in tea or coffee as recommended. You can definately see the difference in your video between the cold and the warm water.

    • anon 13 years ago

      caffeine stops the creatines effectiveness, wouldnt mix it with coffee, or even drink coffee while your using creatine bro

      • ThePhillyPhil 11 years ago

        That is incorrect, early studies have been done which show NO effect by consuming them together.

      • Dick Hertz 7 years ago

        Bro??? Why does every modern young douche say this non-stop?? Tools…

  2. edward 13 years ago

    As usual your information is clear and to the point…Good info, thanks!!

  3. SUBROCK 13 years ago

    Will, great post. Question I've heard that mixes it with a little sucrose help its absorption in the body. Any comments on that?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Sucrose is table sugar and is not going to be an optimal choice. High GI carbs are what is recommended, such as malto, dextrose, and best yet, Vitargo. I recommend you read the many articles here on creatine that covers the carbs + Cr topic well, as does the free creatine report mentioned in the vids.

  4. mossy 13 years ago

    Hey Will
    Im not sure if the warm water thing makes that much difference as it enters your body which is 36-37 degree warm furnace, thereby creating a warm environment for the creatine to dissolve in liquids.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Mossy, yes, it matters. Best results for absorption and avoiding gasrtric issues is to make sure it's fully mixed and that's been known since the earliest studies, hence why they always used hot beverages to mix it in.
      Dr. John Berardi has made a few comments that sum it up well:
      "Since creatine is very hard to dissolve in regular room temperature beverages, researchers had been giving creatine in warm coffee and tea to ensure dissolution of the powder and to mask the taste. Also this dissolution makes taking creatine orally easier on subjects and their digestive systems."
      " when the creatine gets to your gastrointestinal tract, the body tries to solubilize it. Why? Because nutrients cannot be absorbed if not solubilized or dissolved in a solution. They will just sit around in the pit of your stomach in powder form and eventually pass right out of you. So what the body does to remedy this is to suck fluids out of the cells of the digestive organs in order to provide enough fluid to dissolve the creatine. But what then happens is that all this fluid that's sucked into the GI tract needs to quickly be eliminated and this leads to diarrhea. So in solubilizing your creatine, the GI causes some nasty bathroom situations. Not to mention the fact that a lot of the creatine is lost during such porcelain episodes."
      He's referring more to the loading phases I suspect that few people bother with anymore as far as "porcelain episodes" is concerned, but the fact is, best results will be had is you fully dissolve the creatine first.

      • wes 12 years ago

        hey will i have some bulk pure creatine mono, my question is what volume is equivilant to 5 grams. i also pose the same question of volume to wieght for pure caffiene, thankyou

  5. Johnny 13 years ago

    I'm like most of the readers, I never thought of TOTAL dissolution of Creatine before ingesting it. I had taken it back when it first hit the market as a huge benefit to bodybuilding adn simply mixed it with a fruit juice such as grape or apple. I mixed it in cold (usually refridgerated) liquid and thought that it was supposed to feel like sand going down. Then micronized creatine came out, but the issue wasn't about better dissolving, but whether or not it does better in the body than regular Creatine. I have read many reports on the different "types" of Creatine as well. Based on this "revelation" information, I will simply stick with REGULAR creatine but dislove it before ingestion. This make total sense. I have about 5 different bottles of Creatine, but didn't want to have to deal with the intestinal indigestion. Now I can use it with confidence and pass this info along to other friends who exercise. Great eye-opening info. SIMPLE concept right in front of my eyes, go figure!!

  6. mossy 13 years ago

    Beradi has a very simple slant on it – thats for sure!
    Powders DO NOT sit in your stomach like they do a glass of water. Your stomach is hot and its full of gastic juices which contain acids that would burn your hand off.
    Please take into consideration that our body is hot at 36-37 degrees celsius which makes many so called cold pressed products and omega 3 products defunct and what IMHO also makes hot water creatine defunct too!

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      I already responded to your Q Mossy, gave you a quote from someone who knows the topic (almost as well as I do!), and all you have done was repeat your opinion, which you supplied nothing as support. Dr John Berardi's quote as quite specific, yours was the "simple slant" and it's incorrect. Poor solubility is a well known factor for decreasing the absorption of various compounds, and making the compound soluble greatly improves absorption and reduces GI problems.
      Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol 1998, 20(3): 211
      Micronization: A method of improving the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs
      Chaumeil, J.C.
      For poorly soluble drugs, the digestive absorption depends on their rate of dissolution. Decreasing the particle size of these drugs improves their rate of dissolution. Fine grinding mills are use to micronize powders: either jar mills or fluid energy mills. These processes were applied to griseofulvin, progesterone, spironolactone and diosmin. For each drug, micronization improved their digestive absorption, and consequently their bioavailability and clinical efficacy.

    • Irishdeerhunter 13 years ago

      If you think the stomach acids will dissolve the creatine efficiently, instead of first dissolving it in hot water, then go ahead and try your method. It is through trial & error that you will find which method works best. But, I warn you, watch out for some GI disturbances with your method.

    • dave 12 years ago

      the burning from the acids have nothing to do with temperature…. dont the acids actually ruin the desired creatine effects if you dont already have it fully dissolved in warmer water because it would be exposed to the acids longer?

  7. lurker 13 years ago

    I was just wondering how many scientific studies you have done on the amount of creatine absorbed by the body. Furthermore I can personally attest to the affects of undissolved creatine in the GI tract. I have a moderately sensitive GI tract, but as soon as I started taking creatine I began having some "porcelain episodes." Now I can see why that is based on information from someone who is considered an expert in nutrition (Will) referencing someone who has done scientific studies and vast amounts of research on the subject (Beradi).
    If you have information beyond just bringing up the acid and heat of the body please share with us so we can better understand the angle you are coming from.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      "(Will) referencing someone who has done scientific studies and vast amounts of research on the subject (Beradi)"
      Lurker, I have personally been published in scientific journals regarding creatine BTW. See the "about" section for more info if interested.

  8. tricepasaurus 13 years ago

    Interesting pts!
    It makes sense that your GI tract would treat creatine diffrently to how water does.
    Having said – im sure putting creatine in hot water wouldnt harm either.
    Just my 2 cents!

  9. Laurent 13 years ago

    At the moment, I use creatine magnesium chelate from Albion and am very satisfied with it. It dissolves very quickly and gives me absolutly no bloating neither "porcelain episode". After watching your clever videos, I guess you wouldn't recommend creatine in caps form, as the powder in the caps would reach your stomach undissolved.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Nope, I do not recommend creatine caps for that reason. I'm sure some gets absorbed, but it's wasting $$$$ no doubt.

  10. Darren 13 years ago

    Just a thought but doesn't caffeine negate the effects of creatine or does John mean decaf? ;o)
    Will Brink:
    Dr. John Berardi has made a few comments that sum it up well:
    "Since creatine is very hard to dissolve in regular room temperature beverages, researchers had been giving creatine in warm coffee and tea to ensure dissolution of the powder and to mask the taste. Also this dissolution makes taking creatine orally easier on subjects and their digestive systems."
    Article Abstract:
    "The ergogenic effects of creatine was shown to be blocked by caffeine, but was not shown to be tied to the inhibitory effects of caffeine in phosphocreatine production. Bodybuilders wanting to optimize creatine ingestion should stay away from caffeine-containing substances to realize the effects of creatine."
    author: Rowley, Brian
    Publisher: Weider Publications LLC
    Publication Name: Joe Weider's Muscle & Fitness
    Subject: Health
    ISSN: 0744-5105
    Year: 1998

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Darren. That study had major flaws and didn't hold up over time, and also went against the "real world" effects people see using both. Berardi covers that here:
      Some will still recommend not taking caffeine at the same time as creatine just to be sure, and that's one way to approach it if the caff/Cr issue is a concern.

      • Darren 13 years ago

        Thanks for clarifying that Will.

  11. william mcniff 13 years ago

    Thanks Will. I had given up on Creatine, trying to over come a 60lb weight loss due to cancer cachexia. What about l-glutamine in warm water. I am using it for colon health as the radiation and such have left it cranky so to speak.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      William, simply try your own test with glutamine and water. You should find it's very soluble in water.

  12. Martin 13 years ago

    Hi, I have a question; can you go too warm with the water? I like to use really hot water (i.e. steaming – I cool it down with icecubes afterwards) to make it dissolve even faster. Is this ok or could I damage the creatine with too hot water?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Creatine is fine in hot water, hence my referencing the use of hot tea in early studies to mix it. i wouldn't put it in boiling water for an hour, but short of that, it's fine.

  13. Paulc 13 years ago

    I've notice my hair thinning after being on creatine for several months, but has thickened up a few months after I stopped taking it. Of course I took up creatine again and notice my hair thinning again, so I'm off again hoping my hair with thicken up again.. I know that Jeff Anderson (muscle nerd) confirms this. What's your take on this Will?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      There's no solid data to look at regarding any connection between Cr and MPB. There was one study that found CM increased DHT in soccer players I recall, but the study has various flaws and has not been repeated/confirmed. My hunch is there's no connection there, but there's a lack of data one way or another on that. Plenty of creatine users with plenty of hair out there. 😮

  14. Dave 13 years ago

    Great article Will,
    Do the same principles apply to BCAA,s eg, taking tablet form over powder is more convienent & avoids the nasty after taste but is taking tablets less effective for the same reasons as creatine illustration.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      I don't have the solubility numbers for BCAAs off hand, but I doubt very much any of them are as insoluble as CM. Different compounds, nutrients, etc have different solubility. Amino acids as a rule are soluble in water.

  15. John 13 years ago

    What if you just scoop the creatine into your mouth and wash down with water?

  16. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    Errr, did you watch the vids? After watching the vids, does that seem like a good strategy for maximizing absorption? 😮

  17. Brandon 13 years ago

    I read that creatine that is left in water for too long would change to creatinine which would then be useless. Is this true? Other than that, would it be better if I mix my protein powder, dextrose and creatine together in hot/warm water instead of cold water?
    I'm sure you heard of Kre-Alkalyn before and they claim to be superior. Any comments on this whether is Kre-Alkalyn a good stuff or just a hype.

  18. Brandon 13 years ago

    Btw, just read a bit around the blog and I saw that Kre-Alkalyn is actually not as good as they said and that creatine is actually stable in water.
    But I still wonder whether creatine absorption will be better if I mix them in warm water together with protein and dextrose and drink them post workout.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Probably best to fully dissolve the creatine, then add to the PW drink. Using micronized speeds up the process, etc.

  19. Brandon 13 years ago

    I usually make my post workout shake before I hit the gym so I will only down it after 2 hours from making it.
    I think I'll just put the creatine inside warm water and let it dissolve and then only add in the protein powder and dextrose and bring it to the gym.
    Please correct me if I'm doing anything wrong. Thanks.

  20. Promart Supplements 13 years ago

    Good ol' creatine monohydrate is the best and micronised versions are better still. I am not keen on the Kre-Alkalyn personally.

  21. Erik 13 years ago

    Hey Will,
    When would you say the best time to take creatine mono is?

  22. Cosmo 13 years ago

    Will, 5g/once a day (teaspoon) of Micronized Creatine gave me quite a bit of gas, my stomach had a lot of loud gurgling and my stool became very, very soft…pudding like. At your suggestion for the past 8 days I have been trying the micronized creatine again. This time however I've been using only about 1/2 teaspoon and stirring it in hot water. It does dissolve 100% very quickly…particularly with stirring for about a minute. I haven't had any GI issues anymore at all. I hope I don't end up extruding anymore massive mudslides like before.
    Anyway, thanks again for your help. If all goes well for a month, would it be prudent to increase the creatine up to a full spoonful once a day? And if not, will I realize any results just taking 1/2 spoonful?
    Thanks, Cosmo

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      3-5g is the typical dose. If 3 works for you, and is not bothering you, then stick to it.

  23. Joel 13 years ago

    Does the creatine powder really become useless if its left to stand in room temperature water for a few hours? After that time it also dissolves. I usually get the usual side effects when i used it that way i.e. gas and dehydration (if i dont have enough liquid). Shouldn't those effects indicate that the creatine is still doing its 'job'?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Joel, my other vid on creatine stability covers that. Creatine is quite stable. Yes, after a few days, some % of it will convert to creatinine, but a few hours, especially if in the fridge, is not an issue, contrary to clams made by some companies.

  24. Joel 13 years ago

    Ok. Thanks alot. And sorry but i only noticed the two videos on this page. I think i prefer to use it this way because i experience what u referred to as 'porcelain episodes' shortly after using the creatine undissolved or with hot tea which gives me the impression that some of the creatine is being wasted. No such episodes with it left to stand however.

  25. geirge 13 years ago

    How about taking creatine one week before a competition…….wouldnt this fill your muscles and look fuller

  26. george 13 years ago

    I think i saw something you wrote on this topic……the creatine loading 5 days out from a comp…..most guys say no…some say yes……or is it 50/50

  27. forsyth 13 years ago

    Wow, did not realize the poor absorption rate of creatine in cold water, I'll try warm water and watch it closely from now on. Thanks Will!

    • cosmo 13 years ago

      forsyth, I switched to hot water and stirred the micronized creatine for about 3 minutes and it dissolves almost 100%. More importantly, no runs, no drips and no errors…if you know what I mean 😉

  28. Tony 13 years ago

    Will, what about the use of grape juice to spike insulin for better Cr uptake? How does it stack up compared to dextrose, etc?

  29. TONY THE TIGER 13 years ago

    Thanks for the creatine video.. i never knew how important waiting for the creatine to disolve was. Now i know better. Also it was very interesting comparison between Creatine Mono against Micronized Creatine.
    Im using creapure now from Jarrow.
    Thanks again.

  30. Atif 13 years ago

    Hi will , It was nice learning how to use creatine after seeing your short video. It was the first time some one gave such a thoughtful advise. But my question is when to take creatine , Before Work out Or after the Workout? And how about " the loading Phase " ? How does this creatine help the to build Muscles?
    Take care ,

  31. dp1 13 years ago

    what is the stuff from the micronised creatine powder that does not dissolve even after a minute of shaking in warm water..?

  32. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    Just as the vid explains, it's non micronized "regular" creatine monohydrate

    • dp1 13 years ago

      Aha so your saying that product 'XXX' (labelled – micronised creatine monohydrate).. is usually manufactured with some non-micronised 'regular' creatine in the product too..

  33. Mitch 13 years ago

    Thanks for providing a no nonsense view regarding supplements, fitness, and bodybuilding. I started using Creapure micronised creatine this week. I mix it with warm water and add cold once it's fully mixed. I went ahead and started with a "loading" phase of four 5mg doses per day and drinking over a gallon of water per day. Instead of the expected 1-2 lb increase in water weight I have lost 3 lbs in the last four days. According to my scales with body fat % my composition has stayed the same so I'm assuming the weight loss has been mostly water.Other than the creatine my diet and training schedule has been the same with nothing remarkable regarding GI issues. Have you seen this experience before and what are your recommendations?

    • Mitch 13 years ago

      Sorry…5g doses. Not 5mg!

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Never seen anyone lose weight no. You usually get either your non responders (approx 30%) or people who gain 4-6lbs in a few weeks. There's no mechanism by which I know of that creatine alone would have you losing 3 lbs.

  34. ranjyot 13 years ago

    hey will…..thanks for all ur creatine videos…i wanted to know how much glucose should be taken wid 5 grams of creatine for better absorbtion???and is it allright to take it preworkout??

  35. Dar 13 years ago

    Will, What tempt water is too hot to dissolve creatine. EG. will water straight from a boiled kettle cause the creatine to denature?

  36. Damien 13 years ago

    I just purchased the cheapest Creapure Micronized creatine I could find. $20 for 1000 Grams. I was disappointed about how "well" it dissolved. But, because of the videos, I figured out a method to COMPLETELY dissolve it quickly. Here's how:
    Put 12 oz of water in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds on high. Then pour 5 grams creatine into water and stir for 30 seconds. Now place 2 Ice cubes in the water and stir until they disappear. The water will be completely clear and cool enough to drink. It wasn't until the second dose that I perfected the method…LOL, simple. BTW, total prep time is about 4 minutes.

  37. Philip 13 years ago

    this question was already been asked but not fully answered so ill write down the question again:
    im a student, and im leaving from my house for 3-6 hours per day. Because of that i cannot make a good shake (protein or creatine) before work so i do it like this:
    for my protein: i put it in my shaker with cold water and shake it for 10s, take it with me, and after gym(lets say after 5-7 hours) i shake it with my hand for 10s and drink it. The question about protein, is this ok? because i shake it 5-7 before i drink it, is it loosing it's effectiveness ?
    for creatine: because i heard that micronized creatine need to be taken 30m before work out (since its been absorbed faster into the body (thats the whole point of micronized creatine)), i make it in my car using a cup of hot tea and drink it. But this is expensive since i have to buy every time a hot tea from the university's cafe. The question is, can i make this procedure (mixing it with hot water at my house as i do the protein) and take it again 3-5 hours after? 30min before my workout as i do regularly. it will loose the effectiveness since it will be in my car for so long?

  38. stephen 13 years ago

    does caffine have a negative affect on creatine? I take 200 mgs. caffine powder and 315mgs of green tea extract in the morning.

  39. Dan 12 years ago

    Common sense stuff. I like it. What about taking creatine in grape juice. Is that better than water?

  40. Tony 12 years ago

    Hi i did not notice if you have answered this question already but does citric acid say from orange juice break down the creatine making it less effective?

  41. TAMER LUKA 12 years ago

    this pice of information is very worth , it was a big problem for me to dissolve creatine and caused me a lote of bloating and gas , isearched the net to know how to solve the problem and i find this information about the dissolving of creatine in hot water but i do not trust at first but when i find it here by WILL BRINK i accepted it as WILL is trusted scientific man , but what i want to ask if i can put the boiling water on creatine or i should wait to warm the water at first? plz reply me

  42. Tom Gretchen 12 years ago

    I’m told CONCrete or creatine HCI is a better product and monohydrate is old school because prolonged use is hard on the liver and kidneys. I was also told taking it with a sugar will spike insuline levels and can lead to diabetes? I believe your videos but it’s hard to seperate lots of the info I get at the store. Keep up the good work Will.
    Tom Gretchen

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Tom, there’s no data what so ever showing CM is hard on any organs, and a whole bunch of data showing it’s a safe long term supp, and I suspect you are hearing that from those selling forms competing with CM. Take a look at my article “the creatine graveyard” for additional info, and or download my free creatine report in the free download area.

  43. Rob 12 years ago

    Will – your information on the GI issue is very helpful. I will try the method of mixing the creatine in hot water.

  44. Jamie 12 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I was having this discussion with a sports nutritionalist. After I saw your video I was talking to him about it and he said that creatine dissolving or not will still be assimilated by the body. The water running clear is purely psychological. Although I continue to make sure the water runs clear could you elaborate as to why undissolved creatine will simply pass thru the body, but a supplement of L-Leucine powder, which doesn’t seem to dissolve in any liquid hot or cold, will also be assimilated? Does our body struggle to absorb creatine over aminos?

  45. konyone 12 years ago

    i have seen the thing about the creatine powder setting in your stomach and going through your stomach and not getting absorbed because it wasnt dissolved in the water a million times. how is that even possible when it still goes to the same place? the stomach is a violent place full of acids that break down anything that goes in there. dissolving it in the water seems like such a waste. i dont want to waste my product. also for all we know you could be working for a creatine company and encouraging us to dissolve it in hot water or take it with coffee to reduce its effectiveness so that we blow more money for it

  46. Jeff 11 years ago

    Hi everyone. A quick question regarding CM. The last time i tried using Creatine Monohydrate (loading on only 5mg, twice a day) i started to have heart palpitations on a regular basis after a week or so. I stopped taking it and within a few days the palpitations stopped also. Just wondered if there’s any evidence of this kind of side effect or what i can do to stop or minimise it. I take a daily 50mg dose of sertraline for Generalised anxiety disorder but there’s no evidence on the net that i can find of interaction between the two. Any thoughts ? Could be the anxiety causing the palpitations possibly but it seems weird that they stop when i stop the supplements.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      As CM is not a stimulant, there’s no connection I can see and none of the studies have shown any changes in HR, etc. Your doses are also very small, making it even less likely there’s any connection there. Good luck.

  47. Orhan 11 years ago

    Hey Will –
    I dissolve creatine monohydrate in warm water before hitting the gym and add it to my protein shake, which I then drink in the next couple hours. The other day, I dissolved it but instead of directly mixing it into the shake, I forgot it in the glass. About half hour later I came back and found that the creatine had CRYSTALLIZED. Is that normal? Is that what happens to it when the water cools down? Does that mean the creatine I assume is dissolved and nicely mixed into my shake is actually in crystal form by the time I drink it? Is it useless in crystal form?

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Yes, it will fall out of solution once it cools down. Should not harm the creatine itself or alter its effects. I wouldn’t stress over it 🙂

  48. Graham 11 years ago

    I gotta’ hand it to you. I’ve been spending hours on Google and Youtube, and I can’t not get over the amount of conflicting information on Creatine. You’re the man! I was having extreme gas and diarrhea from Creatine mono. After watching this video and others… I made sure the Creatine was dissolved, and I no longer have the problems. I also like that you have education in this matter instead of proliferating rumors and false information.
    I was going to try other forms of creatine, and like you said, the research backs up Mono, and I wanted to go with the real deal… knowing this before I purchased. I was going sever bloating of the stomach and then sharp stomach pains. This was due to the Creatine not being dissolved and doing so in my stomach.
    I think many people actually use Creatine this way, living with the discomfort. I even saw a Youtube video of a guy putting a scoop of Creatine in his mouth and then chugging it with a protein shake.
    I loved your research on the longevity and life of Creatine after it interacts with water. The fallacy was to mix it and then chug it quick quick quick. When in essence the shelf life is months in liquid, and it’s not sold as liquid because of it’s shelf-life and loss of profit.
    I’d love to see a Youtube video on carbs, and how they are necessary to build muscle. I feel most people use caffeine for energy and not carbs (to cut weight) and I’d like to hear your opinions on this in general.
    Thanks a lot. You have a fan for life.

  49. Jonny 11 years ago

    i hear a lot of people just taking the creatine and dumping it in their mouth and drink it down. they claim to have great results from doing it this way. are they just wasting it? and another question i have micronized creatine mono do you think its ok to mix with a room temperature post workout shake consisting of isolate whey protien and malotdextrin? instead of waiting to get home and mix it in with some hot tea or water.. i heard its better absorbtion if i add it in my post workout stack

  50. Jonny 11 years ago

    i hear a lot of people just taking the creatine and dumping it in their mouth and drink it down. they claim to have great results from doing it this way. are they just wasting it?

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Not wasting it. No doubt a good % is absorbed and used that way. Pre dissolving will reduce any stomach upset and stomach bloating some experience and *may* optimize absorption.

  51. Utkarsh 11 years ago

    Thanx for the wonderful no nonsense video 🙂
    Quick question. What if I first dissolve it in a bit of warm water, and Then add cold grape juice?
    Also, post work out I take it with at the gym with cold water, whey protein and glucose.
    What to do in that case? :-/

  52. SCMan 11 years ago

    There was a study that showed that Creatine compromises the immune system, and several articles on this have been posted on Livestrong. I have had great success with creatine in the gym, but it’s been a total disaster when it comes to colds, which seem to come around literally every two weeks when I use creatine. This does not happen when not using creatine. I’ve also read several anecdotal accounts on various forums where other users came down with colds when on creatine. At this stage I will probably give up on the supplement.How can it be that this supplement gets so much positive press when it causes harm?

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      I know no such studies showing ill effects to the immune system, and the data to date shows creatine to have so many potential health BENEFITS it’s amazing.
      Read my articles on the benefits of creatine to health, and or my free report on Creatine for the details on the possible health benefits. Can be downloaded off this site or at http://www.Creatine-Report.com
      In all my years dealing with creatine, and getting the anecdotal reports of tens of thousands of users, you are the very first to even mention such a thing as coming down with colds due to creatine use.
      What study specifically on the Livestrong site are you referring to?

      • SCMan 11 years ago

        Here are the references:
        Some strength athletes are convinced that they react badly to creatine. They fall ill more quickly when they use the most researched and most effective supplement to hit the market in the last twenty years. Are they imagining this? Perhaps not, cell studies done by immunologists at Creighton University suggest.
        The study article can be found here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21575742
        There is also a study showing that creatine can make asthma worse, see http://www.ergo-log.com/allergycreatine.html.
        I personally have not had a lot of luck with creatine. While it does increase my performance in the weight room, when I do take it I feel much more drained afterwards. it does increase my muscle size and I gain weight, but most of it appears to be water weight. The frequent colds just don’t seem worth it. I am looking for other possible links, but so far, creatine seems to be the main one. When I am not taking the supplement, I go for months without a single cold, but I usually get sick by the time I reach maximum saturation. And I am not the only one who has experienced this.

      • SCMan 11 years ago

        I forgot to mention the main quote from the research article:
        “Together, these data suggest that creatine and creatine derivatives may impact the ability of immune cells to sense a wide array of viral and bacterial pathogens. Of great interest, CRN–largely considered to be a waste product of the argenine biosynthesis pathway may also have immunosuppressive properties similar to those of CR.”
        This most definitely would explain how some people become more vulnerable to colds.The body just doesn’t react in time before the infection takes off.

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          An in vitro (test tube) study and a mouse study vs 200+ studies done on human beings showing benefits to a wide range of conditions. Again, read my report, then balance that against two not very useful studies. Nothing it perfect, not water, not air. However, the risk/benefit of creatine shows the benefits FAR outweigh any risks and the vast majority of data supports that conclusion.
          Good luck

          • SCMan 11 years ago

            I will look at your report. Like I said before, I have had great results in the gym, and if there is any information in your reports that dispels the immune compromise theory, then I may consider continuing the supplement. I am still looking to see if there are other correlating issues besides my creatine intake. It is also possible that I may be dealing with dehydration issues.

  53. LOL 11 years ago

    If your taking creatine this way ima stick with the opposite of you….

    • Tom 11 years ago

      Hey LoL, we don’t need your negative comments anyways. If you would try dissolving the creatine first you would find less stomach upset and bloating. Period. I think Mr. Brink has stated that numerous times, the rest is up to logical people to take what he has given us and go with it.

      • Author
        Will Brink 11 years ago

        Thanx Tom. You know how it is, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him THINK 🙂

  54. David 11 years ago

    I couldn’t even use creatine because it ripped apart my GI until someone suggested I put it in warm water. The first time I tried this I had NO aggravation at all. I take 5 grams with about 6 oz of very warm water.
    I have been concerned about simultaneous use of coffee and creatine. Thanks for exploring this too.

  55. jeff promer 11 years ago

    i liked the video i didnt know that warm water would dissolve i faster, which would be nicer just for getting it all out of the glass and getting rid of the grittyness. but i thought the body would absorb all the nutrients it needs, and could use as it passes along through the digestive system. i dont think the stomach is the only place that nutrients are absorbed and wouldnt the body warm this stuff up to 98.6 degrees after it sits in your stomach for a few minutes?

  56. Mike 10 years ago

    I’ve tried both, micronized and non-micronized. Neither one of them dissolve, AT ALL.

    • Mike 10 years ago

      Should have mentioned I was using warm water. I simply can’t get it to dissolve at all. Very frustrating.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Try warmer water, try more water, try another brand. Any company that uses Creapure as its source of creatine is fine. Do a google search. I get mine from Life Extension Foundation. I have never seen a creatine that will not dissolve in hot water. That’s odd.

  57. mark grove 10 years ago

    Thank you Will!! great post from Monica on creatine supplementation, and your videos on dissolving creatine fully. No wonder years ago i didn’t get benefits from creatine. it was going right through me like you said.
    i assume i’ll get more out of creatine if I take it with protein and carbs than just alone.
    I’ll do that from now on.
    mark in Canada

  58. Cody W 10 years ago

    I currently take optimum nutrition micronized creatine powder, but it doesn’t dissolve when I mix it together with my whey protein after workouts. I still get that sandy texture in my mouth.. so should I take them separately after my workout, therefore being able to dissolve my creatine in warmer water? Also if I leave my creatine too long in water, i’ve read that it may lose its effectiveness, is that true?

  59. Suresh Shukla 9 years ago

    Hi Will, I came across this video of yours and found it very useful. Thanks
    But I just wanted to ask, can I mix the creatine in my cup of hot tea? If yes, then how big that cup of tea should be? I mean there has to be certain volume of drink required to mix 5gm of creatine.

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