Below are some brief comments on creatine monohydrate vs. the 9,834,734,493 “other” forms all claiming to be superior. For more details byond the vid below, see The Creatine Graveyard

Enjoy! 😎

  1. Gus 13 years ago

    Thanks for cutting through the BS about other forms of Creating. High purity Creatine Monohydrate rules!!!

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Yup. I would add to that Creapure if it were my $$$. B)

  2. Barney 13 years ago

    Do you recommend cycling creatine? If so how?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Actually, if you check the brinkzone YT page, I have covered that issue. Just have not had time to get that vid up here yet!

  3. Barney 13 years ago

    Found it, Thanx!

  4. tonoxtono 12 years ago

    Awesome series of videos covering Creatine. I’ve been wanting to try using Creatine, but, I wanted to do some research first and your website and videos have helped me out tremendously. Thank you very much.

  5. Dom 12 years ago

    I have watched the other vids and read the article on the creatine graveyard. I saw the `“conjugated creatine” (Con-Cret). Now the same brand has come out with creatine HCL which is supposed to be `concentrated creatine with better solubility than regular CM. They also claim that like 750mg of this stuff has the same effect as 5grams of regular CM. Any info on this would be much appreciated. It seems that its the new “craze“ in creatine.

  6. Greg Higgs 12 years ago

    Mr Brink,
    I must thank you for your advice! I am 27 and have never supplemented because I was very concerned with the mixed messages coming from advertisements, gym buddies, YouTube etc etc etc.
    The renewed energy and results I have achieved since stumbling on to this site have been staggering.
    Let’s hope this industry abandons the BS and takes the scientific approach! It will happen if people vote with their feet by using good resources like brinkzone
    Greg (Cape Town, South Africa)

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