A common question I get is creatine timing. Before workouts? After? Other? I cover that topic in the latest vid in the creatine series.

  1. Ken P 12 years ago

    … that is what I’ve always understood. Basically, I just add a small amount to my pre / during / and post workout drinks.
    Any thoughts on Kre-alkalyn vs basic creatine monohydrate? … greens?

  2. Alex 12 years ago

    How about the best time for it to be absorbed ? i think you missed the most important part, the rest is basic stuff..

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Alex, that’s exactly what the vid covers. There is no “best time” for taking creatine. That’s the point of the vid.

      • Alex 12 years ago

        Im not referring to any better time to take it in terms of performance afterwards, im referring to a better time for it to be absorbed, in my oppinion it is at breakfast and after a workout, times when your body is primed to absorb anything you put into it.. am i right ? also if you take it with simple carbs wich i dont, it should also be better to take it at the same times, dont you think ?
        Thx 4 the help 😉

        • Author
          Will Brink 12 years ago

          And I said there is no time to take it for performance afterward. I recommend you watch that vid again closely. I mention specifically why there has been no studies looking at some time of the day the body is “primed” for absorption specific to creatine. Once tissue saturation is met, time of day does not matter. Other nutrients, for example protein, appears to be more responsive to timing issues, but that’s another issue.

          • Alex 12 years ago

            Ok, thx for the help will, heard so many theories on wich time it could be better absorbed, and even on my creatine label it says to take it on a empty stomach.. anyway, as you refer, i have never seen a study to prove it.
            I just have another thing i would like to know your oppinion on, if you could please tell me, should creatine be cicled or can it be used long term ?
            I’m on a cutting phase and it helps me a lot not to lose my strenght and keep my workouts productive, so i havent been cicling it for a few months now, i’m curious if that could be of any harm to me ?
            I know there havent been any studies on long term use, but i think your oppinion might be the best

  3. Dave 12 years ago

    Thanks Man, I always find you very,very thought provoking , in your cool, plain english kind of way.
    Creatine, I am 52 yrs old ex Marine, always have worked out but never really became too abscessed with this supp. however lately added it to the regimen. I was reading the directions last night and mine has sugar, (obviously no caffeine since it interferes with creatine) the only reason it would be best to take this version before a workout or soon after exercise I surmised. If one is a healthy individual It really is the only time where sugar can be beneficial to help get nutrients to the muscles when they need it, a small window of opportunity. I’ll invest in some plain ole creatine to take any other time like you stated (you was funny with your mid night pee time, LOL)
    I do have a concern while taking this stuff at my mature age, regarding kidney function, dehydration. Blood test- My GFR rate is steady at 59-60 (borderline low) and want to at least keep that or better as long as I can. Everything else is pretty good for 185 lbs at 5’8″ given my age.
    Stay healthy, stay kewl Man 🙂 Dave- Anaheim Ca.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Dave, watch the other vids in the series, and read my various articles on creatine, and you will known 99.9% more about this supplement than 99% of the people out there. Then you can make an informed decision if it’s a supplement for you. Good luck 🙂

  4. Roger 12 years ago

    Great infomation. I always wanted to know how to take creatine.

  5. Tim 12 years ago

    Terrific info as usual. Thanks again Will.

  6. Andrea - nutrition nag 12 years ago

    thanks Will…. glad to hear some sense and also someone that agrees with my approach. where is your mug???

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Funny you should ask. That’s the first time ever I forgot my trademarked mug for a vid. Doh!

  7. Roger R. Brown 12 years ago

    The presentation was very helpful and the concept is easy to follow. Thanks for mentioning the items that most of us really find helpful and discussing them in terms that are user friendly for us that really need it broke down!

  8. Dick P. 12 years ago

    Thanks again for a straight forward , clear answer .

  9. Walt Andrus 12 years ago

    Great straight-forward, NO BS info as always, Bill!!!

  10. michael 12 years ago

    Will, thanks for being the wrecking ball that knocks down the walls of ignorance.

  11. KAL 12 years ago

    Will… where is the tea or coffee and mug!!!!!
    like you said… it doesnt matter when, bc it only matters you take it consistently to get the saturation effect in the body… like your other videos and articles say… creatine monohydrate is best…micronized works well and using hot liquid and a little stirring to get it worked into the liquid…. let cool for a second…drink…. I prefer to do it post workout I add a scoop of micronized creatine monohydrate to some nice hot water, mix…. make my shake… drink my shake…. creatine looks all dissolved in the water and its cool enough to drink now…. slam it down…. done…. all from your videos/articles…….

  12. Bill Rouse 12 years ago

    Hi Will, i was under the impression that you only make small amounts of creatine so I take three 750mg capsules before and three after training and have not had any adverse effects.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      I’d watch the other vids in the series. I don’t recommend caps as a rule, but if you feel that strategy is working for you, keep doing it.

  13. Nasrin 12 years ago

    Oh, Thank Will. Finally I got the answer I was looking for. XXX

  14. Pedro Sepúlveda 12 years ago

    Hi Will. Having heard your your video about “Creatine time does it matter” I would like to express the opinion of Paul Greehaf – J.Nutr.Biochem., vol. 11 November – wich states. Quote – ” The available data indicate that it may be related to the stimulatory effect that creatine ingestion has on pre-exercise PCr availability is generally accepted to limit exercise capacity during maximal exercise, this effect, together with the accelaration of post exercise PCr resynthesis that has been reported to occur as a result of creatine supplementation would be expected to increase muscle contractile capability by maintaining ATP turnover during exercise. This suggestion is supported by reports showig that the accumulation of plasma ammonia and hypoxanthine are reduced during maximal exercise following creatine ingestion (both metabolites are accepted plasma markers of the disruption of muscle ATP resynthesis), despite a higher work output being acheived.” Unquote. Does this study indicates that creatine should be supplemented before exercise? Would appreciate your comments. Cheers Pedro

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      The quote is explaining how creatine works, not that it matters when it’s taken per se. No reason not to take before exercise if you want, assuming it does not cause any stomach upset.

  15. Jim 12 years ago

    Will, what amount of creatine should be taken per day? People usually take 3-5g. Would you say that’s the correct amount?
    Also, per your video, my understanding is that creatine should be taken daily – even on non-workout days. Can you confirm that?
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      3-5g is standard. Watch other vid in the series and or download Creatine Report which covers A-Z on creatine.

  16. Rosemary 12 years ago

    As always, helpful, practical, straight-forward and no-nonsense information.
    Thank you BrinkZone.

  17. Biyi 12 years ago

    I appreciate your view on this matter provided its effective in achieving the muscular strength and size I desire. I’ve always thought that creatinine is better taken within 2hrs post-workout but now I have a better information I guess.

  18. Gary Furniss 12 years ago

    Great to that as the companys would have us believe that timing is all important and has to be combined with the all critical must have super products they are selling. But my question is will a Kre-alkalyn creatine that is non loading work as well.

  19. zorema 12 years ago

    it is very simple but very good infomation for beginnerlike me
    thanks a lot ,let me watch more videos,pls

  20. Eric Martinez 12 years ago

    Good info Will, I agree with you. I tend to usually take my creatine post workout. Keep up the good work!

  21. Nasrin 12 years ago

    Hi Will. One of my colleague at work asked me that is the Creatine is suitable for her son who is 15 years old and he is playing football and he is very active. Her conserns is regarding of is there any age limit for using Creatine or Protein drinks??

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Sounds like a good topic for a vid! It wont do a teen any harm. My issue, is teens need to spend their time learning how to eat and train correctly (which 99% of them fail to do) before they are looking to use supplements that may mask those poor eating and training habits. Teens are always looking for the short cut, it’s the parents job to teach them the long view of things in my view. 🙂

      • Karen 12 years ago

        The problem with teenagers Will is that they don’t listen to their Parents. They would rather listen to what their friends are saying. I encourage my children to eat well and follow my example but get very frustrated when they don’t want to take your advice. I worry that my son isn’t getting the right nutrients for the active sporty lifestyle he leads and if taking a supplement helps then I’d rather him do that than burn his body out.

        • Author
          Will Brink 12 years ago

          My teens and creatine vid will be up on the site shortly Karen, so hopefully that will help! 🙂

  22. bray 12 years ago

    In the past I dealt with certain kidney issues. I just had my kidneys checked on a follow up visit and they are perfectly normal and have been now for a couple of years. Do you think it is safe for me to take creatine monohydrate? And if so, should i cycle it? 30 days on, 30 days off, or 60 days on, 30 days off? Just dont want any further damage to my kidneys if they are finally healthy.

  23. avi katz 11 years ago

    hey will,
    Is there any logic in taking creatine for breakfast or after a workout because of higher metabolism level in it, that allow high absorption ?

  24. Ken P 11 years ago

    Hi will:
    Simple, sound advice. The rest of life should be as uncomplicated.
    Take care brother.

  25. Vincent 10 years ago

    Please can you tell me how much water do we need per day when using creatine???

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