Last week I put up a study showing more young girls are going into puberty at ever younger ages. The study found obesity was the number #1 factor.
It also spurred a heated discussion on my FB page between those who agreed with my take on that and some who did not. That gave me the idea for this vid which covers – using a real wold example – my take on dealing overweight kids.

  1. Kevin 10 years ago

    As one can expect from Mr. Brink; no BS, straightforward and logical. Be a role model for your family, eat nutritiously and exercise…simple but so challenging for so many.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      I never claimed it was easy, just necessary. What’s necessary not always easy to be sure.

  2. Liam 10 years ago

    Well said. My wife and I have lived the healthy lifestyle and our children, now adults have passed this on to their children. Do as I say, not as I do NEVER WORKS! Great job Will, Liam

  3. Carlos 10 years ago

    A very wise and insightful piece of advice to this concerned father. Interesting that we sometimes do not realize how much we contribute to our own situations. Thank you Will- that lesson is a keeper!

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