Below is a brief discussion on DHEA as “muscle builder” and such. DHEA may have specific benefits to women, and I recommend reading my write on that topic HERE for additional info.

  1. eddie 13 years ago

    i agree,i was on 1600mgs for six months and i saw no improvment in muscle mass or fat loss,i still take it but only 50mgs every morning for it helps with stress…..i'm 49 and think most men over 40 would find dhea in the morning will help them cope with stress better………….

  2. Lance Sharp 13 years ago

    I do enjoy your videos. Thanks for being down to earth without all the slick marketing.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Thax Lance. Make sure to "like" them via facebook, etc,

  3. Noel Scott 13 years ago

    Very good ideas! Please tell me more as soon as you can. I’m already excited to get working outside!

  4. Brad Turk 13 years ago

    Will, always find your vids and articles informative. Thanks.
    46 YO male. Workout 4-6 per week using bodybuilding and cardio and yoga. It seems your recommendation is 25-50 mg daily dosage?

  5. John 9 years ago

    Ray Peat (who is supposed to be a PhD Endocrine Physiologist) stated in an article here that “at the age of 50, about 4 mg. of DHEA per day will usually restore the level of DHEA in the blood to a youthful level”. If that is true, then why do people usually seem take doses that are fairly higher than that ?
    Peat also goes on to say that taking Pregnenolone may be a safer way to raise DHEA levels. However, a fairly recent study shown here seemed to find that ” Treatment with pregnenolone did not increase serum testosterone, free testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, estradiol, or androstenedione levels” and they seemed to use fairly high doses.
    I am 47 and while I think I am in good shape for my age, (It seems I am basically as strong as I ever was as far as reps, amount of weight lifted, etc..) I think the main things I notice about getting older are lack of sleep quality, (I do not feel as rested when I get up or sleep as soundly or deeply), lower libido and less intense orgasms than when I was in my twenties and early thirties. This is probably normal, but I just wish I could feel a little younger.
    I cannot really afford blood testing, but would it “likely” be safe to try say 2-5 MG of pregnenolone and/or 2-4 MG of DHEA just to see if it makes me feel better or improves anything ? I would probably cycle the stuff but if it made me feel better or improved the areas mentioned above, I would want to use it long term.
    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      Pete is very hit or miss. He supplies no studied showing 4mg will replace DHEA levels in adults, but one does not need very high doses and it’s different for men and women. Read the various DHEA articles here for more info on that. Pregnenolone may have have some cognitive benefits for sure and might be a good combination with DHEA, but clearly does replace DHEA per the study above that found it didn’t impact DHEA, etc. Low doses of either not likely to do any harm but minus blood work dose and effect is just a WAG.

  6. Jim 5 years ago

    Can low dose DHEA 25mg, be continued safely if Clomid is prescribed later on?

  7. Amanda 2 years ago

    I just had some bloods done because my sex drive so low Not sure if I was starting menopause, my result shows my DHEA is 9.6 I am so worried. Pending appointment to see gynaecologist could take a long time getting appointments is there some supplements I could take in mean time or by reading up is this the end of the line for me as I read a lot about it could be cancer.

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