One of the questions I’m asked most is “Why can’t I gain more muscle Will“?
It’s almost always  because you’re following a linear program which doesn’t accommodate the body’s significant abilities of adaptation. Do the same thing week in, week out, month in, month out, and year after year, and expect to make no improvements. That’s the harsh reality of it, yet that’s how most people train!

This is one of the primary reasons, after a very long time of simply recommending nothing to my readers but my own programs, I’ve stuck my neck out and given the Hypertrophy Max program a thumbs up, because it delivers the most important principles needed to gain mass from a training perspective … you can hear my thoughts on that in the video.
I’ve probably received 3 dozen emails asking my opinion on the Hypertrophy Max program, to that end I’ve put together a video review you can watch below.

CLICK  >> — More Details on HyperTrophy Max Here.  <<- — CLICK
In the video I cover what I like about the program, who it’s for, the techniques and their origins and also what I really don’t like about the program;  it’s 8 minutes long as I also cover a bunch of factors that make up an effective training program in general.

The Hypertrophy Max program is only on sale until Friday night I believe, then they yank it for 4-5 months, so if you’re interested in learning more about this program hit   HERE   or hit the banner picture below!


  1. Christopher Adams 6 years ago

    It does look like an interesting program. To plug another book, I have been using your BBR and have gone from 147 lbs (classic ectomorph) with a body fat of 22% to 151 lbs with a body fat of 17%. If my math is correct, that’s a gain of 11.4 lbs in 14 weeks. Your chapter on basic training, Chapter 6, is terrific. Thank you!

    • Author
      Will Brink 6 years ago

      Thanx Chris! That’s great progress using Body Building Revealed (BBR). I hope you have some before and after pics to share 🙂
      See you on the BBR forums!

  2. Howard 6 years ago

    Will. Can this program realitically be done alone? Do I have to have different weighted dumbells lined up? I work out in a gym and I do not have the capacity at home to so something like that.

    • Author
      Will Brink 6 years ago

      I’d say minus access to a full assortment of usual dumbells and or barbells, would be difficult to make the most of this program, but one can say that for pretty much any program focused on building muscle as the primary goal.

  3. Fred 6 years ago

    Hey will, thanks and perfect timing on the video. I know you’re an honest guy and so, based on your recommendation, i’m going to give the program a shot! Honestly, though, the excessive marketing claims are a complete turnoff and if not for your support, I would not be buying.

    • Author
      Will Brink 6 years ago

      Yup, I tried to be honest as to what’s real about the program and what’s the turn off for me, but in the end, i felt it deserved a thumbs up overall. What I can say is, the last time I promoted it, I got exactly zero complaints from those who purchased it so I felt OK about promoting it this time more so.

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