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L-Taurine is an amino acid with a variety of potential benefits. A recent study suggests this amino acid could have positive effects on an essential pathway involved with longevity, disease prevention and metabolic disorders (1). The pathway I’m referring to is called Sirtuin1 (SIRT1). In Summary, SIRT1:

•SIRT1 plays an important role in regulating aging.

•SIRT1 regulates many aging related signaling pathways.

•SIRT1 activation extends lifespan and health span.

Source: SIRT1 and aging related signaling pathways. Mechanisms of Ageing and Development. Volume 187, April 2020, 111215

A summary review article of SIRT1 can be found HERE. No doubt, most readers have heard of the compound derived from the skin of grapes called resveratrol, which caused a lot of early excitement. Early studies suggested resveratrol was a compound that could up regulate this pathway. However, later studies were underwhelming and it was found resveratrol had very poor bio-availability and failed to deliver on those early studies and may even be a negative for those who exercise regularly. As this is not an article about resveratrol, I will end here on that topic. An excellent breakdown on the downfall of resveratrol – and it’s a bit of scandal within science circles – can be viewed HERE via a Dr Brad Stanfield. OK, back to L-Taurine which I labelled “the most underrated amino acid” a while back…

A potentially important recent study found L-Taurine an important regulator of SIRT1. As Taurine is readily available, inexpensive, and has a long list of potential benefits as linked above – also discussed in my free down load ebook Bodybuilding Revealed – this is potentially big news. It must be noted this was in vitro (test tube) research, and until the same effect is found when fed to living creatures at sane doses, has to be viewed with some skepticism. However, it should also be noted that L-Taurine, unlike resveratrol, is highly bio-avaliable and does not suffer that same drawback at least. There’s still many questions to be answered such as optimal doses in humans, and others, but I have been taking 5g or so of L-Taurine for some time now based on other studies suggesting benefits. Below is the abstract:


Sirtuin1 (SIRT1) plays a major role in regulating different genes involved in several metabolic pathways. SIRT1 activators have protective role in several metabolic disorders. Taurine, a sulfur containing amino acid is involved in many physiological functions and has been reported as a beneficial molecule for regulating metabolic disorders. This study aims to investigate the effect of taurine on SIRT1 activation and its underlying mechanism. HepG2 cells were treated with different concentrations of Taurine.

Subsequently, the cellular mRNA and protein expression and enzyme activity of SIRT1 were analyzed using quantitative real time and reverse transcriptase PCR, western blot and fluorescent assays. The effect of Taurine on key genes involved in lipid metabolism viz. PPAR-α, LXR-β, SREBP-1c and PGC-1α were analyzed using mRNA and protein expression data. The results showed a significant increase in SIRT1 protein expression and its activity levels (P<.05) in the cells treated with Taurine. PPAR-α, LXR-β, PGC-1α mRNA and protein levels were increased and SREBP-1c expression was decreased after treatment. Molecular docking and molecular dynamic simulation studies were carried out to understand the binding of taurine to SIRT1 protein with resveratrol as reference molecule. Molecular docking and simulation studies endorse the role of taurine in SIRT1 activation.

In conclusion, our data collectively establishes Taurine as a positive regulator of SIRT1. The lipid lowering effect of Taurine via modulation of lipid metabolic genes may contribute to protection against metabolic disorders like obesity and age-related disease in humans. (1)

(1) SIRT1 activation by Taurine: in vitro evaluation, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies.The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. Volume 102, April 2022.


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