Of Laser Sharks And Other Topics!

Shawn Phillips and I had a candid conversation about a bunch of topics people should enjoy. Shawn has been in the industry as long as I have, and we talk about various current topics, as well as tell some funny stories about what was the “Golden Age” of the supplement industry, when Muscle Media (which was published by Shawn’s Brother Bill Phillips) was the best magazine out there. Some of the topics we cover in this Podcast:

  • The Truth About Whey Protein Isolate and the Unfounded Rumors
  • Why Whey Protein is the Choice of Champions
  • The Final Word on Creatine that works (and water retention #myth)
  • How Supplement Companies Make Fools of You
  • Laser Sharks (don’t ask, just listen)
  • A Funny story about a famous fitness icon!! Good one Will!
  • Pre-workout supplements: What you really need, why
  • Full Force the choice of Elite Operators (where is it now?)
  • Where to buy supplements, why

And more!  To listen to this Podcast,  click  below:

Episode 17: The Truth of Fitness, Diet, Supplements and LIFE with Will Brink


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