In this report, I cover the essential issues of why some are successful as fitness models while others are not! The successful fitness model can be found on the cover of magazines, working trade shows, or as a paid representative for sports and supplement companies, to name a few ways fitness models get to combine their love of fitness with their job. Many people attempt to “break in” to the fitness model business but don’t know where to start. Just having a great body does not guarantee success.

Do you need to compete? How do you market yourself? Do you need to use a professional photographer? How do you pick one? What are some tips and tricks for getting into the magazines? Is doing nudes a positive or negative for your career? What about the internet? Unlike traditional fashion modeling, fitness modeling has many routes to success and is a very different business and industry from traditional modeling.

In addition to my advice, top fitness/physique photographers Eva Simon and Bill Dobbins give their thoughts to would-be fitness models on how to avoid common pitfalls often suffered by those looking to make it in the industry.

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The Successful Fitness Model






Are you seeking to become a fitness model? Why? What do you want out of it? How do you start? Can you make money doing it? Without a doubt there is TONS of information about how to train like a fitness model, eat like a fitness model, look like a fitness model and even some claim they have the steps toward being a full-fledged fitness model. The reality is however, it takes a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice, and, despite those who take short cuts (the flatbackers who ski on their back to get somewhere), there is a realistic approach to being an industrious and PHENOMENAL fitness model who truly represents beauty and strength and products with a sense of integrity. Will Brink is my favorite online go to guy for some of the most effective and TRIED AND TRUE data available in the fitness industry…. Check out this book which I personally LOVED…Now you can learn the realities of what it takes and what is possible for the fitness model path.” – IFBB Pro Nita Marquez.

OMG! If I had only had a simple guide like this to follow when I started I would have saved myself sooooooooooooo much time and money. I LOL’d for real when I read the section of finding the right people to work with as I had several sites built that ended up a disaster! Yes, I am guilty of several of your mistakes listed and had to learn the hard way those mistakes, including competing in the wrong federation for my body type, using a fan to build my web site, and totally failing to really market myself correctly. I’d recommend this report to anyone who wants to save heartache, time, and huge hassles trying to get work and noticed as a fitness model. As with anything Will writes, he does not candy coat the facts of the industry. The advice may seem straight forward enough, but I know very few people who actually do what Will outlines in this report! As always, THANK YOU Will for this information that I will be recommending to my clients I now work with who aspire to be successful fitness models.” – Lynda S, NPC Figure athlete and coach.


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