Below is a short vid discussing my recent report on advice on how to succeed as a fitness model.


In this report, I cover the essential issues of why some are successful as fitness models while others are not! The successful fitness model can be found on the cover of magazines, working trade shows, or as a paid representative for sports and supplement companies, to name a few ways fitness models get to combine their love of fitness with their job. Many people attempt to “break in” to the fitness model business but don’t know where to start. Just having a great body does not guarantee success.

Do you need to compete? How do you market yourself? Do you need to use a professional photographer? How do you pick one? What are some tips and tricks for getting into the magazines? Is doing nudes a positive or negative for your career? What about the internet? Unlike traditional fashion modeling, fitness modeling has many routes to success and is a very different business and industry from traditional modeling.In addition to my advice, top fitness/physique photographers Eva Simon and Bill Dobbins give their thoughts to would-be fitness models on how to avoid common pitfalls often suffered by those looking to make it in the industry.

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