The Rumble Roller Takes Soft Tissue Work To The The Next level

Like many people, I have my fair share of aches & pains, tight muscles, and hard earned small injuries and such. Like many,  I have been using a foam roller for soft tissue work or SMFR (Self-Myofascial Release) work to improve sore muscles, tight muscles, and general recoup.  I generally do my foam rolling in the morning for 15-20 minutes while the oatmeal cooks and coffee brews. It gets me ready for a day at the computer also. I also use it at the gym before workouts, a few times per week, and I find doing so reduces DOMS. Foam rolling is often referred to as  “the poor mans massage therapist.” In terms of time and $$$ spent, it’s a no brainer in terms of benefits you receive. If you’re not using a foam roller regularly, you should be, like starting yesterday!

Rumble Roller comes in two sizes and firmness

As time goes on, one notices the standard foam roller not as effective, and or, they start to break down, and a replacement needed. Some seem to last longer than others. Enter the Rumble Roller, which takes foam rolling to another level and seems to last far longer than the standard rollers. I was going to make one of my usual videos talking about the benefits of foam rollers, and why the Rumble Roller superior, but coach Charles Staley – who has some great articles here on the BrinkZone – did such a good job of it, I decided to use his vid on the topic. If interested in more information, I purchased both the standard length and shorter smaller (12″x 5″) travel length HERE

Personally, I prefer the standard (blue) firmness Rumble Roller. Highly recommended if you already use foam rollers, not recommended for those new to foam rolling for soft tissue/SMFR  work as the Rumble Roller is very aggressive. Watch coach Staley’s excellent vid on the benefits of foam rolling, and why he likes the Rumble Roller over standard rollers in particular.

  1. Jim Davis 11 years ago

    I’ve been using the Rumble Roller for a couple of years, now, and really like it. I honestly don’t remember to do it often enough, but when I do remember, it’s godsend. Whether the IT band, piriformis, or even my neck and scapulae, it’s been a huge help!

  2. TONY THE TIGER 11 years ago

    i been using the foam roller recently at my gym. I never heard of the rumble roller, we don’t have it there. I like the foam roller after the hours of basketball or lifting. It feel relaxing and reduces my soreness the next day.

  3. NJJoe 11 years ago

    “not recommended for those new to foam rolling for soft tissue/SMFR…” What would you recommend for those who’ve never used a roller before? I assume something less aggressive/ smoother?
    Thank you kindly in advance for any info.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Just your standard foam roller you can get from Amazon, Dicks, etc. is all you need to start getting the benefits of foam rolling. There’s a zillion of them out there. Some might recommend the Rumble Rollers to beginners, but before making the investment, might be best to try standard foam roller first.

  4. Dukeye 11 years ago

    Definitely intrigued by the Rumble, I love rolling. I also roll on a tennis ball for my really tough trigger points.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      I use a tennis ball too, but this roller is better I find.

      • Victor Vynston 10 years ago

        thanks for this info, its worth seeing and listening..
        I wonder whether it is available in South East Asia as specially in Malaysia.
        it there is any info please reply me soon

      • Dukeye 9 years ago

        After using the black Rumble for a few months, I definitely give it a thumbs up. If you’re like me and enjoy massages/shiatsu with maximal pressure, this is the next best thing. No, I’m not a paid endorser either.

  5. Jim LeClair 11 years ago

    Just done with my yoga class, we use the roller and were just talking about this one for a trial. Our yoga is focused toward martial artists, so a little more vigorous than what people usually think of yoga. We shall see if this helps with recovery better than our current rollers.

  6. sergei prelovski 11 years ago

    Yes, you can buy it on

  7. Janjua 11 years ago

    Brink u’re becoming a businessman these days… Advertising in form of articles is good idea but puts your image down… No offense plz

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      “Advertising in form of articles” I don’t know what that even means. I use the roller, and decided to recommended it and wrote the above. I generally only recommend things I actually use as a rule, so not clear what you mean here. As you can see, respected coach Charles Staley is a fan, as are many others. I try and supply useful info to people that will benefit them in one form or another, so I’d day that’s good business. 🙂

      • Janjua 11 years ago

        Well I meant that you use your articles to advertise other’s products but I may have misjudged you and I am sorry for that. But still brink I’m following you since long and as time passes by your articles don’t attract me too much. Previously I used to wait a lot for your next report or research but now it’s not the same. I just hope to get the best stuff from you. Being a regular reader you owe me this much 🙂

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          Can’t please everyone all the time my friend. For people with aches and pains and sore tight muscles, this is “the best stuff” for them. So, info you may find not helpful, is very helpful to someone else, and vice versa.

        • Jim Davis 11 years ago

          Janjua, I think you’re giving Will rather short shrift, here. He’s not being paid by the Rumble Roller people and they’re not endorsing him in return. I know a lot of other fitness writers who do that sort of thing, but I’ve trusted Will’s word for some time, now.
          As I said in my first post, I’ve been using this Rumble Roller for a couple of years now, have referred others to it, and even bought one for a friend. I’m a regular BrinkZone reader myself, and I think you’re out of line.

          • Janjua 11 years ago

            Davis I mistakenly thought that brink is advertising roller for some monetary benefits but thanks for clearing me out…. Infact I like brink a lot but somehow got this feeling that most of his previous posts were just advertisements for others’ products. If that’s not the case then ofcourse im very much out of line here … Well brink hope you didn’t mind 🙂

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          How to do you make a living and pay YOUR bills? Unless you’re parents pay them or you won the lottery, I assume you work hard to pay your bills. I too have to do that, but nothing gets recommended or written about unless I use it personally, and or, feel it would be of real benefit to my readers.
          That’s why I have my books, etc. and occasional products I use and recommend and (shockingly) occasionally make a little money from. The **VAST** majority of what I write about and or recommend I make zero profit from. You have no idea how much stuff I’m asked to endorse, which I turn down because it’s not up to snuff.
          I give away more free info then I probably should, and more accurate useful info (vs BS hype and bro science) than perhaps anyone on the net, so cut me some slack and realize web sites cost $$$, and I don’t work for free. I do however make all attempts to supply best possible info in an accurate unbiased way and back up my info with hard science. 🙂

  8. Rex Jarvis 11 years ago

    Belgium yes 🙂 We are EXCLUSIVE distributors in Europe for the Rumble Roller to the end user and trade. Please check out Physio Supplies Ltd.

  9. Food Intolerance 11 years ago

    Great examples here, I’m looking at having my comments section re designed, although its clean and simple now I think it could be a little more personal.

  10. Hawk 11 years ago

    I saw this rumble roller you suggested and told my chiropractor. He purchased the longer blue and black one. It is so much better than the regular foam roller. My chiropractor loves it, too. I have piriformis issues right now and it is really helping. I will purchase the black one here soon. Thanks Will for bringing this to my attention!

  11. Fred 10 years ago

    A foam roller is a wunderfufl tool, i use it for a year in the gym i bought a roller The grid works good.

  12. Doc 10 years ago

    As a sportsmassage therapist specializing in Trigger Point Therapy, I have real reservations about using foam rollers without adequate knowledge of the muscles you are rolling. For example, heavy foam rolling on the ITBand creates inflammation…not a good thing. Also most trigger points are not eliminated with foam rollers and, in fact, can become more of a problem. Often foam rolling creates changes in the fascia, the connective tissue, often creating tears and tightness forcing the enclosed muscle into smaller space which, in turn, creates inflammation in the muscle.
    Actually I should really support the use of foam rolling….it creates many new clients for me who do more damage and help and need attention.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Do you have any data on that one Doc? The physio therapists, PT’s, sports chyropractors, top coaches (Staley in vid, etc), trainers I trust, etc, etc all recommend foam rolling. Yours would be the first suggestion they may do more harm than good for the general population.
      I can see under some conditions, might be contraindicated to some people with specific injuries and other issues, but as a general “…creating tears and tightness forcing the enclosed muscle into smaller space which, in turn, creates inflammation in the muscle” in the general population of uses, news to me and not my experience.
      A good massage therapist is always superior to foam rolling to be sure, but I find the Rumble Roller very helpful.

  13. John Wells 10 years ago

    Is there an application for lumbar spine issues?

  14. Fred 10 years ago

    in the mean time i found a Foam roller The Grid 2 for €85 on a local store i use it first thing in the morning !

  15. dave dondero 10 years ago

    just want to say thanks and wish you and yours a very happy and blessed thanksgiving. god bless, dave

  16. Stan Pontiere 10 years ago

    In a recent post you talked about the combination of TRT combined with GH and the positive effect that they had when combined. At the age of 67 I could certainly use a boost in GH-I am already on TRT and that has helped tremendously but at the cost of real GH, it is simply not an option. Do any of these so called GH releasers oral or sublingual) actually provide enough of a GH release to have a positive benefit? While TRT has helped me maintain LBM and lose bodyfat, it seems nearly impossible no matter what listing protocol I use to gain any lean mass.
    Thanks for your input

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Best place for such a Q, as well as the answer, would be in that post covering T and GH. I answered that one several times in the post, which is currently on the first page of the site.
      Good luck!

  17. Blackie11 10 years ago

    Will: Thanks a million for the Rumble Roller recommendation. I had cancer surgery three years ago involving my trap and neck. The Rumble Roller helps relieve the kinks and knots before and after workouts, improving discomfort and range of motion. Laying on my back with it under my neck while moving my head from side to side is heaven!

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Glad it helps. I don’t think I’d survive long without it myself.

  18. Eldon L Raison 6 years ago

    Just finished watching the video with Mr. Staley showing how to stretch with the rollers. I’m 61 and been training since my early 20’s. Always have a least done stretching the area where I train. This is great stuff. Haven’t been on your site in some years. Glad you’re still doing this. About the buffer, is it best to have any clothing on at all and do you just use the roller with no cloth cover? Thanks again Will.

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