An article I wrote that covers the essential aspects of being a modern man in my view. It’s not for the easily offended delicate types out there, but seems few willing to say what needs to be said, so I said it! Taken in context and intent, it will help men who identify with it, and may be an article some ladies find useful too I suspect…

10 (Politically Incorrect )Tips For The Modern Man

Modern men are confused, especially where it concerns modern women, but more on that in a few. The modern man does not appear to know what’s required of him, what’s expected from him, or where to turn for advice. Well I’m here to help in some small measure. It’s often the case the simplest advice is the best advice. Here’s 10 politically incorrect tips that should help the confused modern man get a handle on it and back on track.

Let’s be honest, not everyone had great male role models to follow growing up. In fact, solid male role models are few and far between these days for younger men in need of some direction. The all too often result is men finding themselves wearing skinny jeans, hairless, and smelling like the chicks sitting behind him at Starbucks wearing the same unisex fragrance wondering “is this the man I wanted to be?” I can’t cure all the ills of mankind (with emphasis on the man part) in a short article, but I can give some basic advice that will help, should you choose to take it to heart and actually apply it. Consider it modern man building 101 and a work in progress to build from. It’s not a “how to get the girls” guide, but a “how to be a man of measure in a confusing time for men which may result in more interest from women” guide. Capiche?

The advice is tongue-in-cheek and sarcastic to the max to be sure and hopefully humorous, but make no mistake, the advice is legit and will likely offend some of the easily offended  ilk we suffer in these times of political correctness. In my view, political correctness is harming the modern man. If you’re not offending someone, you’re doing it wrong in my view, so here’s some no bullshit advice the modern man should take seriously; it will get the confused modern man back on the path of manliness, and ultimately, happiness and satisfaction of being a man in a modern world. If you’re a sensitive snowflake easily offended by frank truth bombs and some salty language, probably not the article for you. If you’re in that large segment of men who are just damn confused about what qualities a modern man should possess to have a man card these days, read on!

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  1. rodney burke 2 years ago

    reminders that all men in this age of demasculization need to know. This article is a keeper

    • Will Brink 2 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed it.

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