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Welcome to the home of Bomb Proof Coffee (BPC). This page covers all things BPC, as well as related topics, such as the benefits of some of the ingredients found in BPC, such as cocoa, creatine, and so forth. I created BPC due to my love for coffee, and my interest to take coffee to an 11! Everything one needs to know, such as the science, how to make it, and so forth, can be found on this page, and I will be adding additional information to this page.

What You Need To Know About Caffeine

Someone once said “there’s no sunshine without coffee.” I tend to agree. However, there’s a great deal more to understand regarding the effects of caffeine – the central nervous system stimulant most people associate with coffee – and its effects on mental acuity, performance, etc. In this article I’m going to cover what people really need to know about this […]

Creatine As Cancer Fighter & Immune Booster?

Among the many potential health and anti aging benefits of creatine, helping the immune system to fight cancer appears to be yet another benefit!

The Creatine Grave Yard

2021 update: A review paper just published examined the studies published on the various forms of creatine that at least have studies, and as expected, concluded as I did over a decade ago per below: Monohydrate is still the form to go with. The authors concluded: “Due to the paucity of studies on alternative forms of creatine as well as […]

Creatine in Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome

I’m going to start this write up sounding like a broken record, but creatine continues to amaze me with its long list of potential benefits in general health, anti aging, mood, and more, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This new paper posits a possible benefit in Post-Viral Fatigue Syndromes (PVFS), which in a post Covid world, will be especially […]

Creatine Saves Baby!

2021 Update: Not only can creatine literally save a child’s life (see below…), it may be of benefit to unborn babies as well as the mother. An important review paper just published examines the literature examining the role of creatine across the spectrum of topics such as  fertility, pregnancy outcomes, and  hypoxia-induced perinatal injury. The abstract is below as well […]

Cocoa And Body Composition

As if there were not enough benefits to regularly ingesting a quality cocoa source, recent data suggests improvements in bodycomp. The good news is, this was a in-vivo randomized human study. The “bad news” is it was done with a very specific group of humans: Postmenopausal women. For some odd reason this lab is very focused on the effects of […]

AlphaJoe Coffee Booster Testimonials!!!

I’m happy to report that there’s some great AlphaJoe Coffee Booster testimonials coming in from a diverse group, from IFBB pro female bodybuilders, to law enforcement, and military and more! Below is a sample, and people can view more at the YT Page. If you want first crack at the limited first run of AlphaJoe, please sign up to the […]

Chocolate Love!

Over the years I have kept close track of the studies on the various benefits of cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, and those benefits are extensive. Of course the magic in dark chocolate is the cocoa content, and cocoa is loaded with health promoting compounds, which I cover in more depth in the AlphaJoe/Bomb Proof Coffee write up, […]

Creatine and TBI

2020 Updates. Several papers and reviews of interest examining the data and possible mechanisms of how creatine is a potential benefit to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as well as being generally neuro-protective worth reading: Potential for use of creatine supplementation following mild traumatic brain injury Another review just published – Beyond muscle: the effects of creatine supplementation on brain creatine, […]

Making AlphaJoe Coffee: Short Version

If you want to be first on line to get AlphaJoe once available, sign up for updatesHERE now! Here’s a quicky version of my making a batch AlphaJoe Coffee (aka Bomb Proof Coffee). The longer version is below also and of course the science on the ingredients and full sources etc is HERE.


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