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Welcome to the home of Bomb Proof Coffee (BPC). This page covers all things BPC, as well as related topics, such as the benefits of some of the ingredients found in BPC, such as cocoa, creatine, and so forth. I created BPC due to my love for coffee, and my interest to take coffee to an 11! Everything one needs to know, such as the science, how to make it, and so forth, can be found on this page, and I will be adding additional information to this page.

Caffeine Potentiates Effects Of Creatine!

For close to a decade now, creatine has been an essential ingredient in my Bomb Proof Coffee recipe. Some would ask if the caffeine in the coffee would negate the benefits of the creatine as previously thought due to old = and debunked – data. I discussed that issue HERE for those who want to understand where it came from, […]

Creatine As Cancer Fighter?

Among the many potential health and anti aging benefits of creatine, helping the immune system to fight cancer appears to be yet another benefit!

Creatine Contraindications

We know creatine has many potential heath and longevity benefits, with very few side effects, but are there any contraindications people need to be aware of? Find out here!

The Science Of Bomb Proof Coffee

In Part I of Bomb Proof Coffee, I cover what’s in it and why, as well as how to make it, doses, sources, etc in videos form HERE. If you’re new to Bomb Proof Coffee you’ll want to watch those videos for all the info you need to get started. This article will add some of the supporting science on […]

Does Coffee Build Muscle?

While coffee is associated with a long list of potential health benefits, some of which can be found linked in the Bomb Proof Coffee section of this site,  its possible impact on skeletal muscle hypertrophy has not been examined. This study was done in mice, so it’s actual utility and cross over to humans is unclear, but the mechanisms of […]

Bomb Proof Coffee Review

A few years ago, I read a Will Brink article on ‘Bomb Proof Coffee’ and was intrigued. I am a devout coffee drinker and its been said I drink two things, coffee and red wine. This is somewhat of an exaggeration because I do drink a fine port on occasion and have been known to drink some electrolyte / carbohydrate […]

Is Creatine The Next Weight Loss Supplement?

Creatine continues to demonstrate a wide range of potential benefits, but a recent study suggests it may have some value in weight loss. Scientists found that when they impaired creatine transportation into cells of mice, it blunted the metabolic effects the mice would normally have to a high fat diet (via thermogenesis), and when they fed the mice creatine, it […]

Coffee Protects Our DNA

I often take it for granted that everyone is aware that coffee is good for you, a true health promoting disease fighting nectar of the Gods. Let’s be clear early on: coffee is good for you, and within reason, more the better it appears. I have been talking about the various benefits of coffee for at least a decade now, […]

What You Need To Know About Caffeine

Someone once said “there’s no sunshine without coffee.” I tend to agree. However, there’s a great deal more to understand regarding the effects of caffeine – the central nervous system stimulant most people associate with coffee – and its effects on mental acuity, performance, etc. In this article I’m going to cover what people really need to know about this […]

Chocolate Love!

Over the years I have kept close track of the studies on the various benefits of dark chocolate, and those benefits are extensive. Of course the magic in dark chocolate is the cocoa content, and cocoa is loaded with health promoting compounds, which I cover in more depth in the Bomb Proof Coffee write up, which covers the science, etc. […]


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