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Welcome to the home of Bomb Proof Coffee (BPC), now called AlphaJoe Coffee Booster. This page covers all things AlphaJoe/ BPC, as well as related topics, such as the benefits of some of the ingredients found in AlphaJoe/BPC, such as cocoa, creatine, and so forth. I created BPC, and how offer AlphaJoe as a single product,  due to my love for coffee, and my interest to take coffee to an 11! Everything one needs to know, such as the science, how to make it, and so forth, can be found on this page, and I will be adding additional information to this page.

Creatine in Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome/Long Covid

I’m going to start this write up sounding like a broken record, but creatine continues to amaze me with its long list of potential benefits in general health, anti aging, mood, and more, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This new paper posits a possible benefit in Post-Viral Fatigue Syndromes (PVFS), which in a post Covid world, will be especially […]

What You Need To Know About Caffeine Vs. Coffee

Someone once said “there’s no sunshine without coffee.” I tend to agree. However, there’s a great deal more to understand regarding the effects of caffeine – the central nervous system stimulant most people associate with coffee – and its effects on mental acuity, performance, etc. In this article I’m going to cover what people really need to know about this […]

Coffee And Depression

I often say “there’s no sunshine without coffee.” A recent meta-analysis looked at coffee, caffeine (which are not interchangeable topics BTW…) as well as tea, and depressive symptoms. They authors concluded “According to our findings, coffee and dietary caffeine may have a protective effect against the development of depression. However, no evidence suggesting a link between tea consumption and reduced […]

More Coffee Less Inflammation?

Chronic systemic inflammation (CSI) plays a role in a long list of diseases. I just did a seminar that goes into full details on that topic for those interested where I discuss how to test for it, address it/mitigate it, etc. For those who want details, view my talk. Two things I did mention in that seminar that studies suggests […]

Inflammation And Disease, What You Need To Know!

This vid is from a recent talk I gave and covers the importance of inflammation, how to test for it, and how to address it. Chronic systemic inflammation (CSI) plays a an important role in most major diseases, finally starting to get the attention and traction it deserves, especially with cardio vascular disease! Intro 0:00 – 2:30 What is inflammation? […]

3 Recent Cocoa Studies Of Interest!

Below are three recent papers of interest that further support regular cocoa ingestion for health and possibly, performance, and why it’s a key ingredient in Alpha Joe Coffee Booster. We already have one study that studied coffee and cocoa together and found “… the combination of fatigue-fighting coffee and anxiety-reducing cocoa was the best combination for boosting attention span” or a study finding a 27% reduction in deaths from CVD as […]

The Easy Way To Know If You’re Getting The Good Creatine!

This vid covers the easy way to know if you’re getting the legit German made creatine. Where/how to find Creapure and check if yours is legit. Tests done and why I use/recommend Creapure: AlphaJoe Coffee Booster:

The Effects Of Creatine Are Placebo!?

I can see people saying “but Will, you have been singing the praises of creatine longer then anyone I know, now you tell us it’s all placebo effects!?” Not quite my friends as you will shortly learn. I have lamented as to why it makes little sense creatine should be in a pre workout product for the same reasons, and […]

Is Creatine an Antioxidant?

Of the many potential benefits of creatine, that of an antioxidant is one of the more unexpected in my view, but studies over the decades suggest antioxidant properties. Precisely how creatine works as an antioxidant has not been fully elucidated, but a recent review paper via the J. Nutrients, does an excellent job of exploring the topic. It appears more […]

Chocolate Love, The Video!

In this vid, I cover the potential benefits of chocolate and cocoa, using the article linked below the vid:

Cocoa Reduced CVD Death By An Astounding 27%

An important study just out found cocoa flavanol supplementation at just 500mg per day reduced CVD death by an astounding 27%. Oddly enough, it did not appear to impact other cardiovascular related events (e.g., myocardial infarction, stroke, carotid artery disease, peripheral artery surgery, and unstable angina), but that may have been due to the population of the study (older adults […]

Is Coffee Harming Your Brain?

Recent articles on line have made a big deal out of the findings that caffeine can reduce cerebral blood flow (CBF). This is a topic that’s gotten traction lately and understandably, has resulted in questions and concerns regarding the wisdom and safety of daily coffee consumption. First, if the reader takes one thing away from this article, it’s that caffeine […]

Creatine Increases Mitochondrial Biogenesis

Might sound a bit esoteric to some, but this is potentially a very big deal. Support for cellular energy and healthy mitochondria is well established with creatine, but actually increasing mitochondrial biogenesis in both muscle and cardiac tissue in response to exercise, is a major finding that needs to be reproduced in humans, but we already know humans can produce […]

Chocolate Love!

Over the years I have kept close track of the studies on the various benefits of cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, and those benefits are extensive. Of course the magic in dark chocolate is the cocoa content, and cocoa is loaded with health promoting compounds, which I cover in more depth in the AlphaJoe/Bomb Proof Coffee write up, […]

Klotho And Brain Creatine Levels

Klotho protein is an enzyme that data suggests is tightly correlated with aging and a long list of age-related diseases best avoided, including diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis, chronic kidney disease and brain aging/dementia. The science and data of Klotho is emerging, but what exists is compelling. It also appears to be involved with controlling oxidative stress and inflammation. Basic summary is, […]

Cocoa And Body Composition

As if there were not enough benefits to regularly ingesting a quality cocoa source, recent data suggests improvements in bodycomp. The good news is, this was a in-vivo randomized human study.(1) The “bad news” is it was done with a very specific group of humans: Postmenopausal women. For some odd reason this lab is very focused on the effects of […]

Creatine Talk: Why CreaPure®?

To understand this one, we have to go back in time to the days of print magazines, when the ‘net was still in its infancy. Yes folks, there was a time when we only had the print magazines to read for our information on topics of interest. For those too young to remember, I wrote for pretty much all the […]

Dr. Udo Erasmus on AlphaJoe and More!

Dr. Udo Erasmus is viewed as a pioneer in the health and wellness industry. Dr. Erasmus and I go way back. In the early 90’s, I realized that while my knowledge and understanding of protein and carbohydrates was solid, my knowledge of fats, beyond the basic chemistry of lipids, was lacking. So, I went in search of a good source […]

The Science Of Bomb Proof Coffee/AlphaJoe Coffee

    2021 Update! A decade plus of giving away this recipe, I’m now able to offer it as a single product with all the ingredients added in the proper doses/ ratios with ingredients I picked personally. The new name is  AlphaJoe Coffee Booster and can be purchased HERE.   In Part I of Bomb Proof Coffee, I cover what’s […]

AlphaJoe Is HERE!

After various delays, AlphaJoe (previously Bomb Proof Coffee) is now being offered in limited quantity HERE. For over 10 years, I have been using that formula and recommending it to others, now able to offer it as a single source product!

Creatine As Cancer Fighter & Immune Booster?

Among the many potential health and anti aging benefits of creatine, helping the immune system to fight cancer appears to be yet another benefit!

The Creatine Grave Yard

2021 update: A review paper just published examined the studies published on the various forms of creatine that at least have studies, and as expected, concluded as I did over a decade ago per below: Monohydrate is still the form to go with. The authors concluded: “Due to the paucity of studies on alternative forms of creatine as well as […]

Creatine Saves Baby!

  2021 Update: Not only can creatine literally save a child’s life (see below…), it may be of benefit to unborn babies as well as the mother. An important review paper just published examines the literature examining the role of creatine across the spectrum of topics such as  fertility, pregnancy outcomes, and  hypoxia-induced perinatal injury. The abstract is below as […]

AlphaJoe Coffee Booster Testimonials!!!

I’m happy to report that there’s some great AlphaJoe Coffee Booster testimonials coming in from a diverse group, from IFBB pro female bodybuilders, to law enforcement, and military and more! Below is a sample, and people can view more at the YT Page. If you want first crack at the limited first run of AlphaJoe, please sign up to the […]

Creatine and TBI

2020 Updates. Several papers and reviews of interest examining the data and possible mechanisms of how creatine is a potential benefit to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as well as being generally neuro-protective worth reading: Potential for use of creatine supplementation following mild traumatic brain injury Another review just published – Beyond muscle: the effects of creatine supplementation on brain creatine, […]

Making AlphaJoe Coffee: Short Version

Here’s a quicky version of my making a batch AlphaJoe Coffee (aka Bomb Proof Coffee). The longer version is below also and of course the science on the ingredients and full sources etc is HERE.

AlphaJoe Coffee Is Coming!

If you want to be first on line to get AlphaJoe once available, sign up for updates HERE now! After over a decade of people following my coffee recipe to raves, I’m working on making it a reality to offer the main ingredients picked by me personally as a single product, in the right doses/ratios. For years people have been asking me […]

Bomb Proof Coffee Review

A few years ago, I read a Will Brink article on ‘Bomb Proof Coffee’ and was intrigued. I am a devout coffee drinker and its been said I drink two things, coffee and red wine. This is somewhat of an exaggeration because I do drink a fine port on occasion and have been known to drink some electrolyte / carbohydrate […]

Creatine And Depression: Review

2020 Updates: Studies continue to support creatine as a supplement with a wide range of potential benefits to body and mind, some of which I posted below as well as additional links.  A just published study found an  inverse association  between dietary creatine and depression  “… a significant negative relationship between dietary creatine and depression in a nationally representative adult […]

More Coffee = Less Body Fat?

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of coffee. It has a wide range of potential health benefits, and I don’t go a day without my Bomb Proof Coffee. The researchers examined whether there was an association between the consumption of coffee and both total and regional body fat (adiposity) levels. What they found was a significant correlation between the […]

Cocoa An Effective Anti-Viral?

Cocoa has a long list of potential benefits, some of which are covered in my Bomb Proof Coffee write up and other pages on this site. One study suggests cocoa helps fight the influenza virus by activating key aspects of the immune system and has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial and anti viral activity, and in this study, “…inhibitory effect on influenza […]

Caffeine Potentiates Effects Of Creatine!

For close to a decade now, creatine has been an essential ingredient in my Bomb Proof Coffee recipe. Some would ask if the caffeine in the coffee would negate the benefits of the creatine as previously thought due to old = and debunked – data. I discussed that issue HERE for those who want to understand where it came from, […]

Creatine Contraindications

We know creatine has many potential heath and longevity benefits, with very few side effects, but are there any contraindications people need to be aware of? Find out here!

Does Coffee Build Muscle?

While coffee is associated with a long list of potential health benefits, some of which can be found linked in the Bomb Proof Coffee section of this site,  its possible impact on skeletal muscle hypertrophy has not been examined. This study was done in mice, so it’s actual utility and cross over to humans is unclear, but the mechanisms of […]

Is Creatine The Next Weight Loss Supplement?

Creatine continues to demonstrate a wide range of potential benefits, but a recent study suggests it may have some value in weight loss. Scientists found that when they impaired creatine transportation into cells of mice, it blunted the metabolic effects the mice would normally have to a high fat diet (via thermogenesis), and when they fed the mice creatine, it […]

Bomb Proof Coffee Confirmation

A new study adds additional scientific confirmation that combining Cocoa with coffee has numerous cognitive benefits over coffee alone. That’s a combination found in my Bomb Proof Coffee recipe I designed several years ago, and for some, yours truly included, if it’s not Bomb Proof Coffee, it’s just not coffee. For those who want the recipe, the science, etc go […]

Coffee Protects Our DNA

I often take it for granted that everyone is aware that coffee is good for you, a true health promoting disease fighting nectar of the Gods. Let’s be clear early on: coffee is good for you, and within reason, more the better it appears. I have been talking about the various benefits of coffee for at least a decade now, […]

Coconut Oil Facts

Update to this topic: a recent review of coconut oil posted below the vid is in line with my recs in this vid on coconut oil. One comment/correction I would make to that review below, It states: “…the clinical benefits of commercial MCT oils cannot be generalized to coconut oil.” All true, but would lead the reader to assume the […]

Bomb Proof Coffee Vids!

After my review of the popular coffee concoction making the rounds with generally unsupported claims, I was asked what would I recommend for a “bio active” coffee that really delivered as promised. The result is Bomb Proof Coffee. Part I covers what’s in Bomb Proof Coffee and why those ingredients used, and Part II covers how to make it, doses, […]


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