With my good luck No Bull shirt on, I tried out a 10 X 3 front squat day. Having not done this rep scheme before (popular with coaches such as Chad Waterbury and others) on this particular exercise, I didn’t use the recommended 80-85% 1RM, but probably more like 70% -75%. I have to admit, rest periods after about set 6 -7 started to get longer and form started to suffer on later sets, so finding the right weight is essential for such a rep scheme. I’m getting old…10 x3 rep schemes are clearly not for beginners.

Personally, I don’t follow 10 x 3 rep schemes for long periods of time. I tend to throw them into a workout when in need something different, help get past a plateau, etc. and find it combines well with my Hybrid Training Program which attempts to be a balanced program for those looking for strength, hypertrophy, conditioning, and improvements in bodycomp.
Those interested in understanding the science/thought process behind the 10 X 3 should read Chad’s article aptly named The Science of 10 x 3 on T Nation.

  1. Fairlane 13 years ago

    “In reference to the recommended rest periods, here’s what you should do. Try the 10 x 3 method with a compound exercise and utilize 60 second rest periods with a 5-6RM load. If your strength begins to drop off (i.e. you can’t perform all three reps) by the tenth set, increase the rest period by 30 seconds the next time you perform the workout (90 seconds).”
    I wonder what would decreasing the weight (instead of increasing the rest from 60-90 seconds) do, as an alternative? Doing that was my first gut reaction when reading that paragraph. Any thoughts?

  2. Bradley 12 years ago

    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this to be so interesting. This is a great story. Thanks!

  3. Leo Nunez 12 years ago

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  4. ahmed 10 years ago

    I did this the other day with back squats with 85%…brutal, after like set 6 I lost count and I was like I really don’t want to end up 1 set short or over lol

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