7 Habits Of Successfully Building Muscle

The 7 Habits Of Successfully Building Muscle is my latest creation for cutting through the hype and confusion of what it REALLY takes to build muscle mass and strength.

Written with Mark Macgillivray , one of my team of  professional advisers in the Bodybuilding Revealed members Inner Circle., – this report is a high quality easy to read  gift to all my subscribers.

While it’s focus is one of gaining muscle, those looking to lose fat can learn from some of the basic principles as well.

I’m really stoked about this E-Rport as I know it has the potential to help out a lot of people who may be confused about what foundational “habits” lead to success  in the gym.

Click Here To Download 7 Habits (Right Click – Save As.)

The only thing I ask is, if you’ve enjoy it and you would like more high quality reports made available free, then leave me and Mark your comments below about what you liked about it.

I’ll see YOU .. in the Gym.
PS:If you enjoyed 7 Habits, then you’ll love Bodybuilding Revealed, (if you’re not already a member).


  1. makster 14 years ago

    Great E-report Will & Mark. Definately gives you a taste of what is covered in the Body Building Revealed E-book.
    If you like the info in the report, you will love the BBR E-book. I highly recommend it!!!!

  2. Pete 14 years ago

    Good stuff Will (and Mark).
    Will be checking out Bodybuilding Revealed, I already own FLR.
    This is actually better than stuff I’ve paid for.
    More of this kind of stuff for sure please.
    Pete W.

  3. Bill 14 years ago

    Hey Will, you and Mark always have some good advice.
    Always learn something when I am reading your web pages

  4. Robert 14 years ago

    Solid advice. Nothing revolutionary, but most people fail to adhere to those seven habits. Few people have all 7 habits and I know my best gains have come when I’m following them.

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Robert, successful habits that = success in the gym or life in general, are rarely if ever revolutionary, yet, most people still fail to follow them. “Revolutionary” info, of which I have been part of many times in the bbing/fitness industry, while admittedly more interesting and profitable to the “basics,” is not what most people actually need. We all know those people – probably most people – following the latest wiz bang “revolutionary” programs, products, etc who fail miserably to get the essential basics down, thus, they fail to make any real progress. My 20 plus years in the biz confirms that for me every year…..

  5. Christina 14 years ago

    Like it– you made some really good points. Keep the training info coming!

  6. Betty Boop 14 years ago

    I liked the article and found it very informative. I have your book Body Building Revelead and find all the time answers for my questions. Keep up the good work Will!!!

  7. Sassy 14 years ago

    Solid, basic stuff that we need to be reminded of — but frequent links to your ebook are VERY annoying.

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Sorry you find the links “very” annoying Sassy, but kinda hard to beat the price don’t you think? Just sayin’… 🙂

  8. admin 14 years ago

    VERY annoying?
    Not just annoying Sassy ?
    Only a link , didn’t bite you I hope ..
    Duly noted however and for some reason there’s 3 on one page which wasn’t meant to be there.
    Point taken and will be looked into.
    I’m the web guy around here btw.
    Glad you enjoyed the book however. The idea is to help those who really don’t grasp the important fundamentals before they worry about esoteric supplements.

  9. Jenny (JRG) 14 years ago

    Great job guys! Doesn’t apply to me since I have both BBR and FLR, but I will share on facebook, as I like this more than I like the other page where you order BBR from (I feel it comes off as gimmicky, even though I purchased both anyway). lol I will ask that my friends share it as well in case they have friends interested. : ) You guys are awesome!!!

  10. Lilly 14 years ago

    cool really good book for free Will, thanks love your stuff and charles poliquins.
    please keep more coming, especially at this price lol

  11. maskedmaurader 14 years ago

    Good stuff Will and Mark.
    Always a pleasure to read your stuff.
    Been a BBR member for years now.
    Without a doubt the best bodybuilding forum there is.
    Shame more people don’t realise.
    Then again, I get more attention from the team for myself.
    So actually , nobody else join please.

  12. Lodewyk 14 years ago

    Hi Will
    I have your excellent BBR (I prefer to call it BBB – Body Building Bible 😉 so 7 habits contain nothing new to me. However, it is an excellent summary of principles.
    One thing I’ve learned the hard way, is your 3rd principle: Choose a workout routine that’s right for you – especially the bit about not copying what others are doing. One tends to become overwhelmed by everything out there (some excellent), so in the end you haphazardly follow this routine, then that (and often don’t even follow it through, before you jump to the next!) By knowing my strengths and weaknesses, knowing what I want to achieve (short term and long term), planning for that (writing it down!) and then choosing a program that would best fit my goals and – most importantly – sticking to it, I have made the best progress.
    Routines change (and should), goals change, but the basic bodybuilding and fat loss principles don’t. We should all remember that.
    Oh, by the way, I am very annoyed that you have not even given me the option of purchasing this e-book at a reasonable price, instead, making it available for free – lnks and all 😛
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Great comments Lodewyk, thanx!

  14. Mike 14 years ago

    For anyone that has BBR, this is obviously repetitive information. And it kinda reads like an infomercial.
    However….BBR is so very valuable and helpful to someone like myself that needed direction and organization to pull a program and “plan” together. I think it’s awesome. And one part of BBR that is immensly helpful and makes it all worth far more than just being another E-book is the personal attention and advice that is provided on the forums by the BBR staff.
    I think this may be some of the best money I have ever spent.

  15. john d 14 years ago

    I have both BBR and FLR and subscribe to other sites as well. Since returning to weight training last year from a long break I’ve made good progress and I agree with the 7 points. Bodybuilding is hard work, especially for a 66 – year old, and I’d add another point (8?). You need backup from your family circle, since some of the necessary demands can impact on your nearest and dearest. My wife helps with nutrition, with taking bodyfat measurements, tells me straight when she can see progress, (and when she can’t, there’s no BS!) and bears with me when I’m not the easiest guy to live with. But it’s a great hobby, a lot more technical than many people appreciate, and you really do need sound and trustworthy advice and guidance you can have faith in.

  16. Felicity 14 years ago

    seems to be just a long advert for another book. No useful information in it itself. In other earlier posts there seems to be the implication of “what did you expect to get if the book was free” but if you advertise this e-book as a gift, that connotes an expectation of some advantageous value.
    That expectation has not been met. I will be deleting the download as it does not deserve to take up space on my computer.
    Cheers 🙂

  17. maskedmaurader 14 years ago

    ROFL – some people.
    Please don’t let the negative people stop you producing more stuff like this.
    I found it very advantageous.

  18. John 14 years ago

    Great stuff in there for free. Rest was a bit understated and limiting amount of time training could come out more (45 to 60 to minutes max really).
    All ways a pleasure to read your stuff, practical,no fluff.

  19. Sumi 14 years ago

    What a great teaser to the wealth of wonderful info in BBR. Thanks for the great tips Will and Mark!

  20. David 14 years ago

    Great information, since I’m focusing on overall general health, it’s nice to see I’m doing most of the things mentioned in the article. I’ll have to relook at some things I’m not doing, but overall I’m going in the right direction. Thank you Will & Mark

  21. Joel 14 years ago

    Hello Will,
    I’ve been lifting for 6 years now and made pretty good progress. Your E book sounds intriguing for the supplement part alone. I have 2 questions: I struggle with body fat in the love handle section only. Even when I was 18 wrestling and in the best shape of my life I had love handles. Getting rid of love handles possible or not? Now I’m 40 with a host of different problems that prevent me from being able to workout the way I would like. You see, I am in need of a hip replacement and serious leg exercise is difficult for me. But I still want to work out and build muscle. Will this book outline a routine that will allow me the most effective workout given my limitations?

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Joel, what you can do and can’t do is between you and your doctors. One our or moderators is a rehab physician, so you wont get better advice anywhere on the ‘net on how to work around your physical issues, but you are going to be limited in what you can do obviously. For the nutrition and supplement info alone, the ebook is a no brainer to be honest with you….but I’m a tad biased.

  22. Ettore 14 years ago

    Good old solid advice, however it looks a bit of an advertising tool..

    • Author
      Will Brink 14 years ago

      Ettore, it is an advertising tool. It’s designed to give some good foundational advice people can use – advice most people fail to follow frankly – to have the essential “basics” down so they can benefit from more advanced programs, be it mine, or others. Yes, it’s also intended to give people an idea of the high quality info found in the Bodybuilding Revealed Program. I don’t think that will come as a big surprise to anyone…

  23. lose abdominals diet 14 years ago

    will this get me abs like the professional football players. I mean the skilled athletes

  24. LukeQKMB 13 years ago

    Its a good starter with good information, but I have both BBR and FLR and they are hugely in-depth on their respective topics. I have downloaded numerous free eBooks and they only give you the a small snippet of the information needed. Of course this is eBook is going to be used to advertise what free one isn't??

  25. Martin 13 years ago

    excellent stuff Will, always learning from you and thank you.

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