Has Arnold Schwarzenegger gone vegetarian? Sorta. Of course he built his body eating meat, as have some other well known bbers, such as Bill Pearl, who went vegetarian after their bbing careers. So, the very career and many millions Arnold made due to his body, now doing public service messages on meat. In my view, that’s a tad hypocritical, but people’s positions on things do change with age, and Arnold is no different. One could argue he could have built that body not eating meat, but that’s a different issue for another day…For those interested in my take on vegetarian eating for athletes, you can view that HERE.
Is that a bad thing? Not really. Most people should eat less meat and more plant based foods, which will be better for both health and the environment. Arnold is actually taking a fairly balanced approach to this issue, but no doubt, will be taken out of context by many.
Two, people should also remember, Arnold is a bodybuilder and action movie star and generally all around cool guy (met him several times), but he’s no scientist. I don’t know if this recent change of dietary focus on pro environment status will lead to Arnold becoming some militant vegan, but I doubt it.
Bottom line? Arnold is right: Most people should eat less meat and more plant based foods (ye fruits and vegetables…) for both health and environmental reasons, but there’s no reason what so ever to be a vegetarian, much less a vegan, and It does not sound as if that’s Arnold’s message.

  1. Philip 7 years ago

    Vegans and vegetarians are vegans and vegetarians not so much for environmental reasons than they are for animal protection reasons. Those are valid reasons

  2. Christopher Brown 7 years ago

    If you eat meat, be a real man/woman and go kill your own. Eating meat is not the problem. Where you get it from is.

  3. scott 7 years ago

    What about the ROIDS he took? HE is nothing without them.

    • Will Brink 7 years ago

      The fact on the drugs issue is this: if he was all drugs, everyone in the gyms around the country would look like Arnold. They don’t. You could take all the drugs you wanted, and you will not look like Arnold. What does that tell you? Drugs are a huge factor in competitive bbing, but genetics rule all. There was nothing special about his approach to training nor nutrition.
      Great genetics + hard work + drugs, will get you pro bber physiques.

  4. Joe F 7 years ago

    But Arnold is a scientist. He’s got an advanced PHD in self promotion…

  5. Eldon L. Raison 7 years ago

    I’m 60 years of age and have been serious about bodybuilding since the age of 23. After some cancer and lower body surgeries I can honestly say that people don’t eat enough veggies and fresh fruit. For one, it’s less expensive to eat bad and raising big hungry sons isn’t easy on the wallet. There are reasonably priced proteins that can be added to a diet during and in between meals that can be a big help. But I still and always have and will include meat, just not in the same huge amounts I used to. When friends ask me how I look so good I simply tell them to train sensibly and eat the same way. I always suggest 3 things; No refined sugar, no bread ( unless you can afford Ezekial bread ) and no fried food. That may be tough, but it works and I have had friends lose large amounts of weight while eating this way. As for the environment, I do my best to be a good steward of this planet. But I have quite a bit of pressing matters on a daily level to add that to my worry list. I will never dump trash along any road or drive a car with obvious exhaust problems. However I do respect anyone that goes the extra mile.

    • Joe F 7 years ago

      Your point is never said often or loudly enough, that is, “healthier” foods, such as produce, is way too expensive. If you’re on a fixed budget, on a calorie/dollar basis, i.e., caloric density, junk will always be much cheaper. I think many more of us would like to eat more fruits and veggies, but trying to get close to half your caloric needs in the produce isle is far too often cost prohibitive. Sadly, I don’t see that changing anytime soon, as we continue the food subsidies started in the Nixon administration. Personally, I think its outrageous that a single orange or an apple costs a dollar. While a buck may not seem like a lot of money, its only 50 calories. Now, I need to fill the other 1150 calories or so. First and foremost, food is fuel. Without it, you die. So I appreciate your point.

      • Will Brink 7 years ago

        Meat tends to be the most expensive food people purchase, so cutting down there is an obvious
        place to save some $. I also see people who are clearly low income stocking up on all manner jink they could put that $ toward much better quality food. Me, healthiest I ever ate was when I was dead poor student as I only had enough money to buy good food!

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