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checked450 brand name supplement reviews, all carefully laid out in an easy to use fashion along with member feedback. Imagine never having to hunt down the truth about a supplement again.
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  1. DaveTheAnvil 14 years ago

    Always been a big fan Will since the days of Dan Duchaine, bodybuilding revealed is my bible , i refer to it constantly, the private members area has been the biggest factor in my success in the last few years, all the team especially Elissa have been amazing, worth the price you charge 10000x over. Infact put the price up please so I get more of the advisors time 🙂 best product on building muscle out there, full stop.

  2. DirtyHarry 14 years ago

    Hi Will, recieved your email, I’ve only just seen the testimonials section in the private members area, I would have posted there had I known about it.
    I am a big supporter of BBR, I truly think you over delivered . I’m one of these guys that buys every online product you can think of and out of dozens only yours and Berardi’s have been amazing quality, not only is the bodybuilding revealed e-book way ahead of anything else out there IMHO, but it’s the private members area where the real value is.
    Elissa, Evan , yourself , Markus and all the other professional staff have been invaluable, nowhere else can I go and discuss my passion without idiots causing rows and with truly expert staff there to assist me in keeping to my program.
    I just signed up for the gravatar as per your email suggested , I guess it should now appear automatically ?
    I also like the sound of these free 20 week meal plans your giving us, do you mind me asking when those will be available ?
    Always appreciate your advice and assistance in the BBR members area, it’s been a priceless investment in my success and I can hand on heart recommend Bodybuilding Revealed to anybody. I don’t have any comments on FLR as I don’t own it yet but I am considering a cutting stage soon and I will have no hesitation in purchasing .
    Kind Regards
    Miles Thomas ( Dirty Harry)

  3. Rod Corona 14 years ago

    I think this ad hits home with excellent explanations of just what you are getting when you purchase Will’s books.

  4. Rod Corona 14 years ago

    I’ve changed my gravitor

  5. Marhal 14 years ago

    Bodybuilding Revealed is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It covers everything from nutrition (my favorite), supplementation, and weeks and weeks of exercise programs. Where I think Will went above and beyond is the members area. Thats like having your own personal trainer. If for any reason I have a question regarding anything I type it down in a thread and Will or a member of his very professional staff write me back with an answer every time. This is a program worth way more then he charges and I for one am very thrilled to be part of this private community. I highly recommend this for anyone.
    Marshal Davis

  6. Michel 14 years ago

    i am from France and my english-american is not very good, but “Bodybuilding Revealed ” is written so clearly that it is very comprehensive for all non americans.
    i understood all without problem and could apply it in the normal day life.
    and after buying that book the new updates are for free so you have always the last one without paying it, thanks for all the news !
    Michel Fels

  7. ron 14 years ago

    If you want some unbiased, straight forward information, without the advertising hype, then get Will’s books. We all search through the internet trying to find some “honest” reviews, or critiques of the current products available, but many of these products create their own “independent” reviews, just to hype their own products. Will tells it like it is, and for that it saves me a ton of time and gives me the security that I am getting accurate information.

  8. kim 14 years ago

    I have been a member of Bodybuilding Revealed for a number of years now. I consult back to the Ebook often as it is first rate for muscle gaining advice and supplement information.
    I use the forum weekly if not daily with questions on everything from supplement reviews, nutrition queries and training plans.
    The pre made diets and the online calculator are handy tools to figure out your daily needs based on your goals and makes figuring it out a no brainer.
    I highly recommend the system to get results, based on science.

  9. Glenn Guest 14 years ago

    I have been a member of bodybuilding revealed for about six months and I highly recommend it. I have been a national level competitive bodybuilder with a national title here in Australia and I find the training content and diet advice in the program very good. It gives me plenty of options and advice on training and nutrition. The deit planners and training sheets are great tools.
    Thanks Will and co

  10. Jason Halstead 14 years ago

    Back in mid 2007 I moved. At my old house resided my 90 gallon African cichlid aquarium sitting atop an oak stand. Contained within the oak stand is a 42 gallon sump tank (for water filtration purposes for the non-aquarists out there).
    The tie in to BBR, as you may have guessed, is that this mother was extremely heavy. Approximately 30 gallons of water remained in the tank (approx 240 pounds), plus the gravel substrate (60 – 80 pounds), and the various decorations (another 40 – 60 pounds). Add to that the sheer weight of a 90 gallon tempered glass aquarium (glass being approx 1/4″ thick), and it adds up to something unpleasant. Oh, the dimensions of said tank at around 4′ wide, 2 feet high, and 1.5 feet deep.
    I had my father and a friend assisting me in this move. And since neither of them has the masochistic hobby of picking up heavy things, they both took the far end of the tank while I manhandled the other end. We were able to successfully move all parts of the aquarium from my old house into the bed of a truck, then out of the truck and into my new house to set it up. I only set it on my fingers one time too!
    My point is that without the assistance of the fine people on the BBR forums and the wealth of information in the E-book, I would have surely not remained as motivated and dedicated to working out and gaining strength over the past few years. I have been a member here for quite a while now and, so long as it remains, I hope to remain a contributer for many years to come. We all lift to feel better, look better, and to get stronger, but it is downright fun sometimes to also be reminded that doing this really does make a difference. It does translate into real world actions, and it does provide real results.
    Since then, I have moved into competitive powerlifting as well. The motivation and dedication has to come from within, but with the help of the great people on the forum and the tools explained in the ebook, I’ve taken myself from a punk who could barely manage 10 push ups to someone who holds state records in Michigan in the Son-Light Powerlifting federation for bench pressing and deadlifting.
    So thanks to Will, the moderators, and the people at bodybuildingrevealed.com for helping me impress myself, my family, and my friends.

  11. Gonamath 14 years ago

    Thanks Will for keeping the flame under BBR -the best bodybuilding ebook on the market.
    I found an actual post from December 2007 that captures the drmatic effect BBR had on me …and continues to have on my life.
    Year End 2007 “Shout Outs”
    ..I figured what the heck, BBR/FLR turned out to have more influence over my life in 2007 then any other people, place or thing. It was the seed that blossomed into a thousand avenues. The key for me was to accept change , accept a different way of training, eating and learning. I have never personally met anyone within this internet community, but feel as if I ‘owe’ a great deal of thanks ….so here it goes:
    Will Brink: Way too many things to mention them all, but the one that stands out right here and now is the information on supplements and diet. In a billion dollar industry filled with corruption, lies, greed and false hope …we come across Will Brink. An activist for the ‘little guy’ with a ‘shark-like’ approach to surfacing the truth about whats right and whats wrong.It took me several months to finally surrender to Will’s information and guidance . … there just isn’t anywhere else to find it on the net.
    Elissalowe: her physical changes have been an inspiration, the fact that it has taken a few years to get from where she was to where she is ..helps a great deal . Too many times we see this magnifcant body without the story-without the story and details there is no benefit to a great picture. I can’t relate to a Pro Bodybuilder (the size, the mass, the drugs, the amount of weight they push) ..I can relate to elissalowe because I know at least part of the story- Keep your meals interesting, introduce variety …train hard, be patient…
    Markus: the vegetable guy…oh how I hated to read about all of the vegetables when I first joined. It has taken me so long to surrender to vegetables…Markus even wrote about his garden where he grows them. The man is relentless about vegetables …finally I am becoming relentless too. I once wrote how difficult it was to wean off pizza, cookies and ice cream —Markus replied by saying he doesn’t need to wean off them because he doesn’t have those kinds of foods in his life–couldn’t relate then, now I can.
    Erp7e: an uncanny ability to present ‘scientific like’ exercise and training information to the ‘little guy’ in a way that we can understand it —8 out of 10 training guru’s (with the info erp7e has) have no idea how to relate to the average guy who still bench and curl until they bleed. It is a “gift” that he has…
    Yukonranger: the man eats sardines for breakfast….he tells it like it is. I aspire in 2008 to reduce whey/casein protein supplements outside of pre-post workout …Yukonranger represents the next level for me …he lives and breathe’s it.
    Thank you.
    Happy Holidays to all !

  12. John Rutnik 14 years ago

    From A trainer
    I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer so a lot of the material in the e-book I had learned before. However Will has a way of putting things in plain English. My job requires not only knowing my stuff but having the ability to teach it to my trainees. His down to business writing style really helps me to not only know it but apply it to my training. I have been buying will’s e-books for years. His knowledge and skills can lead you to higher places regardless of your base of knowledge and experience. Bottom line: Will is the man I turn to when I want to grow my knowledge. Take that to the bank!
    Sincerely, John E. Rutnik, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer

  13. Vikrant 14 years ago

    Been a part of this forum for a good 2 years now and have been reading a lot of articles. Gained a lot of knowledge. I feel so nice to be in the company of like minded people who love the study of body building.
    Hope it stays like this !!

  14. CharDar 14 years ago

    I’ve been in the lifting world for almost a year and a half now, and I can say with complete confidence that Will Brinks Bodybuilding Revealed has changed the way I think about weight training COMPLETELY! With the steadfast help of the BBR community and the E-Book itself, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would. Before I begin, I’d like to personally thank both Will and the BBR community for everything they’ve done for me and many others.
    As I stated, I’ve been weight training for almost a year and a half. It would be an understatement to say that it was a VERY rocky road to get where I am today. When I started lifting weights I was at a mere 132lbs, out of shape, and in dire need of gaining some quality lean mass. I played it smart right off the bat; I did my homework via Men’s Health forums which led me to The New Rules of Lifting. I was quite eager to start reading the book and ended up finishing it in one sitting. Afterward, I had many questions about weight training which weren’t quite cleared up in NRoL. Nonetheless I started doing the programs from that and made great progress at first. Deadlifting has never been my best move, and NRoL rubbed it right in my face. I ended up hurting my back very bad from a lack of proper form and knowledge about the deadly Deadlift. After a two month stint I finally emerged from my injury and went back into a different NRoL program. It was much more agreeable, and I continued on my weight training journey.
    As time went on, I learned more and more through the Men’s Health forums. The main thing I learned was that the majority of the weight lifting world has NO idea what they’re talking about. I was finally hit with a gem of advice, when someone recommended that I purchase Bodybuilding Revealed. I was quickly inquisitive to this suggestion and continued my fervent pursuit for knowledge towards this interesting suggestion. I learned that it was a MASSIVE E-Book with over 600 pages of Bodybuilding information. I further learned that it was also on online community with knowledgeable individuals that shared the same passion as me. I was very excited with all of this, and went on to purchase the E-Book.
    My first impressions of the E-Book were that it was quite overwhelming. At a whopping 670 pages of information, it seemed like an expedition in and of itself. Without hesitation I started reading, and also decided that I wasn’t going to post on the online community forums until I was finished with the E-Book. That pushed my motivation which allowed me to finish the E-Book in a little over a week. The amount of information about Nutrition, coupled with the training principles of Charles Poliquin it was a fun, yet informational read.
    When I reached the online community, magic starting happening. I realized that these people were no joke. Right in front of me was the knowledge of many experts and experienced lifters that I had the right to question. With the fantastic advice of Doctors, Weight Lifting Veterans, Competitive Bodybuilders and Powerlifters at hand, I knew that this was the place I wanted to be. I had quickly learned that the majority of the questions I wanted to ask were already being discussed right when I joined up. That heightened my interest even more. Instead of rolling on about some topic that I had created, I started reading the topics I was most interested in.
    Since then I have moved up to around 180lbs and have discovered many different resources of information (such as Starting Strength) that have taken my weight lifting experience and changed it forever.

  15. Dale Srebniak 14 years ago

    Book and forum have been a great help
    I have been a little quite of late,but i will say the information between the Forum and the Ebook would have to be in the top 10% in the world in regards to all facets of the Art.Because thats how i see bodybuilding its like creating a sculpture, working with the earths elements.

  16. Ron 14 years ago

    I have been with Will’s book since its earliest inception and have NEVER regretted it. It’s a great resource for no BS information. If there is ever a supplement I even briefly consider, I merely review the book or log in to see what the science AND real world has to say on it’s effectiveness. I think I’ve saved hundreds of dollars in money that would have been spent on “trial and error”.
    The money saved on ineffective supplements MORE than covers the initial cost of the book.
    The training information (which is what we all REALLY look for) is top notch!
    The forum moderators are amongst the best and brightest out there (and equally no BS)!
    I STRONGLY recommend this book to ANYONE who is SERIOUS about getting bigger, leaner, and stronger without all the wasted time sifting through the garbage and are looking only for the straight answers.
    From fitness enthusiasts to bodybuilders to my fellow powerlifters, this is an incredible resource to tap into!!!

  17. Eamonn Donnellan 14 years ago

    The BBR e-book is an excellent read with in depth analysis, scientific backup for nutrition, resistance training, cardio & supplements. There is no stone left unturned in providing data to expedite one’s progress in achieving a better body, both mentally & physically. As I am only putting the methods into my own routines presently, I feel that success will come quickly. The members zone really is a godsend, as any question regarding food or fitness is answered posthaste. The forum invigilators (especially Elissa, whom I patronise with a barrage of questions incessantly) are friendly, very informative & keep things simple. Other members respond to queries, which allows one to encorporate different opinions & work out the best structure for your overall routine. I have to say on an ‘Irish rainy day scale’ the overall package gets a 10/10, or as Will puts it ‘two thumbs up’.

  18. Robyn Booth 14 years ago

    BBR has opened up so many sources of information to me – not just by reading the E-book, but by also participating in the forums. A never ending supply of expert advice is available through the mods and other participants. I am so grateful that I found the website in the first place and then had the foresight to recognise its worth and buy the E-book and join in the forums. I probably hang out there far too much, as it is a fascinating diversion. Reading responses to other people’s questions is fantastic when you realise that the topic is something that also relates to your own life and training. Love it!

  19. VinceG 14 years ago

    I have been weight training for the last 12 years. My progress has always been hindered by the fact that I gain fat rather easily. I would muscle build for a phase then diet to take the fat off following this. As fat loss has become more and more difficult for me over time, the last 6 years of bodybuilding have suffered because I have been consumed with trying to get accumulated fat off!
    I have faithfully stuck to diets and nothing was working. I have tried: The Anabolic Diet, Body Opus Diet, Body for Life, Serious Strength Training Diet, The Testosterone Diet, The Abs Diet, The Zig Zag Diet, Infinityfitness.com Diet, and Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle.
    I gave each diet at least 6 months to show results and none of them did. I believe many of those diets are healthy, but they did not deliver on the fat loss. Most suggested to do more and more cardio, so I found myself doing an hour a day and still nothing.
    I bought the Bodybuilding Revealed Ebook with no expectations. I just am interested in anything to do with exercise and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to read it. I skimmed through the book, but did not take any of its suggestions too seriously as I had been let down by other programs 100% of the time. I thought “good book” but did not realize how much I missed, but now I know better! It is very detailed and helpful from every aspect.
    What I am most impressed with,however, is the website and the support from other members. I never realized how vital a support network of fellow athletes can be! I met other individuals that pointed out what my problem areas may be and what chapters to focus on in the Ebook.
    Soon after the fat loss finally initiated and I am almost at my ideal bodyfat level. I have also received help for planning my next muscle building (hypertrophy) phase and I can’t wait to see where I will be in one year’s time!
    Thanks a lot to Will Brink, Elissa, Donald, and every other member on here dedicated to sharing information and helping each other to achieve their fitness goals!

  20. Alex Papakonstantinou 14 years ago

    The book is very good value for money. Lots of solid info gathered together in one book,along with an excellent supplement section,providing sources of studies conducted on each one of them
    As for the members area,it’s great. My favourite part is the diet planner. Really useful with an extremely easy interface,helps you create a diet in no time
    Well done!

  21. James S 14 years ago

    I was reading an over-hyped article the other day about a supplement I’d never heard of. After finishing the article I instinctively loaded up the Bodybuilding Revealed forums and performed a search on the supplement to see if it would live up to the hype. Just 10 minutes later I had read though a detailed scientific explanation as to why the supp doesn’t work backed up by some real results (or lack there of in this case) to prove it.
    I realised at this point that I actually use Bodybuilding Revealed as my ultimate reference for anything related to diet, training and supplementation… and I should probably mention that Bodybuilding Revealed has helped me get into the best shape of my life.

  22. James R 13 years ago

    I signed up for Bodybuilding revealed and it has got to be some of the best money I have ever spent. I liked it so much I signed my girlfriend up for fat loss revealed and took all the guess-work out of putting together balanced meals and now do it in minutes. But that was only the beginning the forums are packed with more real information than a decade worth of comic book… Uh I mean bodybuilding magazines and if you don't understand something 100% you simply post a question quickly have several answers from moderators who really know their S$@* that was supposed to be Sups. James R

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Thanx James! I'm glad you are finding the BBR Program helpful, and we welcome your GF to the FLR forums to be sure. The nice things about the private forums that come with the BBR/FLR is the ability to stay up to date on what's going on out there, and as everyone who has it learns quickly: the programs pay for themselves 10X over in a year by the $$$ you didn't waste by being able to read on it, or ask on the forums. 🙂

  23. James R 13 years ago

    I signed up for Bodybuilding revealed and it has got to be some of the best money I have ever spent. I liked it so much I signed my girlfriend up for fat loss revealed and took all the guess-work out of putting together balanced meals and now do it in minutes. But that was only the beginning the forums are packed with more real information than a decade worth of comic book… Uh I mean bodybuilding magazines and if you don't understand something 100% you simply post a question quickly have several answers from moderators who really know their S$@* that was supposed to be Sups. James R

  24. VISHAL JAITLY 13 years ago


  25. Sharan Torres 13 years ago

    Well, this website looks way better than my aol blog. I think I might use WordPress aswell.What do you think? Regards.

  26. irishdeerhunter 13 years ago

    The BBR e-book is an excellent read with in depth analysis, scientific backup for nutrition, resistance training, cardio & supplements. There is no stone left unturned in providing data to expedite one's progress in achieving a better body, both mentally & physically. The members zone really is a godsend, as any question regarding food or fitness is answered posthaste. The forum invigilators are friendly, very informative & keep things simple. Other members respond to queries, which allows one to encorporate different opinions & work out the best structure for your overall routine. I have to say on an 'Irish rainy day scale' the overall package gets a 10/10, or as Will puts it 'two thumbs up'.
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  27. Alat fitnes 13 years ago

    Hey dude! I was totally amazed when just a few seconds later a box appeared on your site telling me to register so that I can get 3 E-books worth $77. OMG! That's really so nice of you. Thanks. 🙂

  28. Lean Education 13 years ago

    I pick a workout program, I want to know it’s going to get the results I want in the least amount of time and that every set, rep, or step I take will get me one step closer to my goals.
    When I follow a muscle building diet, it's got to be one based on solid science, that is individually tailored to my needs, that works with your bodies natural hormones to deliver solid lean muscle mass pound on pound day after day consistently.

  29. Shahzaad Tayyab Muraj 13 years ago

    i am 53 years old. my height is 5feet 11 inches and my weight is 73 kg.
    i look lean and due to my office work for last many years i have a bulging pouch.
    my main aim is to reduce this pouch, and get some muscles on my arms and chest and get my waist to reduce.
    what must I do? Should I take Whey protien after some work out to get more muscles? I do not want to be a die hard body builder. I want to look fit and trim.
    need your adivse.

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      BBR can be fit to your needs, but Fat Loss Revealed may be a better choice.

  30. Better Body Solutions Body Pro Elliptical,Better Body Solutions Body Pro Elliptical Review 12 years ago

    Hello, i believe that i noticed you visited my site so i came to ?return the want?.I’m trying to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to make use of a few of your concepts!!

  31. enrique mendoza 12 years ago

    i pay for the ebook but i dont know who i cant gettit

  32. sexy backgrounds 12 years ago

    wonderful post, very informative. I ponder why the other experts of this sector do not understand this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you have a great readers’ base already!

  33. garden centre 12 years ago

    I’ve learn some just right stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how so much effort you set to create this type of great informative site.

  34. Bian Gilmour 12 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I’m a 65 year old and interested in your deluxe package of Body Building Reveale.
    I realize that to keep my heaalth, I’ve got to work at it.
    However, when ordering, why am I paying $5.02 more when the Canadian Dollar is at par?

  35. Randy Schroeder 11 years ago

    Hey will. How much is your Bodybuilding Revealed book

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Please hit link to the page that covers BBR, and you’ll the cost and other info. Thanx

      • Diederik 11 years ago

        I’ve been into serious bodybuilding for about two years. I stumbled upon Will’s book, Body Building Revealed and checked out his website. Simply put, this is the BEST money can buy in terms of ongoing support. The book itself is solid, backed up with research and consists of hundreds of pages filled with top notch content. The best part though, is that you get to become a member for free at the BBR forum community where you can ask for advice, motivation, suggestions and insights from any of the dozen or so bodybuilding professionals. I’ve been keeping a log on the forum since day 1 and without the help of all the BBR staff I wouldn’t have gotten the same results for sure. It’s a no brainer to buy this it really is

      • Kev 11 years ago

        Sorry if I’m an idiot, but… what link? I saw the “Click the button above to purchase…” at the top of this page, but don’t see the button?

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          You’re right Kev, the buy button was missing! Ugh. Fixed now, thanx for bringing to my attention 🙂

          • Kev 11 years ago

            Thanks Will, link works good – just snagged my copy. I’ve been following your stuff on the web (including the Iron Magzine Forum) & youtube for a while now, so I have no doubt it’s worth every penny. All the best in the New Year!
            Cheers, Kev

  36. MIke 11 years ago

    Is BBR available in print at all? Im interested in reading it and have heard great reviews but Im not paying $47 to sit and read my computer screen. Can I get a book that I can actually hold and turn pages?

    • Author
      Will Brink 11 years ago

      Mike, if read what BBR is above, you’ll see it’s a full integrated program that includes the ebook. The BBR program works with the ebook (links inside the book taking you to key pages to read, etc) and so it does not come in print. Some simply print out a chapter at a time and read it if they want hard copy.

      • MIke 11 years ago

        Ok, thats a bummer. I really wanted to read it.

        • Author
          Will Brink 11 years ago

          You can…

  37. Graham 10 years ago

    is your book only available as an ebook? Or do you have a printed version? (I ask as obviously I’m interested in the latter!!)
    Thanks very much

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      BBR is a full integrates program than includes and ebook. The program and the ebook work together (see vid and info above) so it never made sense to have a print version of BBR. I do have other books in print if you look at the buttons on the right side of the web page.

  38. Eric Downing 10 years ago

    Dear Will,
    I purchased BBR way back in 2007, but have since lost my user name and password for the online access.
    Is there anything I can do to update it so I can resume access to the online portion?

  39. sarfaraz 8 years ago

    BBR and the member’s area has been a great help to me. iam very impressed by the attitude of everyone at the FORUM. I have been training for almost 15 years and even though i looked like GYM goer with clothes on. Beneath it i really did not have a defined body. The Neutrition knowledge of this E book and Forum has really helped me to find some defination. Its early days yet and i hope to make some good progress. Overall a great effort by Will and his team. I thank them very much.

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