That’s a question that was more science fiction than reality, but that’s no longer the case. Obviously, the technology that will allow humans to live forever* is still yet to be realized, but technologies of various types in development will allow people to live longer and healthier lives are here, or just around the corner.
A recent conference called RAAD Fest brought together some top scientists and thinkers on the topic of aging and dying (or not dying!) to discuss the wide range of technologies and other topic surrounding extending human life. Below is a talk by Bill Faloon of the Life Extension Foundation (LEF). LEF is a company I have done some consulting work for, use their products, and occasionally write for their magazine. As a rule, LEF is my go to company for supplements among a small handful of companies I use and or recommend. I found Bill’s talk very interesting, so I decided to share it with BZ members!

* = Obviously “forever” does not exist technically. By that we mean extended periods of time that greatly exceed current life spans and could be in the thousands of years.

  1. John 7 years ago

    This guy does not appear to be talking to an actual audience even though it seems they want you to think that he is. Did Bill Faloon actually speak at RAAD fest ? Was this speach taken from RAAD fest ?
    Even if you could stop aging and cure all disease, from a mathematical statistical standpoint, you would most likely die of a fatel accident in about 300 years, unless you want to hold up in a fort or sometihng.

    • Author
      Will Brink 7 years ago

      Yes, that’s his talk from RAAD Fest and the LEF was a major sponsor of that event I believe. 300 in good health is a big improvement from what we get now I’d wager and that assumes causes of those fatal accidents and rates remain a constant, etc.

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