Some claim “you don’t need any supplements” to make progress in the gym, or when trying to lose fat, or improve performance. Some claim they “need” a long list of supplements to succeed. What’s the truth? I cover the facts in this vid!

  1. Juan 9 years ago

    As I see it, if I don’t NEED them (that is what I think) I’m not goig to spend the money they cost, or: they are not necessary, hence, any money spent on them is a waste of money.
    This I learned the hard way by wasting thousands of euros on supplements for years. I finaly realized I could achieve my goals without them, spending money on real nutricious food instead (and training properly).

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      Per the vid, you don’t need supplements. The only thing you actually need is food, water, and air. But, if you’re nutrition and training are solid, the right supplements used intelligently, can and do add a benefit, and hence are not a waste of money if one desires those benefits. Some supplements may also be a benefit to your health above and beyond what can be achieved via diet, etc.
      As I said in the vid: good nutrition and smart training are the more important aspect of making progress, and of course, picking the right parents 🙂

  2. Kent Ingram 9 years ago

    I think supplementation has helped me much, much more than it’s ever “hurt” me. I’ve always viewed them as supplementing food, especially if someone doesn’t have the ideal dietary regimen. Thanks, Will, for another common-sense, rational video!

  3. Ken 9 years ago

    Will is spot on here, as usual.
    I don’t ‘need’ to watch his videos or read his posts, BUT I do benefit from doing so…. and therefore I will continue.
    I don’t ‘need’ to take supplements, BUT I do benefit from doing so…. and therefore I will continue.
    Thanks Will

  4. ralph 9 years ago

    interesting post thank you,,,,,,,,
    question, is HGH considered a drug or a supplement,,,,,,,seems that it produces results but it is controversial about the safety aspect and of course it is very expensive,,,,,,,,
    is it considered cheating it used in competition?
    thanks Will,

  5. Jerry Burns 9 years ago

    Spot on Will! While I NEED oxygen, and I NEED Water, I don’t actually “need” to eat healthy. Nor do I “need” to get a good night’s sleep. I don’t even “need” to exercise. I can survive without all of these things (at least for a little while).
    But I DO eat healthy, do exercise, and do get a good night’s sleep. Why? Because it makes me more effective at handling the routine tasks and unexpected challenges life presents.
    Sure, a lot of supplements are junk, but taking the time to uncover the difference between marketing and actual science pays off in a big way. You may not “need” any supplements, but some of them can certainly add convenience and efficacy to your program. End result? Better result!
    Thanks Will!

  6. NJ JOE 9 years ago

    Ha, the word “natural” has been a sorta pet peeve of mine for a long time. I usually tell people if asked, just ignore it, it’s worthless. It has no meaning, no definition, no regulation, guidelines, etc. If you see the word on any product, food or otherwise, just ignore it.

  7. Kent Ingram 9 years ago

    Will, this is the best explanation I’ve ever heard! Thank you! I’m a longtime supplement user and have benefited by that usage. Recently, my D.C. helped me with relieving foot neuropathy by suggesting certain supplements. After a week of that regimen, the vast majority of the stinging, numbness and pain was gone. Nighttime was no longer uncomfortable. Did I “need” those supplements? My answer is a definitive “yes”!

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      Supplements can have there uses for sure Kent!

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