2015 update. I made this vid on “energy bracelets”  a few years ago, and got a strong response. I highly recommend people read the comments below the vid for some interesting exchanges showing how deep some people’s cognitive dissonance runs with these scam products. Note manufacturers getting involved promising to send me legit scientific support (never happened), getting studies done (never done as far as I know) and other info worth noting in the comments below.
A recent study examined the effect of “Ionized” wrist Bracelet  using a  randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, and as expected, it was found no more effective than placebo. See:

Effect of “Ionized” Wrist Bracelets on Musculoskeletal Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial


To assess objectively the perceived benefits of wearing an “ionized” wrist bracelet to treat muscle or joint pain.

Subjects and Methods

This study was performed at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla, in 2000 and 2001. In a randomized, double-blind design, 305 participants wore an ionized bracelet and 305 wore a placebo bracelet for 4 weeks. For each location where pain was present at baseline, participants rated the intensity of pain. Follow-up ratings were made after 1, 3, 7, 14, 21, and 28 days of wearing the bracelet. Two primary end points were defined for evaluating efficacy. The first was the change at 4-week follow-up (day 28) in the pain score at the location with the highest baseline value (maximum pain score). The second was the change at 4-week follow-up in the sum of the pain scores for all locations.


Analysis of the data showed significant improvement in pain scores in both groups, but no differences were observed between the group wearing the placebo bracelet and the group wearing the ionized bracelet.


The finding that subjective improvement in pain scores was equivalent with ionized and placebo bracelet use questions the benefit of using an ionized bracelet. New treatments in alternative medical therapy must be shown to be effective through vigorous, unbiased, objective testing before physicians acknowledge potential benefits or recommend these treatments to patients.


  1. Roger 13 years ago

    Hi Will, "The mind is a powerful thing" to waste. I can't help but marvel at the absurdity of the this product! You're right though, entities of this sort have been around for many years, props to you!! Great site, and thanks for the heads up about the creatine "in the hot water to completely desolve it"! I tell all my friends at the health club, especially when I see them downing a container, "on the exercise floor", with all kinds of stuff at the bottom. Thanks again, and three cheers for Florida love, I'm from Minnesota, so anytime of year in Florida, is like heaven!! See you at the top!!

  2. patrick 13 years ago

    Hi Will….how about an article on inflammation and ,more specifically, the latest news on dietary anti-inflammatories.
    Inflammation seems to be closely connected with a host of health issues, in particular the joints-of concern to trainers or older people. I have got great relief for knee soreness by swigging cod liver oil ( about half a liter per ten days or so).
    Any comments?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Another vid/article for another day Patrick. 🙂

  3. Scott 13 years ago

    Will! You're not trying to burst my bubble or something, are you? Does this mean that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are next? What about my entitlements and free ride in life? Not those, too! Oh, well, I like bursting bubbles, too, truth be told.
    I would like to see you do some scouting on how Arimidex is working for men. I see very small doses of 0.5 mg and 0.25 mg which are likely compounded. 0.5 per day is supposed to boost T by about 50% and reduce E by about 50%. But many take it every other day or ever few days. I'd like to know what they get for results and if side effects have been an issue. there is some info on the net but not enough info still. You'd be a good source to see what you can find since for men, keeping E down and T up in good range is important and you have always supported blood tests which I take, too.

    • josh 12 years ago

      do this boost energy braclets work better than power balance

      • Will Brink 7 years ago

        NONE of them work. The end.

  4. Pedro Sepúlveda 13 years ago

    Fully agree with you. A few years ago you wrote " the two most abundant things in the Universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity" you're deadly right. Pedro

  5. paulsowhat 13 years ago

    Hey Will:
    Another great article. Thanks
    Your t-shirt in that video has 'Vitaminwater' written across the front. Your not
    promotion these sugar drinks are you?

  6. alex 13 years ago

    Nice video Will 😉
    The company that produces those bracelets "Power Balance" has admited them to be a total scam after its been sued by customers, it has been obliged to pay a big fine, and all clients that feel that they have been scamed can return their bracelets and have their money refunded.. that has happened allready in Australia and Italy at least.
    Anyway i dont see how anybody bought them in the first place.. and i can tell you i see the gym where i workout filled with people wearing them.. true suckers !!

    • Ronnie Yeomans 13 years ago

      Merry Christmas Power Bracelet.
      It’s hard to know if they really work. I saw them for the first time in the mall while looking for stocking stuffers. I decided to get my wife the pink one because it’s her favorite colour and it did look kind of cool. It would go with her new pink slippers with the racing stripes. The girl at the kiosk started going on about how they could change everything in her life including balance, stability and all around good health. Bla bla bla …..SOLD to the last minute shopper! It was thirty bucks plus tax and I’m already in deep with self-help. Paid fifty bucks for a book on dealing with Menopause.
      Anyhow Christmas morning she put it on, along with the slippers, and she went nuts! Running around the house cleaning, did all the laundry, cooked the turkey by noon and had the tree put away as well. By mid-afternoon she thought she could fly, and was walking the railing on our balcony. To her annoyance, I pushed her off and down she went eight floors like a lead balloon . So much for stability and balance, although in all fairness to the bracelet, it was icy and looking back she could have slipped. In disbelief due to what I was told by the girl at the mall, I realized the bracelet must have malfunctioned. I rushed down only to find her reaching for it on the sidewalk. Nothing short of incredible! It had fallen off, and absorbed her impact. She survived! She broke both her legs and her pelvis bone. I was able to put it back on her wrist, and astonishing as it is, she was able to walk to the ambulance with no assistance. I called my brother on the way to the hospital and told him the staggering news. As I was telling him how he should get one, he was suggesting I get a lawyer.
      Christmas day 2011 in emerge. Oh well, could be worse I suppose. Yet, I used the down time, as an opportunity to research this new found item. As I surf the web to find allegations of fraud and deceit by its manufactures, I find myself in the crossfire of this belief vs. non-belief.
      As I write this blog, she still has the bracelet on and doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain. Spirits are high, however the nurse said it’s due to the pain killers in the IV drip, along with the perk I slipped her in the waiting room (Truly a critic of the bracelet?). We tried to put on her hospital tag, but my wife was afraid she could get a reaction with the two different types of bracelets. She had a point. I did read that you need to be careful when mixing meds, so we opted out for now, and are waiting for the doctor’s opinion.
      So far that power bracelet appears to be holding true. Or is it? Could it have been a placebo effect, the slippers, the drugs, divine intervention, or just another good old fashion Christmas miracle? One thing holds true … it’s not the book. She hadn’t even opened that gift yet.
      We’ll keep everyone posted on her well-being, and our further testing of this new found item. Too early to be pushed, or shall I say in my defence, ‘slipped’ to conclusions.
      Almost convinced

  7. Luigi 13 years ago

    So, maybe you can scientifically debunk or explain Reikii, meditation, ESP and flying saucers? Oh, and then there's religion and prayer and how a sugar pill can provide better curative results than a trial drug?:p

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      one topic at a time Luigi! B)

      • LuigiK 13 years ago

        The "topic" is scientifically proving something that cannot be proven or disproven "scientifically" – energy bracelets included. The manufacturers stated "there's no scientific evidence to support their claims" not that they were a scam. You offer no scientific proof either, just your "belief" and that's what religion and sugar pills are all about as well!
        You claim to be the science guy and everything you claim is backed up by science so if you debunk one thing without proof, let's hear your science, please. By the way I don't own an energy bracelet or take sugar pills but I do embrace honest science versus personal beliefs!

          • Author
            willbrink 13 years ago

            One of them had "Power Band's US website claims the band's mylar holograms are embedded with naturally occurring frequencies designed to work with the body's natural energy field for improved balance, strength and flexibility."
            Pitiful. o.0

          • LuigiK 13 years ago

            Three of the links to your "scientific" evidence actually give positive support to the validity of the things you debunk. That's a tough pill to swallow – sugar or otherwise!

          • LuigiK 13 years ago

            Sure! What's your scientific proof in those references?:
            watoday – no ev idence given
            newsbbc = both the fakes and the magnet versions reported an improvement in their condition.
            ncbi = positive result FOR the magnet version

        • Author
          willbrink 13 years ago

          Makers of various energy bracelets and other like scams do make very specific claims for which they have zero scientific support for (and they often do claim there's some "proven" science behind their product) them. The burden of proof is on those who make the claims, which = it's they who have to support their products with objective science, or stop making the claims. There is no real science to these products, and that's not an opinion, simply the realty of the situation. I use science where it exists, and call out those who don't period. Good luck.

  8. LuigiK 13 years ago

    You seem to miss the point. What is the "science" behind Reikii and meditation? Do they have benefits? Can science prove they don't? So if someone "believes" a copper bracelet or a hologram bracelet makes their life easier, so what? Their belief versus yours. Rekeii hasn't had to produce science nor has meditation. Whether the bracelet people claim science or not, can you scientifically prove they don't have any benefit whatsoever?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      You seem to have missed my point. I'll say it again: The burden of proof is on those who make the claims, period. That's the basis of science. They make X claim, they support it with Y objective data; "if someone "believes" a copper bracelet" = placebo effect. Nothing "wrong" with that per se, but you obviously miss the entire purpose of this web site: giving advice using objective science. What's wrong with telling people X pill will make them feel better when their no active ingredient, all they feel is placebo effect, and the sellers are making $$$ from it? IT'S A SCAM, THAT'S WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT.
      If you don't mind being scammed (i.e. paying for placebo effect) it's your money, and that's OK with me.
      Good luck.

      • jeff 13 years ago

        “…when their no active ingredient…”
        Should be: when there is no …

  9. LuigiK 13 years ago

    Sure! What's your scientific proof in those references you give?:
    http://www.watoday.com.au/small-business/research…. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/4582282.stm http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11552201?dopt=….
    watoday – no conclusion or evidence given
    newsbbc = both the fakes and the magnet versions reported an improvement in their condition.
    ncbi = positive result FOR the magnet version
    So your belief goes against the "science" you offer? wow!

  10. Marc Boucher 13 years ago

    Over time and through my discussions with friends and people in general, I've noticed that most don't seem to grasp what scientific back-up actually means. Most people don't seem to understand that relevance of peer-reviewed studies or the relevance of proper study designs. I recall being told by a friend of mine, after mentioning a study on substance X, pointing to the relevance of said substance to a particular aspect of health, that quote : '' we have no idea who conducted that study to begin with – that might as well be a no-name in his basement who uploaded a bunch of BS on to the web.'' I had to pinch myself when I heard him say that. That just showed me how many people have no appreciation of what scientific processes involve.

    • Luigi 13 years ago

      Exactly! And in many cases the only "evidence" to support or disprove a claim is emprical, user-based reports (such as in Reikii and meditation). However, when one of the "scientific" studies presented to support the nay-sayer's opposing viewpoint concludes: The application of a device delivering static magnetic fields of 300 to 500 Gauss over a pain trigger point results in significant and prompt relief of pain in postpolio subjects. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9365349?dopt=Citation
      Which is completely contrary to the nay-sayer's statement. It makes one wonder how much value science has in other beliefs and claims put forward as "scientific".

  11. Lou from Scambusters 13 years ago

    Luckily we don’t even have to resort to scientific proof. Common sense is in 98.7% (+ / -) 1.3% of cases more than enough. If it sounds too good to be true it is usually false. The placebo effect however is a true effect initiated by belief. That is why clinical trials for drugs have to surpass the placebo effect to be judged effective. Science doesn’t claim to know everything pseudoscience on the other hand knows nothing. With nonsensical and ineffective treatments like faith healing, homeopathetic remedies, chiropractic manipulations, dowsing, any religion and of course energy gadgets there maybe in many cases a real belief by the practitioners that; what they do actually works and by this reckoning are actually doing good. This is feed of course to satiety by anecdotal evidence, selective memory, wishful thinking, slippery arguments and unhealthy doses of irrationality. Will made an excellent point in saying the burden of proof lies with the claimant. Perhaps we could add the fact that you cannot disprove something that does not exist. This holds true for power bracelets, reiki, god or the spaghetti monster.

    • LuigiK 13 years ago

      98.7% ??? That's a scientifically proven statistic? Sounds more like a conjecture!
      And chiropractic is fake? Yet the trials done by the AMA (scientifically or empirical) showed that chiropractic treatment gave more positive benefits than "real doctor" treatment for back injuries. . .
      So, if the users report benefits, for you, empirical evidince is insufficient? And dowsing? I lived in a waterless area but a dowser, in a matter of days of walking the land pinpointed an artesian source . . . I guess "belief" made the water flow there?

  12. Ricardo 13 years ago

    Marketing is a wonderful thing. Too bad it is abused by fly by night charletons. Like you said,"there's one born every minute". I just need to get 130,000 of these idiots to pay off my mortgage. And if I make my story interesting enough, I'll retire early.

    • LuigiK 13 years ago

      You could always run a raffle for $1 a ticket with a limit of 130,000 tickets. Make it an energy bracelet as first prize! When the winner complains that it didn't work, you simply refund him or her the $1 they invested and you'll still have $129,999.

  13. Russ 13 years ago

    I don't know if this is ironic or not – you're wearing a Vitamin Water t-shirt in the video – what's your take on that? Some consider products like that to be overpriced junk.
    On a more serious note – thanks for the supplement info – like creatine in warm/hot water. You recommend a micronized Creapure product – correct? Which I think Optimum has.
    Also – what's your thoughts on taking BCAA powder in your during w/o water bottle?
    1 last thing – glutamine – the L type or the peptide/fancy named stuff?
    Thanks in advance for your expertise.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      (1) google search for Creapure will turn up various companies using it as their source for creatine. I get mine from Life Extension Foundation: http://www.lef.org (2) If you using whey, additional BCAA probably unneeded as whey is approx 30% BCAA (3) not a big fan of glutamine as studies have been less then impressive. Glutamine vid is on the site here.
      My BBR program covers just about every supp on the market at length and will save years of wasted time and $$$. Vid above this covers program well.

      • LuigiK 13 years ago

        Great "science" there!

        • Author
          willbrink 13 years ago

          I suspect you have no science background to give any opinions on science, much less what makes good science, etc. I have been published in the peer reviewed lit. How about you? If you are here to troll, you will be banned from posting here if your next post is anything but respectful and on topic. If you are here to discuss the topic discuss it, if not, go away.

  14. Blackjack 13 years ago

    The following time I learn a weblog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to learn, however I actually thought youd have one thing fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about one thing that you could possibly repair if you werent too busy in search of attention.

  15. Fred 13 years ago

    I’m 55, 5.8 and weight 190. I’m in good shape but would like to lose 10 pds. A friend talked to me about,
    1androsterone and 4-ad, and I would like to know what benefits or effects these supplements might have on me, or if I should even consider them?
    Thank you

  16. Lala 13 years ago

    I’m deaf. Can you provide transcripts ?

  17. Ed 13 years ago

    3:20 of my life I will never get back plus the time to type this reply. Dude, all you did is talk and show a pan of an empty beach. Where is the hard evidence that you are right and they are full of B.S.? Nice to know you strong opinion about these power bracelets, but if you are going to bad mouth and dissent, at least back it up with something other than bad sound and an empty beach.

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      And 5 mins of mine I wont get back responding Ed. As said above, The burden of proof is on those who make the claims, which = it’s they who have to support their products with objective science, or stop making the claims. There is no real science to these products, and that’s not an opinion, simply the realty of the situation. I use science where it exists, and call out those who don’t period. I don’t have to supply hard evidence they don’t work, “they” have to supply hard evidence they do work. That’s how science works. The products are a scam period.

  18. urban green energy 13 years ago

    You’ve got great insights about energy, keep up the good work!

  19. theonewhodoesntknow 13 years ago

    …sounds like a blind man who is talking about colours. Recommendation: to read outside of your field of interest, so you know what you are talking about Will. Maybe remind yourself who were the founders of science, people such as Paracelsus, Aristotle, Pythagoras and others, and maybe read some of their books, that will open your eyes to a couple of things. Read some basic physics, anatomy and biology books as well. Plus the amount of modern scientific research done into bioenergetics and all kinds of other energy research is outstanding with the most stringent statistical analyses employed, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about Will. Don’t listen to the man who doesn’t know people. Study the evidence yourselves.

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      What evidence? Instead of trying to baffle us with your pseudo intellectual BS, supply some actual peer reviewed published evidence that any such products work as claimed using said product(s) specifically.

  20. valerio moscariello 13 years ago

    Hi wil… lets try the only bands in the world that work….Energycare
    Please contact me and I will love to challenge you up on that offer
    All the best valerio

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      That’s a joke right? That brand is a waste of $$$ like all the rest. Don’t spam on my site. As to my offer, you know and I know you wont do it, but if you actually wish to fund a real clinical study, you can contact me on that, and I will set it up. Won’t be holding my breath on that one….

      • valerio 13 years ago

        we are ready for your challenge ,!!!!! i sent you a message with my cell #…..i will make I myself will fly you into pitsburgh…..with my own money to see the tests and to show you science behind them……all other bands are fakes…. You missed 1… used by jay Cutler… ronnie coleman … and Phil heath…. Energycare…. we might not even use the bands to do the tests…. we wanna use the pillows that energycare has made….
        Lets start… BIG V

        • Author
          Will Brink 13 years ago

          As I expected, are you trying marketing hype vs actual science with me. I’m the wrong person for that. I don’t care in the least what Ronnie, Jay, etc used, which they were paid for. I know Jay BTW. Now, if you have double blind published studies done in peer reviewed journals on your SPECIFIC product, feel free to send it to me for review. If you wish to have legit clinical study done, via a third part location/university, done by legit scientists, and submitted for publication in a legit peer reviewed journal, then we can go forward with that. I have no interest in your marketing materials, your in-house “tests,” or endorsements by athletes, etc.

          • valerio 13 years ago

            ya energycare has all that … and jay doesnt get payed….im still waiting for your call … whatever you need done… to show you proof…it can be offered to you…..i know you must get tons of these things but when you wanna do this I’m ready and will put you in the right hands… asap….

        • Author
          Will Brink 13 years ago

          Already outlined what I need here and via email. You are trying to sound enthusiastic, but are dancing around what I asked for. You can send me, via PDF file for example, the published study/studies you have paid for that were published in legit journals, and or tell me your budget (per what I asked in the email) is to have such a study conducted, and I would get the study done, per my challenge in the vid. I don’t need anything else from you regarding scientific support for the product. Don’t think I can be any clearer then that.

          • valerio 13 years ago

            i will get a hold of EnergyCare today and we will discuss on getting these off to you clinic studies… etc ….
            Once you get all of these your going to make us another video RIGHT??…..and I want it in Muscle Insider a write up….. perhaps you can speak to scott welsh…on that … he has done a great job promoting his magazine in just a short about of time.
            I will get the company Will to email you today …..

        • Author
          Will Brink 13 years ago

          I suspect you don’t actually know what a legit study looks like to a scientist like me, but if what is sent me actually passes the smell test, not only will I make another vid, I will apologize in that vid. However, if what’s sent to me is a bunch of worthless mish mash pseudo science used by companies that sell such products, and that’s what I see, are you ready for the fall out? I recommend you walk lightly here, but that’s up to you…As for Scott, I know him well and will contact him on that now

          • Scott Welch 13 years ago

            Guys I’m in a tough spot because I’m friends with and have respect for both of your! Personally I’ve never tried any energy bracelet and MUSCLE INSIDER is not associated with energy care or any other bracelet. But I can personally attest that I’ve seen Jay Cutler and Phil Heath wearing one!
            Will if you and Valerio both agree to have you do a product review in your column in MUSCLE INSIDER, I will print it no questions asked. But Val be warned, Will does praise things that truly do work which has made companies successful overnight. But he has also slammed products and the opposite effect has taken place! I’m staying out of this one and will let you two sort it out!
            Yours in health,
            Scott Welch
            Owner, MUSCLE INSIDER magazine

          • valerio 13 years ago

            Will… i spoke to the owner and they are working on getting you all the paper work that needs to be seen…. once you get all the paper work etc.. you will be pretty excited to see a real product and not a scam one… I agree that there is way to many bands out there and have wrecked the market.. but once you get all the studies that have been done and better yet wanna speak to the scientist we can make that happen… i wanna make sure that this is done the way you want it to be done…..

        • Author
          Will Brink 13 years ago

          No one reading this can’t say I didn’t warn you Valerio….

  21. valerio 13 years ago

    Trust me even Jay Cutler is laughing his ass off he told me himself….show this guy why he even has his own signature series bands …. and its not cause he makes any money from these guys … its because they work… if you think its these power balance power core energy armour bands that they sell in the mall guess again ….just remember i didnt warn YOU!!… i cant wait for you to appoligize to jay ronnie and phil bruno gervais..of the tampa bay lighting…max talbot of the pitsburgh penguins… and also paul pearce of the boston celtics…. all these guys have signature bands…..THEY WOULD NEVER PUT THERE NAME ON SOMTHING THATS A SCAMM!!!!!!!
    im still waiting for your call i left you my cell number and if you dont wanna call cause its long distance i will gladly call you… i dont have a problem with that

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      That you listed as bunch of athletes as some sort of proof the product works only confirms how little you understand about science and or the industry in general. Athletes endorsing stuff that does not work? Gee, that never ever happens…but seriously, I don’t give out my number to strangers, nor do i call people who don’t answer specific questions in my emails or here. Anecdotal reports of athletes using X product as proof of claims is 100% worthless. If that’s something you can’t understand, you are worse off then thought.
      Last time before I ban your IP from this site: show me the published research in the peer reviewed lit specific to that product, or go away and stop wasting my time.
      If the company would like to have a legit study done, I can get that done. Per our email conversation, need to know what the budget is set aside for that…
      Do NOT give me anecdotal reports from athletes or users, do not insult my intelligence with comments like X athlete would not put their name on something if it didn’t work (if you actually believe that, then you really don’t know sh&% about the industry…) and don’t bother me ’till you have actual hard data to look at.
      Final warning….

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      Wow, It’s only been 4 years since you wrote “Will… i spoke to the owner and they are working on getting you all the paper work that needs to be seen…. once you get all the paper work etc.. you will be pretty excited to see a real product and not a scam one…” and not a damn thing was ever supplied, which I fully expected.

  22. valerio 13 years ago

    Call Steve from Energycare he is waiting for your call. I gave you a number since you didn’t wanna give me yours …
    724 856 1586

    • Author
      Will Brink 13 years ago

      Done, I talked to Steve. Seemed like a nice guy. He admits there is no studies published in peer reviewed journals on this product. Which of course I already knew. However, he did say they are in the process of doing true double blind placebo studies, as well as lab work, and intend to have that research published in legt journals when it’s done. I told him I will be more then happy to look at it once it’s public access, and if it’s all that he claims it to be, I will of course report that. Until then however, as stated, my position is correct (there’s no legit published studies….) and opinion stands. If these studies are legit and get published – regardless of the outcome – I applaud energycare for funding them and pursuing substantiation via real science.
      Finally, your comments the athletes don’t get paid, also wrong. As it was explained to me, they are not paid via endorsement, they paid as affiliates. If the athletes selling them believe in the product and as such wish to make $$$ from that, that’s fine by me. They are professional athletes, and as such deserve to make a living.
      Your attempt to make it seem they did all the endorsement from the goodness of their heart, was intellectually dishonest of you. I have known Jay since he was a kid, he’s a good guy, and a great Mr Olympia, and I’m glad he enjoys the product.
      Conversation is now closed until further notice unless you or he have additional info to supply of a SCIENCE nature I can work with…

      • Author
        Will Brink 10 years ago

        Follow up. Still waiting on the study from Steve at Energy care claimed was in process…..

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Follow up, as expected, no studies were ever sent to me. No studies ever published in a legit peer reviewed journal (as far as I know, feel free to send if anyone has such a thing), no follow up, etc from the company above that claimed all manner of actual real science to support their claims and product. Per usual, a fluster oh noise in an attempt to get my off the track, then gone. Seen it before in my 20 + years in the biz, will see it again.

    • Author
      Will Brink 9 years ago

      2015 follow up: Steve never sent a thing, as knew he wouldn’t. Why? Because we both knew there is no legit support for these products. None. He claimed they were in process of getting legit studies done (a typical strategy of delay to get science types like me to stop asking Qs) but as far as I know, no studies ever conducted or published. One recent study however, found an “energy bracelet” did nothing:
      Effect of “Ionized” Wrist Bracelets on Musculoskeletal Pain: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings
      Volume 77, Issue 11, November 2002, Pages 1164–1168

  23. Website 13 years ago

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  24. Stampa Diplomskih 13 years ago

    You can certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  25. toussaint 13 years ago

    i rlly didnt care like most ppl i buy them because they look cool and are fun to wear. of course it wont give energy golly doesnt mean you gotta rebuke it.

  26. Will 12 years ago

    Hi Will, my name is also Will. I have tried the magnets and the energy bracelets. And I am not a person that is influnced by the placebo effect. I have tried different things for awhile because some companies say you have to wear them for months be for you to feel the affects. I am the type of person that will give anything a try. And I have wasted a lot money in doing so. I have found something that actually works for balance. Since I have been getting older my balance is really off. This is a company that is worth checking out, and find out why is it different. Don’t take my word for it. Like you I have to prove it to myself. Active Energy. ActiveEnergylife.com . After you check it out I would Appricate your feed back. Signed, Will

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      “I am not a person that is influnced by the placebo effect” Of course you are, everyone is, but thinks they are not. You might find some of the other posts here, with my and others responses, worth reading as it gives some insights.

  27. josh 12 years ago

    is it worth it to buy it

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Did you watch the video?

      • robert 12 years ago

        his volume must have been turned off!

  28. Ken 12 years ago

    Sales people are in it for the buck. They too know it’s bull and really don’t care if it helped or not. I would imagine that sales guy should at least be wearing one himself if he really believed in the product.

  29. StevenCBest 12 years ago

    Its funny how people bash certain placebo items, then turn around and sell one of their own. If you would like to complain, thats fine, do it; but when you wanna make money by complaining all the time, go to school to earn a degree in the approved field to earn the title of a CRITIC! Selling your products by complaining about others products is not the best way to go about it! Who am I? I’m just a working class american paying my taxes and voicing my opinion. Have a good day!

  30. robert 12 years ago

    Hey Will,
    Saw some guy on ‘shark tank’ trying to get some funding for an energy watch. I thought Mark Cuban was going to come unglued,he all but threw a punch at this guy, it was really funny, maybe they’ll have it on STUPIDEST PRODUCTS ON SHARK TANK!!!

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      An energy watch? Gotta admit, it’s a great idea for a scam!

      • robert 12 years ago

        They’re all a bunch of SCAMS!

  31. hannah 10 years ago

    tell me one way to “prove” it works or does NOT work to the sales person please?

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Did you read the comments above? The burden of proof is on them to show it does work, not the other way around.

  32. Martin 10 years ago

    Just read through the comments on here, and must say, this is really something. The kind of Chutzpah these people have defending a gizmo that does absolutely nothing. Even when called out they continue aggressively defending their scam. Unbelieveable.
    And the fact that people buy this shit. When was the age of enlightenment again? 17th century? It seems like people are stuck in the middle ages, mentally, willing to believe anything they are told.

  33. Kent Ingram 9 years ago

    No surprise here, Will. I see these ads all the time on TV. Quite a few years ago, I bought a set of “magnetic” shoe insoles. They were purported to balance your entire body by natural magnetism. The before-and-after tests the seller gave me were convincing, but I realized later on that it was merely psychological conditioning. After 2 weeks, there was no effect, period. Now, lately, I’ve been seeing the copper-infused socks and braces for upper and lower body. I wonder how rigorous the testing was for all these products? I can answer my own question…..thanks, Will, for an eye-opener!

  34. Jonathan 7 years ago

    I take it you never tried one for yourself? Also you must not have chronic pain or any health issues right?
    They actually work! Some feel it a lot others nothing physical but internally it helps with healthy oxygen and blood flow! My doctor did a meridian test and 50% more of his meridians showed up when he had the bracelet on vs off!! Girl with fibromyalgia was on 22 pain killers a day and within a week she went down to 2 after 2 weeks she was off! When she had the bracelet on! They work!
    Plus this article was back on 2000-2001? Ummm not the same technology! Nice try though!

    • Martin 7 years ago

      It’s really hard to tell if this is supposed to be a troll comment or for real. I’m afraid it might be the latter. But what can I say? I am typing this on a 10 year old keyboard. Not the same technology…

      • Will Brink 7 years ago

        ” Not the same technology…” Now that’s funny.

  35. Jonathan 7 years ago

    You want facts, hard evidence, well what about this. Testimonials? Why are people feeling such a difference. True statement people forget they have the bracelets on. Also they are thinking hey help my blood flow, help my balance, etc. sure the placebo effect is real! I know that! And if this bracelet helps in any way where is the wrong in that? Plus 30 day money back guarantee so SCAM IS NOT THE RIGHT WORDS HERE! HAHA!!

    • Will Brink 7 years ago

      Only thing worse than being wrong is being wrong in all caps. They are 100% scam. Enjoy your placebo effect. Read comments above which already covers the topics vs posting new comments, unless you have something new to offer other than you think they work. Per usual, any company that can supply legit science (see the one company that did contact me above…) will get a full apologies and write up, but I know that will never happen. Good luck.

      • Jonathan 7 years ago

        You never did answer about 1. Meridians? 2. Testimonials? Oh and 3. If you tried them for yourself? Really why do they work for pain relief? Is placebo really that strong? 4. Do you believe in the health benefits of the minerals they claim to have in them? Negative ions are proven by science. Maybe we are just in the early stages of understanding these.

        • Will Brink 7 years ago

          Last time I will respond here:
          “You never did answer about 1. Meridians?”
          No legit medical doctor (MD) performs such a test. You might wanna ask what medical school he/she graduated from…
          “2. Testimonials?”
          Covered many times above are 100% worthless
          ” Oh and 3. If you tried them for yourself?”
          Of course not. Again covered above.
          ” Really why do they work for pain relief? Is placebo really that strong? 4.”
          Yes it is and study above looked at that very effect and found no benefits compared to placebo. See also:
          “Do you believe in the health benefits of the minerals they claim to have in them? ”
          Used externally, no. I know protein is needed for health, and I also know putting it in a bracelet would have zero benefits. It’s not rocket science.
          “Negative ions are proven by science.”
          False. What’s obvious here is, you have no sci/med background to comment on what is, or is not, “proven” by science. If you don’t want to accept my conclusion, that’s fine, but don’t pretend to know what is actually well supported by science and what’s not.
          If you have something new to say that has not already been covered by the lengthy responses to others above, that’s fine. If not, please refrain from further posting regarding topics you clearly don’t understand and lack any background to discuss, much less debate the topic with me.
          Good luck.

  36. Brian 2 years ago

    Youve probably heard of Rico’s Bio Energy Bands. Recently there has been a huge rise of them with people around me. I’ve worked with many coworkers for over ten years and they are normal people. Some of them have huge noticable health problems that have gone away almost immediately withing wearing these bands. Now I’m a giant skeptic but what’s the explanation behind all these honest hard working people getting amazing results? Almost magical results.

  37. Brian M 2 years ago

    Youve probably heard of Rico’s Bio Energy Bands. Recently there has been a huge rise of them with people around me. I’ve worked with many coworkers for over ten years and they are normal people. Some of them have huge noticable health problems that have gone away almost immediately withing wearing these bands. Now I’m a giant skeptic but what’s the explanation behind all these honest hard working people getting amazing results? Almost magical results.

    • Author
      Will Brink 2 years ago

      All energy bands are a scam, full stop. Placebo is a thing…

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