I was at EUROPA Battle of Champions & Sports & Fitness EXPO in Hartford CT yesterday. The Europa is a new show, and is a sports nutrition, fitness, bbing show with expo. Show had grappling, strong man, arm wresting, and other competitions going on. Vid below… The show will be there again next year, and has other locations (For more info: www.visionstarinc.com) so put this one on your schedule for future shows to attend!

  1. Sumi 14 years ago

    How cool was that bodybuilding chick who did a rear double biceps pose while doing a full split? Amazing!

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Yes, that was Cassandra Floyd. She's the schnizzle… 😉

  2. Taurus Delawrence 14 years ago

    Probably the best 20 dollars I have spent in a long time. I think I left with at least 100.00 bucks in free supplements plus Kai Greene and the American Strongmen were IMPRESSIVE!!!!

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      A good show, especially as a first time show. Will be even better next year!

  3. Sumi 14 years ago

    Did you discover any cool new products you love?

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Can't say any new jumped out at me at this show.

  4. makster 14 years ago

    Looks like a good time was had by all. The girls definately had some muscle. Cassandra Floyd, wow.

  5. Greek Bodybuilder 14 years ago

    Excellent show indeed, a welcome addition to the east coast schedule!

  6. Taurus Delawrence 14 years ago

    I have always been interested in pre workout drinks and I have been a happy guinea pig this week! Right now CytoMax Monster Pump is my favorite. Goes down pretty smooth for a carbonated drink and I did feel pretty invincible durning and after my workout! Still have a bunch of brands to give a try so the jury is still out on my favorite! Beats going to gnc or vitamin shoppe and buying a container of a product only to be dissapointed!

  7. Taurus Delawrence 14 years ago

    Thanks again will for the Heads up about the show…..especially since I live in the hartford area! Glad to hear it will be back next year!

  8. Carol Medina 14 years ago

    That's awesome. I was at Europa Hartford both days. It's too bad I missed you. I was working the Muscleology (www.muscleology.com) booth on both days. I will be at Europa Dallas on August 13-14th, as well. Will you be there?
    Check out our photos on facebook & videos on youtube too!

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Will do Carol! See you at the Arnold?

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