Many people are confused as to what’s the difference between flax oil vs fish oils. This vid briefly covers that topic and should help reduce confusion. Enjoy! 😎

  1. Gonamath 14 years ago

    Thanks Will for clarifying an often foggy debate. Availability of non-contaminated fish oil seems to be among the biggest "game changers" in the nutrition industry within the last few years.It also has had an effect on how we should consume Fat in our diets. I have a question regarding your change in stance regarding Fat consumption over the last few years. Before the availability of clean fish oil you suggested we could consume a majority of our fats via Flax and/or Udos oil. It was easy –3 tablespoons of Flax oil –call it a day, majority of fat needs met(for a guy like me on the run it was great and it worked). Now it seems as if you have dramatically "cut back" on the amount of Oils (udos/flax/ffish) and have taken a more balanced approach via your 1/3 rule. My question is two-fold, #1 Is the availability of clean fish oil the sole reason for your change in stance ?? #2 Setting aside the Omega 3 debate (fish oil/low calories/ requirements met) why not still suggest an oil like Udos 3/6/9 ???
    thanks !!

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      My stance on total fat recs has not changed. My recommendations to allow more of that to come from fish oils vs flax, is a result of the much higher quality of fish oils in the last few years, and the growing data on the benefits of fish oils. I still use and recommend flax, Udos, etc, which you can see on the YT page in the vid I put up for a MRP shake recipe. I'll get it up here on the BrinkZone shortly also. Using fish oils to obtain the needed n-3 lipids allows much more flexibility in the diet in terms of other fat sources as mentioned in the vids on flax vs fish, and fish oil facts.

  2. Kevin Howell 14 years ago

    Hello Will,
    My daughter has been on Methotrexate and Enbrel for some time now because of arthritis. She constantly battles with inflammation and I was wondering if the Fish Oil would help. I was looking at the MEGA EPA/DHA by Life Extension. It contains 720mg EPA and 480mg DHA. According to your article on Fish oil and Flax oil, which I enjoyed very much, I was wanting to know what your recommendations would be on this Fish oil to get a therapeutic dose for her. At the 1800mg therapeutic dose how would I factor the number of soft gels to get the 1800mg. The serving size says two soft gels with 720 mg EPA and 480mg DHA. Please forgive my ignorance in this matter.
    Kevin howell

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Kevin, of course fish oil would help. However, as you would be using the fish oil to address a specific medical condition, make sure to run such things by her doctors. You could start with the doses I recommend in that article, and take it from there. Studies have used various doses, but the doses I recommended in the article, using the LEF product if you wish, are a good starting point of therapeutic doses of fish oils. Follow article doses here:

  3. Scott Kennedy 14 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I cannot get enough of your info, you make it so easy and clear to understand, and I have learnt so much from all your books. I really appreciate the weekly info you send and allow access to.
    Scott Kennedy,

  4. In which performed you discover this kind of template?

  5. Joe 11 years ago

    What about the omega 3s from free range eggs? Would they be more like fish oil or flax?

  6. Rajesh Salvi 11 years ago

    This difference between Flax & Fish, i was aware,
    Still good you clear the myth about it,

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