Genetics And Your Success. How important is genetics to your success in gaining muscle, losing fat, or performance? Can you alter it? Why is genetics important? Can supplements alter genetics in some way? I cover that below. Two prior blogs of interest to read for those who want more details, is my discussion on NutriGenomics and Gene Doping.

  1. fairlane 14 years ago

    Will, nice summary, short and sweet but to the point. I hope to point all the folks at my gym to this video when they again ask me in my gym 'what about genetics'?

  2. Alex Siddy 14 years ago

    Too many people place way too much emphasis on genetics and use it as an excuse or a crutch for why they cannot reach a higher level. Sure genetics are definitely important and are the "silent" influencer but there is plenty we can do before we reach our genetic limitations.
    Thanks for the vid!

  3. makster 14 years ago

    Great info as always Will. I do believe genetics plays a huge roll in body compositon. I also think it can be at least partially overcome with hard work. You can still get there, it's just going to be harder and take longer, and probably won't reach elite status.

  4. PhiJ 13 years ago

    Allthough I'm not convinced, I did think it was a very clear vid.
    So how do we know it is genetics if we can't find the genes involved and the differences we do find are inconsistent (etcetcetc)? Couldn't it just be something to do with the way that you were brought up, environmental influences on the way you developed when you were young, or really subtle lifestlye differences between people?
    And if I'm allowed to pick a hole, our diet doesn't affect our genes, except when you eat carcinogens. But perhaps I'm misinterpreting you – it definitely affects how our body treats our genes (as does everything else).

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