What is “Bro-Science”? What’s wrong with it? How does it cost you money? Why is it bad for the industry? I cover that and more in this vid!

Saying “NO” to Bro-Science saves you money and wasted time in the long run, and forces supplement companies (as well as companies making other scam BS junk connected to the fitness/health/BBing industry) to stop with the hype marketing based on Bro-Science and forces them to actually spend money on research.

The Bro-Science stops with YOU! 🙂

  1. Jeff 12 years ago

    sounds like an 80’s pop tune, Bro Science! (just say no)

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      LOL, true! 🙂

  2. kev 12 years ago

    Will: YO BRO your the best when it comes to all your info. Thanks for all the hard work you do.Kev

  3. Kristof De Graef 12 years ago

    I agree for the most part, though I don’t think we should fully ignore someone that has had great results in uncontroversial ways. Maybe there’s more to his story, maybe he did things nobody ever thought of or maybe some data is just plain outdated and wrong. But you’re right, it does affect the reputation of the industry which is a real shame because it’s so easy to figure out how to get in shape and build muscle.

  4. Bert 12 years ago

    Thank you for educating people!
    What is your opinion on most of the supplements T-nation puts out? I personally think their “propagenda” machine is driven by mostly bro-science and specific research results are scarce so I don’t trust most of the new supplements.

  5. Annette 12 years ago

    Say no to bro-science…..Got my tee’s

  6. fairlane 12 years ago

    Ugh.. I’d like to buy some apparel but I can’t since garmentdeli’s page is not fully secure. Their cert is issued by GoDaddy – very bad. I don’t trust that company for one, and their page is not fully secure. 🙁
    My advice is to have them leave godaddy and go with digicert; very secure full certs and very cheap.. Not like Verisign – too damn expensive..

    • Jeff 12 years ago

      what do you mean by “fully secure”? I think you are confusing an SSL certificate with hosting of a website. There is nothing wrong with an SSL certificate issued by Godaddy. Godaddy is acting as the certificate authority (CA), which “is an entity that issues digital certificates. The digital certificate certifies the ownership of a public key by the named subject of the certificate.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Certificate_authority Hosting from a quick traceroute may be tied to gafy.com hosted by amhosting.com, I’m not 100% on that. But the point is not to confuse the bashing people give godaddy’s hosting with SSL certificates which are completely different.

      • fairlane 12 years ago

        When I say fully secure, I am referring to the page on which garmentdeli is hosting that asks for user information (credit card # etc). It is encrypted, yes, but there are parts of active code on the page, NOT hosted by garmentdeli that can jump and inject malicious code into garmentdeli’s site page to steal data. It’s called a XSS, or cross site scripting; another vulnerability common in these scenarios is side channel leakage which attacks the crypto itself; a lot harder to accomplish but possible; A MITM attack, is also very possible, if accessed over an open wi-fi connection. I’m well aware of what a CA is and its purpose, even though CA’s themselves can and have been breached before, making the whole point of authentication a moot point. SSL certificates, in its current model are essentially broken, but that is another article altogether. The certificate chain traces back to GoDaddy, yes, but, how can you be sure? If you use Chrome, and navigate to that page, you will see the yellow triangle next to the ‘https’: “Your connection to garmentdeli.com is encrypted with 256-bit encryption. However, this page includes other resources which are not secure. These resources can be viewed by others while in transit, and can be modified by an attacker to change the look of the page”. To me websites build these “secure” pages with little money and try to get by with this setup, and I understand that a cert from say Verisign is extremely expensive, hence my advice to change to a cheaper company, like DigiCert, where you can get EV certs. Still, the decision to leave in code by “third parties” of either ads or any untrusted code from other sites NOT hosted by, in this case, GarmentDeli, imo is a bad one. Any page that asks for input of personal data, should be secure ALL the way, not half way. That means NO third party code, of ANY kind.
        I don’t trust GoDaddy personally – sorry if that bothers you; they have been accused of shady behavior in the past, by reputable security researchers and have been breached on more than one occasion, (at least they are not as bad as DigiNotar, which were breached, all of their public keys stolen, and they never said anything to anybody. They went bankrupt by the end of the week when it was exposed) and at least as far as their web hosting is concerned. Their business practices are subpar to say the least.
        So no, I am not confused by the difference between an SSL certificate and how a website is being hosted.

        • Jeff 12 years ago

          well, I trust Godaddy as much as any other CA, you might have seen this on yesterday’s news…the “Gold Standard” of certificate authorities Verisign was hacked — “VeriSign, at Web’s core, is hacked” http://redtape.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/02/02/10302393-verisign-at-webs-core-is-hacked-what-does-it-mean-to-you So IMHO you’re fine with a cert from any of the larger reputable CAs including Godaddy.
          I agree that GarmentDeli probably either didn’t set up their server correctly or through sloppy coding has some non-https elements loading on the page, and this is not a good thing, but honestly when you post what I would consider something that recklessly plants fear in potential customers minds, and unnecessarily takes income out of the man’s pocket… well you should have sent a private message or email. If it were my site, I’d delete both yours and my posts from this discussion.

          • fairlane 12 years ago

            You misunderstood me…I never said I was fine with a ‘higher CA authority” All I said was I didn’t trust GoDaddy. If you read my post, I said the concept of CA’s is essentially broken, but that was another conversation.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Security wise all SSL are the same, and a 256 bit cert is a 256 cert as long as the cert is applied correctly to the website and comes from a known and trusted entity.
      Granted I know there was a max exodus from GoDaddy because of a few things, the latest being their support of SOPA which has nothing to do with their SSL certificates at all. But you know how things on the internet are.
      It’s also moot anyway: the site offers 2 options in which to buy merchandise;
      one of those is to make the purchase via paypal, which is the way to go for those who do not want to put their credit card information directly into the website. You of course use paypal which has a verisign SSL cert.
      Thus, no security issues worth worrying about….

      • fairlane 12 years ago

        Will, no disrespect. In fact, its really not your fault, but Garmentdeli’s. Not really a problem.. the certificate itself is not the problem, it’s the third party code that is beyond the control of the CA. That’s all..
        Jeff, what’s with the garbage about me spreading FUD? You sound like you work for GoDaddy. I don’t think explaining in a calm and concise manner of the subject constitutes “reckless fear planting”.
        Sorry Will, didn’t mean to feed the trolls..

  7. Jamie 12 years ago

    Great stuff Will! Although I can smell bull-crap, for the most part, a mile off I do sometimes come to certain conclusions not necessarily based on anecdotal “evidence” but more “1 + 1 = 2″. For example I was reading an article the other day about CrM and how to improve uptake – supplement with cinnamon as cinnamon has blood glucose regulating properties etc. Well I know from reading that cinnamon is a recommended spice for people who suffer with insulin resistance. Another article(not study) wrote that to improve CrM uptake drink green tea. When I started to look into this I found a study which confirmed that green tea has been shown to help regulate…”blood glucose levels”. OK so there seems to be a pattern forming – as I see it, CrM uptake is largely dependent on Insulin Sensitivity. So addressing that would be the first step to improving CrM uptake and making someone a “former” non-responder. What do you think? It’s not so much anecdotal Bro-Science which is ridiculously subjective but finding the link from blood glucose levels, Insulin resistance and CrM uptake seems almost too obvious. Do they all correlate in your opinion(based on study obviously)

  8. Patrick Murphy 12 years ago

    Good video,
    Will, I became aware of this many years ago as a younger health enthusiast. “Bro Science” is so aptly named! I was gullible at first, but quickly saw the light.
    Fight the noble Fight!
    Patrick Murphy OAM 24/ 7

  9. Marlene 12 years ago

    Ha this is great! We should live stream your vids in the gym I workout at. Piles of dunder heads throwing the weights around never making gains, in there everyday and scratching their heads about it.
    Will whats the best place we can source out data on products we do wanna try? Or should I just stick with your supplement guide in the BB e-book?

  10. Jason 12 years ago

    But Im a fully qualified Bro Scientist, I studied for years for my qualifications !

  11. Annette 12 years ago

    Well said Jeff. Thanks for response. It needed to be addressed.

  12. Steve 12 years ago

    HELL YES WILL!!! I totally agree! I am with your NO BRO SCIENCE approach 100%

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