What Will Brink Uses For Supplements

I’m often asked what I use personally for supplements, or what brands I personally use, and other questions regarding supplements I prefer. So, instead of writing out a long list of supplements and other info, I thought I would take people for a video tour of my personal supplement stash which will (hopefully!) answer most questions I get about which supplements I personally use. Now, what I use may or may not be what YOU should use, so this is not a video endorsing or recommending anything beyond what I have in my personal supplement intake. Enjoy!

  1. Daniel 16 years ago

    Hi Will,
    I enjoyed this video blog but many things you skipped over very quickly , just saying the product name but without telling us why you take it.
    I think it would be great if you took 1 supplement at a time from your stash and did a video purely about that supplement, explaining about it, why you take it, what other benefits it may have and dosages and so forth, that would be really useful.
    I understand you are obviously mainly a user of that life extension company products but they are very expensive , i do understand good quality is expensive but perhaps if you do decide to do a video per supplement you could also give some alternative brands and dosages, for example if another post on your blog you give some brand names for fish oil products you recommend.
    I do like the video blog , it’s very cool.

  2. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Thanx for your detailed response Daniel. Some good thoughts there and i will take them under advisement. Detailed info about every supp, dose, other brands, why I take them, etc, etc would take a book really. I have written such a book! Two in fact…
    Thanx for the feedback!

  3. Marc McDougal 16 years ago

    Can’t wait to tell Chris Ball his Full Force formula is in your basement next to the ball-gagged maid ; )

  4. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Hmmmm, not sure what you mean by “his” Full Force formula (as I am the creator/ designer of said formula) but that stash is actually for the NEMLEC SWAT guys I am working with at the moment. I’m actually at the competition now writing this from the hotel room.
    Chris left the ball-gagged maid last time he was here…. 🙂

  5. Bruce 16 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your supplement stash, now I don’t feel like I take that much at all.
    Not only a Life Extension fan, but apparently a Thomas Dolby as well? That brought back memories! 🙂

  6. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Dolby was way ahead of his time!

  7. Gus Gilbert 16 years ago

    I’ve been a Life Extension Foundation Member since 1982 and agree that their quality is top notch but also that they provide great “Bang for the Buck.”
    I’m surprised that in your stash I didn’t see any lipoic acid (to go with the Optimized Carnitine), resveratrol, or Life Extensions latest BCM-95 curcumin, and not one of Life Extension’s prostate formulas.
    Maybe you are still waiting for more research to be done?

  8. R.E Hengsterman 16 years ago

    I have read a good majority of your work. You are very well versed in your area of expertise. Was suprised by the amount of product you use. I would hedge my bets that I could achieve similar results of bodyfat and muscle development from a natural food diet and with zero supplemention. Someday we should compare photos. Continue the good work..

  9. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Gus. Although I am not against any of the supps you mention as possible additions, I don’t feel they would have any real additive effects to my “stack” either per se. For example, between the multi, whey, etc, I feel my anti oxidant needs are covered. Although lipoic is another good anti oxidant, it’s not the “mother of all anti oxidants” and such often touted either. So, perfectly good addition to an overall supplement plan, not something I view as needed in mine currently. That does not mean I wont add any of those in the future! 😉

  10. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    R.E. Thanx for the comments. You’re making an assumption from the start that physique development is the end goal, which is not true. Most of the supplements I use are health/disease prevention/longevity related, and all the supplements I use have health related overlap, even if they are associated with physique development. For example, whey and creatine are both associated with “muscle building” when in fact I have always said their potential health effects are far greater than their physique altering uses. Read my articles on either to see why.
    Two, comparing two physiques as proof of concept is a sample size of 2, and neither objective or scientific. You have to account for the confounding variables, and that’s what well conducted research is for. Ergo, one group getting creatine will put on more LBM and gain strength over a group not getting it, even when all the possible variables are accounted for and or controlled.
    Three, people have been building great bodies without any supplements since humans walked on two legs, which is why I am such a big proponent of a good nutrition plan and exercise, vs looking or the latest greatest wiz bang supplement…I have no doubt, having seen it before, that given the right genetics (by far the greatest influence here), diet, and exercise plan, one can build as good or better a physique then mine, which is not going to win any contests any day soon!
    Four, it’s perplexing to my why there is an attitude of “why not just have a good diet vs. using supplements” as if the two were some how mutually exclusive. “Why not do both?” is always my response.
    Five, I have had some serious past medical issues to take into account (see latest interview), and all things considered, I have done the most I could with what God/Nature gave me to work with, and that’s all anyone can do…
    See you in the gym!

    • Josh 14 years ago

      I gotta say, awesome reply Will.

  11. Jeff 16 years ago

    I heard you mention micronized creatine. Is that similar to ProMera Health’s Con-Crete? I have used it for about four months and have had good results in regaining energy levels. Are the two comparable?

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Not comparable. See my article "The Creatine Grave yard" here on the site.

  12. James 16 years ago

    I also noticed a box of Winchester ammunition on the shelf, how much of that do you take a day? 🙂

  13. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    James, you are the first person to ever notice that! I tend to store my ammo on the same shelf as the vites.

  14. RaiulBaztepo 15 years ago

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  15. PiterKokoniz 15 years ago

    Hi !! 😉
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that your blog is really cool
    And want to ask you: will you continue to post in this blog in future?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you!
    Your Piter Kokoniz, from Latvia

  16. eldemnery 15 years ago

    Очень полезно

  17. Resveratrol Grape 15 years ago

    Hmmmm that’s cool.

  18. Dennis 15 years ago

    just recently stumbled across your website. Great stuff! Still at this iron thing. At 57 I’ve seen it all and taken almost all and can say the majority of stuff out there is creative marketing garbage and must be scrutinized carefully before buying. Rarely do we find a site that will provide some backup from someone who actually has a brain. Very much appreciate the scientific as well as practical info about all this stuff. Glad to read the creatine stuff. Will search out Creapure and stay there a while. Keep it coming.

  19. sam fax 13 years ago

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