My article “So You Wanna Be A Fitness Model?” – which covers the essential issues on how to succeed in the industry as a fitness/figure model – has been one of my most popular articles. I decided to update the topic with a new video!

  1. Sumi 13 years ago

    Nice vid Will, and I'm a big fan of your article too. I'm trying to get over the trauma of you not calling me when your fitnes model bailed on you. LOL! My cutting journey is almost over. I'll have the photo shoot done (two in under two weeks!) and all that to go along with a cutting journey write up for the brinkzone, if you want it 😉

  2. weighty 13 years ago

    gonna send this to my mom

  3. getsixpacks 13 years ago

    Terrific article! At last one who knows what it’s about which enables it to provide exellent articles to us readers.Truly getting excited about your following exercising article.Anthon

  4. lloyd 12 years ago

    reminds me the guy mister bark who plays the piano in briefs lol

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