A common strategy used by supplement companies is the “proprietary blend” which has some valid uses and some not so valid uses. In this vid, I give you the straight scoop on this common supplement company strategy. If views want more info, see my article on the topic with additional details HERE.

  1. fairlane 9 years ago

    Awesome info Will. Yet another video I can point people to when I get asked questions like the one’s you’ve answered. 😀

  2. Kevin Levrone 9 years ago

    You're the man Will Brink. I have been trying to figure out how to perfectly convey this message for a long time, but you just did it perfectly. I will send lots of people to this video of yours. Peace, Kevin Levrone

    • Author
      willbrink 9 years ago

      Thanx Kevin. Just trying to get the truth out, and perhaps help the industry to police itself, in spite of itself. 😮

  3. makster 9 years ago

    Another great video Will. You have talked about proprietary blends for a while now. It seems like most companies now a days use them for their products. Like you said "buyer beware".

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