I’m sure many of you have seen The Shake Weight on TV, or on the ‘net. I was walking through Dick’s Sporting Goods store looking for some new workout clothes, and saw the Shake Weight. Of course, I had to review this new “revolutionary” exercise machine… :mrgreen:

BTW, The company claims there’s research behind this gadget. There was a “study” comparing it to a one arm 2.5 dumbbell curl that was a joke. It was a the perfect study set up to get an effect, vs actually compare something valid. Not surprisingly, they found the Shake Weight used more muscle mass, burned more cals, etc, then a single arm 2.5lb dumbbell curl. Had they say compared it to shaking a gallon of water in a similar motion, they would have found the water at least as effective, or more so due to the water weighing more. Had they done something closer to an apples to apples comparison, no such effect would be found…

The study attempts some complex mumbo jumbo –  what I like to call baffling people with BS –  to make the Shake Weight look superior, and to a 2.5lb dumbbell curl, it was. No surprises there. Take a sand bag you can get for around the same price, via SandBag Fitness Systems (see recommended products section for more info) and do a  circuit of exercises, and I assure you, the sandbag would blow the goofy Shake Weight away on all levels. :mrgreen:

It’s not rocket science folks!

Oh, and for those who dared me, here’s my Snuggie Review! :mrgreen:

  1. Joe 14 years ago

    That was hilarious Will. I was watching this video at office and couldn't control laughter. Hmm, no wonder why people with big mouth make good money in the US. People really paying money and buying these?… ah!

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Thanx Joe. As they are on TV and the 'net all the time, and found in all manner of stores, I can only assume they have sold many of them. Proof people will fall for anything…:$

      • doug 14 years ago

        they have sold $40MM+ worth to date Will!
        Doug Kalman

  2. Luigi 14 years ago

    How is this a "review".? Even more, how is it a scientific review? What are the claims, how is it proposed to be used to get the promised results and why don't you like it along with why it cannot deliver as promised.
    All you've done is a hardly humorous slam on a product with no justification for your scientific opinion on its shortcomings. Hardly credible, Will Brink!

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Where did I claim it was a scientific review? Sorry you lack the sense of humor for that review. It's a silly gadget not worthy of scientific review, because there's no science to it, plain and simple. It was a gadget worthy of a silly video, and that's what I made, and as you can see, had a fun time doing it. xD

      • Hugo Rivera 14 years ago

        "It's a silly gadget not worthy of scientific review"
        As a former R&D Engineer all I can say is Amen to that. 🙂
        Keep up the great work Will!

  3. Chris 14 years ago

    I don't care about scientific reviews for this one, I'm sorry. Anyone with any science based fitness background knows that this is an inferior product to either dumbbells, kettlebells or even bodyweight exercises. For those who may at first experience lactate build up, this is no tool for the intermediate or advanced lifter to gain any muscle size! Maybe a quick overview of muscle physiology may due the trick Mr. Luigi! Great job Will, always a pleasure.

  4. Russ Turley 14 years ago

    I get it that it looks silly, masturbatory and all, but where's the review? You were out of breath, did you do it for 6 minutes? I agree with Luigi, hardly a scientific review.

  5. Jim Plummer 14 years ago

    Will, you are so right when you say that the Shake Weight is a silly gadget not worthy of scientific review. The first time I saw the commercial I just started laughing. Anyone who has ever done any real weight training would realize that the Shake Weight is a joke.

  6. Jeffrey Dheere 14 years ago

    The Snuggie, the Garden Weasel, Shoes Under, and the Slap Chop! Waiting with bated breath, Will… 😉

  7. Russ Turley 14 years ago

    Are you gonna dis my Snuggie? Say it ain't so!
    Agreed that it's silly and a useless idea. But, it just would have been nice to see an actual review without the typical belittling of TV fitness gadgets that is so often the case.

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      I will not dis the Snuggie! Even I have limits B)

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      See Above…..

  8. brindley 14 years ago

    people are just pissed with Will because these lazy asses were hoping they would actually get away with 6 minutes of stupidty. Stop crying about scientific and get some real exercise! The video was hilarious. A scientific way of relieving stress.

  9. Author
    willbrink 14 years ago

    I must say, of all the things I have ripped apart over the years, never thought poking fun at such a worthless TV gadget would be so controversial!

  10. Jenny 14 years ago

    I loved it! Some people don't get it, but I love a good laugh! If I laugh enough I can count it as my abdominal workout for the day. Right Will? hehe:p

  11. jeffn 14 years ago

    Hilarious! And to those who need to lighten up a little bit, do the science yourself. Get a 2-liter soda bottle and fill it half-way with water. Start shakin and tell us how ripped you look in 3 weeks. Or for a more advanced workout strap one of these under your crotch and hold the other in your hands. You gotta get your whole body into it man. And please post a video of yourself doing this 🙂

  12. matt wiggins 14 years ago

    Oh come on now, Will – it's not *that* bad. I mean, didn't you watch Hard Knocks? The New York Jets got a whole box of Shake-Weights delivered to them!
    Ok, yeah, it *is* that bad…LMAO.
    The only time it's ok to get a Shake Weight is if you wanna give it to your girlfriend…you know…for 'sport specific practice'. :-p

    • steve 14 years ago


  13. Seth 14 years ago

    Stop holding back, and tell us what you really think.

  14. Author
    willbrink 14 years ago

    BTW, for those who were not happy with my lack of science on this review, I have added additional comments under the vid regarding the "study" claimed, etc. Enjoy.

  15. Author
    willbrink 14 years ago

    OK, Snuggie Review is now up!!!!! :p

  16. annette 14 years ago

    OMG Will!!!! HILARIOUS!!! You crack me up!!!!

  17. Alex 14 years ago

    VERY GOOD!!!!…even if it DID work…who da' hell's doin' 42 minutes of curls anyway????:D
    …that Snuggie DOES look pretty AWSOME though…;)

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Good point! Get you a snuggie!

  18. Tom 14 years ago

    Very funny! I never realized how those 3 miracle products complimented each other so well. It makes perfect sense now.

  19. Deborah 14 years ago

    Take a look at this Holiday Card I did last year for my company… http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3864600446

  20. Jessica 14 years ago

    Hilarious! Nothing like a KKK garment being a useful tool to hide the sport of masturbation and to clean it all with the wondrous shamwow for that unpleasant mess. I love the shake weight commercial when the guy holds it up close to his mouth. How about when snuggle first came out with the family playing KKK badminton. Oh and for those who don’t think it looks like a racist garment make a pointy hat and walk around your neighborhood make sure to bring your shamwow to clean up your blood after they kick your A$$.

  21. Ben Green 14 years ago
  22. Ben Green 14 years ago
  23. Author
    willbrink 14 years ago

    The Shake Weight Cert!
    Best ever….

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  26. ycp 13 years ago

    You’re really skeptical..

  27. KMAS 13 years ago

    I’ve been using the shake weight for a couple weeks, and I have to say I agree with the commercials. It’s not even that I’m more toned or sculpted, it’s just the fact that I’m stronger. It’s not about the pounds or the reps, it’s all about twitch muscle training. They use this kind of training on professional athletes. Being able to maintain that quick motion of back and forth enables your muscles to react quickly and efficiently in any situation. It may not be the right thing for everyone, but it was the right thing for me.

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