With Dr. Campbell and crew at the USF lab

With Dr. Campbell and crew at the USF lab

I recently spoke at the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory at the University of South Florida (USF)  run Dr. Bill Campbell. He’s doing some very interesting research  there more people should be aware of. There’s plenty of strength and conditioning labs out there, but very few if any actually looking specifically at the “physique sciences” as his lab is. What is the optimal way to alter body comp in the direction of more muscle and less fat vs. say how to make a football player stronger or a sprinter faster for example. Those are very different goals that require different approaches.
I spoke to a graduate class which was part how to “make it” in the fitness industry, and part discussion on my review paper on supplements for the military. My focus was to stress that although education as an essential component to success in the fitness industry, being aggressive, being creative, and thinking outside the box others will always attempt to place you in, was key to success. Below is a short vid worth watching on Dr. Campbell and the Performance & Physique Enhancement Laboratory and people can get more info  HERE.
Check out this short vid on the lab:


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