Here’s a recent vid with some ideas how people can exercise at home with limited equipment:

If you are interested in a TRX Suspension Trainer, here’s where I got mine:

  1. Simon 15 years ago

    Great video, good piece of kit

  2. kevin 15 years ago

    I use an ab-roller, cost $5. Does abs and pecs at the same time. I put a 25# weight in a backpack and run on my treadmill. The weight toughens my shoulders, works the core and lumbar zone while increasing calorie burn per minute on the treadmill.
    Those straps are clever. But I don’t know that my wife would let me drill any more holes in our basement joints. She’s still pissed about the 80# heavy bag I put up. 🙂

  3. DP 15 years ago

    Good instruction Will and i’m definitely diggin’ the Erykah Badu! Very nice!

  4. Author
    Will Brink 15 years ago

    Thanx. I have every CD from Erykah 🙂

  5. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Update: I added a 50, 75, and 100lb sandbag to my home gym set up. Sandbags are the greatest for functional strength training for minimal $$$.

  6. […] As a fan of the TRX Suspension Trainer, and as someone who uses one semi regularly personally – as well as  with the tactical LE/SWAT teams I have worked with – I think this is $$$ well spent for the Army. Below is the press release. You can see a short vid of yours truly using one at home HERE […]

  7. Bob D 14 years ago

    The TRX Suspension Trainer is overpriced, Blast straps from a much better buy
    Also the USA Universal Strength Apparatus for about the same price is much more versitale
    I really enjoy all of your articles and have beeen a member of your great website Bodybuilding revealed for 5 years.
    Your using video showing pushups with your feet on a lader is more dificult, but I was suprised to see that your knees were bent which makes it easier.
    I also disagree that you cannot build musdle with bodyweight exercises using a TRX Suspension Trainer or something similar. There are progressions that ncan be used to make the exercises more difficult and you could also add bands, chains or a weight vest.
    Yes yoju may not have the bulk of a bodybuilder, but you can develop a great body. Gymnists are an excellent example of this.

  8. Harry Dimitropoulos 14 years ago

    No need to drill holes in the ceiling. You just need a door, and the TRX® Door Anchor. Haven’t tried the TRX yet but I’ve been reading a lot of positive stuff and just found a supplier in Greece (that’s where I live). From the TRX website: “The Door Anchor’s nylon, high-density foam and felt system slips easily over the top of any solid wood or metal door. Then, just shut the door and you get 100% sturdy support. It won’t scratch or damage paint or wood, and it folds up for easy storage and portability. Use it at home, in the office or on the road. It even comes with a handy ‘Workout In Progress’ safety placard. Just hang it on the outside of the door and get to it.”
    Thanks for the excellent video.

  9. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Bob, the blast straps are also a great tool, but not a replacement for a TRX. You can’t do the lower body work, you can’t do atomic pushups, etc, etc. I like and use Blast Straps, but it’s apples and oranges. TRX can be attached to anything, a tree limb, etc., blast straps require a level stable contact…. TRX is also self leveling, Blast Straps not, etc, etc. which is why the Army just purchased 3k plus TRX trainers…
    I also like Gymnastics rings, but I see them as different to a TRX vs better. TRX has also done a stand out job of giving a full program, with support, etc, which is clearly part of the costs. Over priced? It’s all relative I guess…
    Bent knees on the ladder = much less stress on the lower back. Attempting that with straight legs, causes a lot of lower back stress, which I don’t need….
    I didn’t say you couldn’t build muscle, I said it’s not a bodybuilding routine per se, which seems to agree with your statement above “you may not have the bulk of a bodybuilder, but you can develop a great body.”
    You can get into great condition and build a great body with a TRX and a few other gizmos at your disposal, but it’s not optimal for hypertrophic effects, which is the goal of many.
    Personally, I enjoy mixing them up as you can see from the vid.
    Hope that helps 🙂

  10. lbird 13 years ago

    man this cut down on me browsing time

  11. […] a prior vid using some of the same tools (TRX), I decided to do a new vid with more details on how to get an […]

  12. cin takvimi 12 years ago

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