As promised at the end of my vid on what doctors know about nutrition, this vid covers what most nutritionists know about nutrition.
What do Nutritionists actually know about nutrition? On the surface, it would seem they should have real expertise in the topic, but that’s not always the case. I answer why that is in this video

  1. David Garard 10 years ago

    Thanks for two very good articles. You were both honest and yet fair to both profesions. I think the expectations that medical patients have from their doctors is unrealilistic. But therein lies the dilemma as yoy have said. Wouldnt it be great to hear your doctor say, ” good question David, but I really am not qualified to give you the best and most updated information, instead I suggest you do etc etc.” or check the BrainkZone, as I do. Now reference nutritionist, I must be carefull and hopefull that my over weight, nutritionist degreed niece doesnt read your site because you right on with that. ( yes I know it would be good for her if she did )Thanks

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      I have known a few doctors to say that, but no, it’s not as common as it should be. Yes, the overweight nutritionist syndrome is another issue which I do discuss a bit in other posts here. Like doctors who smoke, they know better but take a “do as i say not as I do” approach it would seem.

  2. Jimmy Gutman 10 years ago

    Wow Will!
    You tell it like it isQ
    I an very curious to thee the comments this brings in.
    Outrage from the nutritionists and doctors?
    A vacuum of knowledgeable consultants?
    Keep up the extraordinary work.
    You are enlightening us all.

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      Thanx Jimmy, so far the response – via FB, YT, etc – has been similar to the vid on what docs know about nutrition. Nutritionists so far have agreed fully juts as the docs did as they could see it was not a bashing vid, but a balanced look at the realities of it.

  3. Brett 10 years ago

    Spot on with this Will. I live in Australia and it is no different here also. My experience with nutritionists has also been disappointing also. In general, they do not seem to have the knowledge to properly advise the % of the population who train and train hard several times per week. For the general population, those with certain disorders / metabolic conditions, they seem fine, but for people who train they are hopeless. They seem to all about weight loss and know nothing also about fat loss. They bash supplements, criticise protein intake and what you said about what they are taught and the text books they read backed up my theory 100%.

  4. Kelli Cherrier Reagan 10 years ago

    Thank you for the video. I follow you religiously. I totally agree. I have a degree in Sports Nutrition but the majority of what I know comes from having competed in bodybuilding. Keep the good information coming!

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