Most people are looking to lose weight, but there’s always a segment of people – usually young men but not always – who have difficulty gaining weight. This video covers what most people attempting to gain weight are doing wrong. For a full program designed to help people gain quality weight in the form of muscle while minimizing increases in bodyfat, check out the BBR Program HERE.

  1. Author
    Will Brink 9 years ago

    Many will refuse to accept in the vast majority of cases, it really is that simple. They’ll keep wasting time and energy looking for magic solutions to their problem, usually some supplement, etc. It’s simple, but as you well know, not easy per se. People often mistake simple for easy, which is false. Nothing simpler than a set of all out high rep squats, and nothing in the gym that’s harder to survive.
    Tuna? I ate pizza, burgers, and shakes. etc.

    • Louis 9 years ago

      Nice video, it really makes sense. I don’t eat meat. I eat only fish. I counted my calorie intake for a day after I listened to your video. I am getting only 1900 calories a day, and I exercise every single day. On 2 of these days I worked out twice. I go to the gym then go to Martial Arts. To my defense though, I am diabetic. I am not taking any medication. I control it by diet. My A1C goes from 7.4 to 6.00 now. I am very happy about that. I am trying to go down between 5.5 and 5.9. That is the reason that I don’t eat a lot. But I didn’t realize I was taking so little calories. Thanks for that video.

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