I’m sure some of you have heard of Planet Fitness, a popular gym chain. If not, you may think I’m making some of this up, but I’m not! I hope none of you give this place your business, be you a “lunk head” or general fitness minded person. Watch my vid below, and some of the recent Planet Fitness commercials. 😯

Some recent Planet Fitness Commercials:

  1. Ross Keenan 13 years ago

    That first commercial was still pretty funny

  2. Terry 13 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up Will ! ….I just found this Local News report (TV) on you tube which brings the story to life. You Tube "Don't Grunt at Planet Fitness"


    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      I have seen that one. All very strange.

  3. makster 13 years ago

    I think those commercials are stupid. It shows body builders as loud idiots. I guess I would just leave Plane Fitness to the quite, weak, cardio people.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      I think they are focused on the least motivated people, counting them not using their memberships at all.

      • Rory 13 years ago

        I know a couple of gym chains in the UK who make a lot of money with that business plan. Lots of running machines, etc. – not that there's anything wrong with running machines, just the running of the establishment.

  4. Gord 13 years ago

    Why don't they just rename it to Planet Fitless?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      LOL! xD

    • Theresa 13 years ago

      I personally like to call it "Planet Fatness"

  5. Kyle Battis 13 years ago

    I was deadlifting at Planet Fitness once and had the "lunk alarm" go off and one of the scrawny high school kids working the front desk with a ketchup stain on his shirt came over and told me "I was going to have to quiet down I would be asked to leave."
    I let me membership lapse, bought a powerrack, adjustable bench, dumbbells, bars, and have never been back… 🙂
    That place is a cardio haven and some one recently told me they were threatening to get rid of ALL the free weights and only have machines…
    Kyle Battis

    • samantha 13 years ago

      i dont know if these are independently owned but i have worked out at two of them and im there everyday and ive never seen that happen. i hardly ever do my cardio their so im always at the weights and their are always guys thier grunting groaning dropping wieghts, ect. and no one says anything i dont even think the alarm is plugged in

  6. Simon 13 years ago

    The video with the big guy in it was still dam funny.
    What's not funny is that they did the videos with the knowledge that they were portraying themselves as retarded.

  7. Mike 13 years ago

    I could never lift there. It's not for people that are serious. Unfortunately most people are not serious and just pay there $10 a month and show up for the gym 5x's a year. Mike

    • samantha 13 years ago

      i pay 10 dollars a month because thats what i can afford and i am their EVERYDAY. And serious people are their all the time grunting dropping wieghts ect. and the alarm never goes off. dont believe everything you see on tv

      • Author
        willbrink 13 years ago

        Believe TV? Those are their own commercials which are demeaning and mean spirited period, minus even talking of "lunk head alarms" and "pizza Friday." They crossed a line for me. You don't have to agree, but you haven't offered anything to alter my view either. BTW, I personally know people who have had that alarm go off for doing normal lifting. Rick Collins, well known attorney and one of the nicest low key people I know, had the alarm go off when he was lifting there one day. So, perhaps don't believe your limited experience with PF as I have heard from a bunch of people already who have had such experiences.

        • Samantha 13 years ago

          My experience isn’t that limited I have attended two planet fitnesses for years now. Me and my best friend go everyday except Sunday. I’m just saying that I have never heard the alarm go off in the ones that I go too. No matter how much you grone, drop weights or whatever. I’m not trying to change your mind I’m just saying for me it has been a great experience. I agree that the commercials are stupid I’m just saying that my actual experience in the gym doesn’t reflect that

      • Angela ! 11 years ago

        NICE SAMANTHA ! tell these “men” whats up!

      • David 11 years ago

        It’s the only option near me, aside from a bunch of really pricey Koko Fitness Clubs. It’s a great place for older people and seniors and many people go every day of the week. Each club is owned by a franchisee, so I can see some of them being friendlier to serious lifters, but definitely the local membership determines the tone.

  8. Annette 13 years ago

    Are those commercials for real??? Nah……can’t be. What professional organization would do such idiotic commercials? And an alarm if u drop the weights???? Nah….how incredibly ignorant.

  9. Tom 13 years ago

    I've heard about Planet Fitness kicking members out in the past who grunt too loud. I have no problem with people grunting if they are lifting heavy weights, but part of me is also glad to see some crowd control for those few obnoxious people who yell and scream when they work out, but I know they are just a small minority.
    I have to admit that those commercials are funny, but I'm a little surprised that they'd be so bold. They are obviously looking for a different clientele than the hard core heavy lifters. The ironic thing is many of the guys I've met in the "muscle head" crowd are extremely intelligent and don't fit the stereotype they are trying to promote.

  10. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    No Dan, I'm not wrong. You just don't agree, that does not defacto = Will is wrong. If you find most people in your gym "loud mouth attention whores" I highly recommend you join Planet Fitness. If Golds had a "no fat person zone" I would tell people to boycott Golds as picking a group of people, as PF has in their commercials, etc, is wrong.

    • Ryan 13 years ago

      It's one thing to ask someone to be quite down if they are yelling and screaming which is causing a big distraction to others working out. But Planet Fitness takes it to a whole new level. I joined Planet Fitness a few years ago and lasted only a week there. At the time I was recovering from a broken leg and I was still limping around. Needless to say I don't even fit the "stereo type" they discourage. I was using the military bench and on my last set I slammed the bar back on the rack, pushing myself like anyone would during a good workout. They hit the buzzer and came over and asked me not to bang the bar onto the rack and the next time I did I would have to leave! I couldn't believe it! So, I limped over and asked for my money back, which they wouldn't give me. It's just a shame this place is even successful. I tell everyone I can about that story and I know I have discouraged a lot of people from joining.

  11. Jack 13 years ago

    I go to one in NY. I have never heard any alarm. It's $10.00 a month. You can't beat that. I go 6 days a week for lifting and cardio and it works for me.

  12. Dan 13 years ago

    Will, I stand corrected. You're not wrong, I just disagree. But I've always believed that if you are yelling, you're lifting too heavy and an injury is in your future. Also, you never hear a female making this sort of racket.

    • Brock 13 years ago

      You’ve obviously never lifted a heavy weight or been around women who push themselves while training.

    • Bec 13 years ago

      I disagree Dan. I'm a female physique competitor and on my heavy working sets I 'grunt'. It's not screaming or yelling, and it has a valid purpose. I'm not obnoxious, in fact I'm reserved and keep myself to myself in the gym. I do however take my training very seriously and if I'm pushing 10 plates on the leg press and need to grunt to get my last few reps, then so be it. Nor am i an enigma. I train at a gym chain where people push themselves and train accordingly, be they female or male.
      Planet 'Fitless' have chosen the low path in advertising their brand. They already had a terrible reputation for service. They have simply compounded it by establishing a reputation for bigotry. A sad trend indeed.

    • Dave 12 years ago

      Dan… “yelling” or making noise while lifting something heavier than a slice of pizza while working out can and does help! Not all bodybuilders grunt, yell, or make noise beyond breathing harder than normal. Yep, your right… I’ve rarely heard a woman grunting and yelling while she’s loping along on a cardio machine or straining to lift those 5 and 10 pound dumbbells. I have worked out at many different gyms over the years… including Planet Fitness. That membership was short lived, not because of loud “lunk” heads.. but because of too many misinformed… out of shape… no clue what they are doing… individuals who for the most part did not understand the basic concepts of fitness and the science of body building, and I’m speaking of the Planet Fitness staff. The only judgment I would like to pass is on the corporate level of PF… guilty of discrimination, poor taste, and posing as a “gym”!

  13. Jenny 13 years ago

    People are missing the point! PF is portraying bodybuilders as big, stupid F'ING idiots and shame on them for doing so! To stereotype as they have is simply wrong. I don't care how cheap their membership is, I would rather spend $100 a month at a place that doesn't stereotype the way they have. Shame on YOU Planet Fitness!

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Bingo, someone who "gets it" Bodybuilders are often their own worst enemy, but the problem with stereotypes is there's always someone – no matter how much we don't want to admit it – who fits the stereotype perfectly. That don't make them right or representative of most people within that group being stereotyped. Again, how about a "no fat chicks zone" in Golds Gym? I would find that very offensive. Wouldn't you???!!

      • Samantha 13 years ago

        What you guys aren’t getting is that planet fitness is a judgement free zone it has the most diverse group of people working out their that I’ve seen at any gym including bodybuilders, it’s all inclusive . YES the commercials are stupid but to say that all planet fitnesses are like that is just not fact. I in no way have this stereotype about bodybuilders I love bodybuilders which is one reason I subscribe to this blog and if I felt in anyway that these things were happening I wouldn’t be their. But the atmosphere in the planet fitnesses I go anyway is beyond positive. Oh well I won’t post anymore just have to agree to disagree on this one. Much love 🙂

        • Author
          willbrink 13 years ago

          There's nothing "judgement free" about PF or their commercials period.

        • shillkiller 11 years ago

          you are obviously a paid corporate troll, astroturfer, and all around fool. Get lost.

  14. Dave 13 years ago

    Walk into planet fitness… tootsie rolls on the counter and they have a once a month customer appreciation with free pizza…. hmmmm let's keep our ass nice and fat!

  15. Scott O. 13 years ago

    The Lunk alarms work.. the local PF has (proudly) the articles from the newspaper where someone was removed from the gym for grunting . Personally I found the people cold , uncaring and uninformed of major gym etiquette. I had one joker tell me to go find another piece of equipment to workout on, he'd only be a minute . More than once a young lady told me she was busy and I couldn't work a set in.. The free weights and the inclusive area are limited at best. This is not a spit in the corner, use chains and straps kinda workout joint. No jean shorts or do-rags can be worn. Gym bags are left in the locker room. It is a gym for the everyday work out, fitness minded person.. I know serious people would not be caught in a place such as PF or even our local spandex factory Golds gym. I agree totally that those bodybuilders let their own down with their antics .. Is that the Ultimate Warrior doing the bunny ears ?

  16. Joe 13 years ago

    I am usually annoyed too, with some of these 'look at me' type of men who shout, but I beleive Will has a point here. These people (PF) are trying to isolate a small group of people (who are actually successful in fitness / body builders / strong men) in order to appease the weak / irregular to gym group of people who are the majority. By doing it they are creating a comfort zone for those majority people who are lazy / unsuccessful in order to make more money. Its as simple as that, for me it looks like Hitler's anti jew campaign. Make your bag full by nurturing hatred among the majority over the successful minority. You like it or not thats my point of view.

  17. Mark Austin 13 years ago

    Hey Will this has to be the dumbest campaign you've ever launched.
    First off, if you want to be ultra-politically correct and avoid offending anyone, them maybe you shouldn't use the word "retards"
    Mentally challenged people and their friends and family find this word very insensitive and offensive.
    Secondly, when the typical Planet Fitness stereotype member comes into "our world" and curls in the squat rack or sits on a machine chatting to anything with tits, or can bench more than he can squat, how quick are we to let them have it in the gym or on the bodybuilding, powerlifting etc forums.
    So Planet wants to attract a certain demographic, marketing 101 tells you that you have to appeal to the desires of your market and exaggerate. So the new deodorant doesn't just make you smell slightly less offensive, it has beautiful women throwing themselves at you.
    The Planet regulars are annoyed / intimidated / put off by the grunting and weight banging fraternity so their marketing plays this up in some freaken funny ads.
    If your local branch of Curves doesn't have sandbags, chains or an Octagon Cage and that's what you require, then go somewhere else.
    But rant and rave ?
    Come on guys, lighten up.
    Watch those ads again and have a good laugh, either at yourselves or the at least one person you definitely know who grunts and exhales like a steam train even when they're just stretching 🙂

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      "Mentally challenged people and their friends and family find this word very insensitive and offensive."
      There's no PC intent to my comments, and the commercials do seem to make every attempt to paint people with muscles as retarded, mentally deficient, or what ever PC term you wish to use.
      "Secondly, when the typical Planet Fitness stereotype member comes into "our world" and curls in the squat rack or sits on a machine chatting to anything with tits, or can bench more than he can squat, how quick are we to let them have it in the gym or on the bodybuilding, powerlifting etc forums."
      By making commercials about how stupid they are and adding "no skinny guy" alarms to all the Gold's Gyms?
      "So Planet wants to attract a certain demographic, marketing 101 tells you that you have to appeal to the desires of your market and exaggerate. So the new deodorant doesn't just make you smell slightly less offensive, it has beautiful women throwing themselves at you.
      The Planet regulars are annoyed / intimidated / put off by the grunting and weight banging fraternity so their marketing plays this up in some freaken funny ads.
      If your local branch of Curves doesn't have sandbags, chains or an Octagon Cage and that's what you require, then go somewhere else."
      You miss the point. Planet Fitness has the right to market to and appeal to, any demographic they wish, as mentioned in the vid. Gold's gym does not have the right to put up a "no fat chicks zone" above the treadmills. I would find that offensive to. I'm not going to repeat what I have pretty much already covered. I don't like perpetuation of stereotypes to the point it becomes insulting and mean spirited, and Planet Fitness crossed that line for me.
      If you have read my stuff over the years and or watched my vids, then you know I don't have a PC bone in my body and it takes a LOT to offend me. They succeeded.

  18. Ann 13 years ago

    I'm a member at a Planet Fitness and the people here are really quite good with it. The "Lunk Alarm" probably goes off every other time I am there but whatever the issue is ends with the alarm. I have never seen anyone from the desk go over to anyone or ask anyone to leave. I think that maybe we should look at the bigger picture here. The fact is that you have young, old, black, white, male, female, fit, not so fit, fat, and flat out obese people that are all working out in one place and everyone is just fine with it. No one is pointing and laughing, no one really even gives notice to the alarm except the person that caused it. I guess I don't understand all the fuss over an advertisement that really is doing nothing more than catching people's interest, making you talk about it and therefore generally advertise for them by showing the commercials to more people. I promise you, in today's economy, the fact that it is a no contract facility with a $10 a month membership far outweighs, for most, the "lunk alarm".

    • AlDude 12 years ago

      While I too work out at a PF, I do so out of economics..period. I have small children and working out at home in my own gym is a thing of the past. I have never see the “alarms” go off on anyone, but I have been put off a little by “yapper” during my work outs, but I’ve seen that everywhere (my pet peave). All this aside, In general I too am not PC, nor do I give to&$%& about word choice and off colored jokes. But Will has one point…turn the tables around and what how fast a protest breaks out. If any gym excluded any other minority or any other undesirable from their value file set… there would be a Dateline program dedicated to it. Once again, my PF gym is not like they profess, its pretty low key all the way around, but I would bail out in a heart beat if any other gym near me offered the same fee. Will (anyone) hats off for taking a stance on what bothers you – dont take it! BTW – what the heck does a Do-rag do for lifting?

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      notice how all the positive comments are worded nearly the same? Companies pay “reputation management” firms to post false positive comments on sites like this. Hey Ann, say hi to Samantha…lol

    • Angela ! 11 years ago

      finally a woman with sence!

  19. Erstaunlich 13 years ago

    Really? I attend a Planet Fitness gym because I use to go to the "other gym". The atmosphere at the "other gym" was very intimidating, and I absolutely hated going there. I go to the gym to work out, get my body, and go home. Not to show off, not to get dates or have a stranger hover over me telling me how to work out. I honestly thought that all gyms were like that, until I saw Planet Fitness's ads on the television. I am in love with going to Planet Fitness now and I never feel threatened or uncomfortable. That is the gym exprience I want, maybe some people don't. I am no one to judge and neither are you. As you said it is marketing to a different demographic, and maybe they did offend some people with their marketing but seriously who cares. You have a choice on what gym you want to work out at and if that isn't Planet Fitness then that is your deal. 😉

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      Notice how certain key words and phrases are once again used in another shill post. Planet Fatness paid troll detected.

  20. jamie 13 years ago

    i work out at a Planet Fitness due to the close proximity to me. As a standard gym it has what I need in terms of cardio and free weights. I also work out at other gyms due to travel and the fact that PF doesn't have a sauna, or offer spin classes or have rowing equipment.
    I think it is great the company found a market to cater to (all gyms do), but many of their philosophies can be questionable at best. The bottom line is if you are really are a judgement free zone then why continue to judge against a portion of the gym population.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      There's nothing "judgement free" about those commercials and I think you are intelligent enough to realize that.

  21. MrsS 13 years ago

    you're entitled to your opinion guy, these commercials weren't meant to insinuate anything they're just funny get over it dude, move on to something else. It's a Judge-ment Free Zone not a Stereotype Zone, they're just trying to be funny and bring in those of us that don't want to look like we do steroids/put on a ton of makeup just to work out. Sad that this really affected you. Maybe you should go to the source and ask them what message they're trying to convey vs. asking people to Boycott them. Free country man, free country…

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      'Free country man, free country… "
      Yup, and I am free to tell people what I think of PF and their marketing campaign. Every business has the right to appeal to who ever they wish, as said in the vid, but there's also a line, and they crossed it for me.

  22. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    So a "no fat chicks" sign in another gym or a "cancer survivors are so dumb they can't tie their shoes" oriented commercial would comes under the heading of "live and let live" for you? Sorry, it wouldn't for me.

  23. samantha 13 years ago

    for those of you who are not aware, planet fitness is geared towards general fitness and first time gym members. i was a member at a different gym and hated going because it was so intimidating trying to get a good workout when all i kept seeing were these massive "roid" heads staring at me…it was so uncomfortable i stopped going. i signed a contract so i was screwed out of money but i'd rather them take my money than feel uncomfortable.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      You have a right to workout where ever makes you happy and comfortable. That has ZERO to do with it. Lots of gyms/clubs don't cater to the strength athlete crowed, and that's fine. That's also very different then how PF is currently approaching it. That some of you are unable to distinguish the difference is sad honesty. As usual, people only get offended if it's directed at a group they happen to be associated with. 😮

      • 1080p 13 years ago

        "As usual, people only get offended if it's directed at a group they happen to be associated with. "
        ….well isn't that what you're doing? you've had a negative retort about alot of comments on here even when people aren't debating with you…………there is plenty of offensive content, media, ect. out there….its just the world we live in…..this just happened to push your button…..i'm sure there is offensive content you find entertaining…..we've all been guilty about it…bottom line is, what are you going to do boycott PF? were you even a member there? if so, have you had a negative experience there? and i'm not attacking you at all….my brother is a member at power house and he lifts alot….he always makes a point to complain about planet fitness and how they might discriminate against him….welll, how many gyms do you need to join was my response and he's always referring to overweight people like they are another race class…..anyway, if PF has done something to you..really crossed the line with you then you should take action……………..if not, build a bridge and get over it…………….better yet, think about all the negative stuff you may say think or laught at on a weekly basis and realize that this PF thing is not that serious to get bent out of shape for……………………………..free country just speaking my mind like you…………………have a goodnight everyone! 🙂

        • Author
          willbrink 13 years ago

          "….well isn't that what you're doing?"
          As I said above multiple times and in the vid, I would find a "no fat chicks" zone offensive in my gym, and I am neither fat or a women, as well as other examples I gave. So no, that's not what I'm doing. 😉

          • 1080p 13 years ago

            you're cool…..nothing like a good debate, eh?
            well have a great night

          • Author
            willbrink 13 years ago

            Ditto to you 1080!B)

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      And again notice the use of the key words “intimidating” and “uncomfortable”, sort of odd how all the PF defenders use the same terminology isn’t it? Corporate drone typing from a script detected. I really wish blog sites would ban all IP addresses connected with Reputation.com and their ilk.

  24. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    "I'm suprised someone still uses the 'r*tard' word these days… haven't you heard the news how offensive that is and politically incorrect?"
    There's nothing PC about me Sarah.

  25. tms 13 years ago

    I've gone to planet fitness for 4 years and have lost 30 lb and gotten in the best shape I've ever been in & have been able to maintain it. At the time I joined 10.00 a month was all I could afford. I was so glad to have a gym to go to. I have always felt comfortable working out there and I'm glad they have the policies against grunting etc though it is rarely enforced. They do enforce the "lunk alarm" thing for dropping weights which I am ok with; it has made it so much less intimidating to work out there. I see your point about judging body builders and I don't necessarily agree with the ads but I am loyal to planet fitness because it has been great for me.

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      …and yet again the use of the key phrases “uncomfortable” and “intimidating” which EVERY single pro-PF post mysteriously contains. Spammer detected.

  26. Jason 13 years ago

    I'm assuming you have never been into a planet fitness before and if so, not long enough to notice that pf welcomes everyone, from the the little old grandmother to the giant body builders. Personally, the one I'm part of has a gentleman who is a strongman competitor and two professional football players who workout there in the off season. They do have a specific business model and a specific person they gear towards. This doesn't mean they turn away or even frown on someone who doesn't fit exactly into this group. The people that are not welcomed are the ones who are the"look at me" people, the ones who throw weights and yell because the weight is "so heavy". For as long as commercials have been around they have been exaggerating their product or idea to get there message across. This is just another case of the same. Is burger king making fun of people who have tiny hands because they're not big enough to hold there burgers…I dont believe so.

  27. fromCalifornia 13 years ago

    For those on here who call people who exercise at Planet Fitness 'weak' are hypocrites. You accuse PF of discriminating and insulting a certain group of people and yet you're doing the same exact thing. If PF is for the weak, why do so many FIT and HEALTHY-looking people frequent their gyms? I agree that those PF commercials are a bit extreme but there is no need to call PF a gym for the weak, because if you try it out and see for yourself, you're going to see a mix of people – including people who are in great shape. Lighten up people. Working out regardless of where you go to do it should be positive. If you don't like Planet Fitness, that's fine, but let others judge and choose for themselves.

  28. chris 13 years ago

    i guess my gym is somewhere in the middle of what i have read. No one grunts in my gym but if weights are dropped slightly too loud the alarm goes off. I go at the same time every day and i always see the same regulars there and i do not see many weak, lazy, or fat people. the problem at my gym is the fact that there is always at least one thing broken and it takes forever to get them fixed. As well, there is not enough equipment compared to the number of people working out. We only have 4 ellipticals in the model I like to use and 25 in the model i hate. For $10/mo i put that aside. The big problem is the lunk alarm. they should be sued for that. what if i drop weights cause i pulled a muscle or the bar slipped out of my hand or i needed to drop the weight to prevent being hurt? i now have to suffer public humiliation. Also, what is going to happen if someone get startled by the alarm and hurts them self because of it. I promise the lawsuit will put them out of business. The lunk alarm is horrible and in my opinion just a means for the sad counter attendants to get their jollies.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Some interesting points there Chris! 😉

  29. cookie 13 years ago

    the just opened a PF where i live and a buddy of mine went there and told me there isnt any benches, u cannot do squats etc let alone breathe loud,you also cant have a your partner if u have one count when your repping it out, the list goes on ..how stupid is that? and db goes up to 60 lbs..yes ppl will go and give it a try but now im seeing them back in my gym and stating it is a whack gym.. and wearing a hankerchief etc is a stupid reason because we have guys there go in color t's, who cares…what if someone goes in a cancer pt and needs to wear one , that is discriminating no doubt….it surprises me to no end and it will catch up to them and close it doors…watch and see..

  30. Blake 13 years ago

    I don't know I think people just like something to complain about. If you're – and I use "you're" in general – going to complain about the way PF portrays body builders in their commercials then don't just complain about PF. Movies, TV shows, Cartoons, and media in general all portray this group of people in such a way. It's just how things are these days. Like a few other people have already noted there is a reason for the way PF markets their club. As far as the "no fat chicks at other gyms" comment – PF in no way shape or form states that they are a "No Body Builder Gym" They are considered the Judgement Free gym and where some may think that turning on an alarm or asking to knock of the useless weight dropping "judgement" its really just enforcing a rule.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      "They are considered the Judgement Free gym" Then they failed at that goal.

  31. PF employee 13 years ago

    I work at a planet fitness, the people that work out here are first time users so we cater to them since that market is actually really big. We want to make everyone really comfortable and make it a non intimidated atmosphere. We have really buff and in shape people work out here, all that we ask is that you dont grunt obnoxiously and dont drop your heavy free weights. not that hard to follow, and i see the big dudes put those weights down without being obnoxious. We dont care who works out here, just follow our simple rules. If thats too hard for you to do, go workout somewhere else 🙂

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      notice again the use of the same key words, “intimidate” “comfortable”.
      Only this one is new to the online reputation spamming scheme and admits to being an employee.
      So an employee is using certain phrases and a bunch of other PF defenders have oddly similar posts. Caught red handed. LOL

  32. stacy 13 years ago


  33. LegionPrime 13 years ago

    oh yeah, I had a PF membership because they had the cheapest memberships around and for only a little bit more you can use any one of their gyms and at the home gym you can bring someone else for free at any time. The biggest + was that M-F they were open 24 hours, a HUGE plus with my schedule. Last year they had a "join for $1 " drive. I knew it was going to be a disaster when I walked in one evening with a friend to work out and the entire storefront was packed 5 deep with the dregs of humanity. The next week when I went back I witnessed:
    People letting their little 5-6 year old kids running loose
    People there in their jeans and Timbalands
    People using equipment as lounges for social hour
    People being told they had been on the treadmill "too long" (15-20 min)
    Helmetards in sauna suits with the treadmills incline set at max HANGING off the front of the treadmill doing about 2 mph
    Staff that didn't give a shit and told me I wasn't allowed to say anything to people abusing the equipment.
    Needless to say I terminated my membership and went across the street to Bally's. The manager Rob signed me up and told me he had been getting hordes of people saying the same all week, to the point that corporate had authorized him to give PF members a discount rate. So now for about 8 bucks more a month I have about the same membership (no free gym buddy admittance though) and access to gyms with more varied equipment. The only downside is my workout frequency has dropped WAY off as Bally's is not open at night.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Some times you DO get what you pay for in this life. B)

  34. Dave 13 years ago

    Hi Will,Readers-
    Kind of see your point but I think you need to go see for yourself my man, I work out at both 24 hr and Planet Fitness, and was in the Marines (10) /Army (6) for a total of 16 years> my take on this, I do segregate againt certain low life types any where in the society, If you want to wear ALL over TATs, shave your head,All over piercings, look like your from prison just to try and look tough and intimidate others it is frowned upon. If you want to listen to HIP Hop that has disturbing Cartel/Gang" related lyrics such as calling "women "Hos" or "I got a glock 9 mm in my pants" blah blah blah you get the point, you just suck OK.

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      Another fake shill post, and this one is disgusting because I don’t like people who lie about serving the country. Again using the same key words as other shills.
      A real marine would beat your ass for your lies.

  35. Dave 13 years ago

    Reply to this point I do not want to listen to a guy slam'n weights, grunt and groan cause I see smaller & bigger guys lifting heavier and they are showing a little respect, control for others not a peep. An accidental OOps, exit strain gasp that is audible or weight "kaslam" is OK but If you want to lift like a power lifter,scream ,yell, and slam> Go big , go to a Worlds GYM. Most these guys doing the obnocious behavior are a little more than average size guys, they would get laughed at anyway by real lifters at worlds or frowned at. I think Planet Fitness is correct in setting this tone where we have a society of Cartel type hoodlems running amuck, trailer trash type values that have little or no sense of civil clarity. Planet Fitness is trying to appeal to the average out of shape or in shape person with average goals. Normal people with decent values (you hope to draw) If your 150- 175 # fella and slammin' / grunting over a 35 # dumbell,like I have seen, we'll I am embarrassed for ya! And pick up your weights and crap WHEN DONE WITH IT, put it back where it BELONGs, you wankers! Be a men, gentlmen, not selfish, low life idiots.

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      wankers is a common British slang term. US marines use other terms. Corporate liar detected.

  36. Dave 13 years ago

    No time to proof read these last post to get the entire thing in this blog or whatever,but I hope you get the point but people like that never do and their is a lot of them. I appeal to the mothers and ladies out there,to help tighten these idiots up, you raise them and have the power and once had the decency to set the tone and hold your men accountable. Especially now can be your time when most needed, your presence is felt stronger and has more impact in society than ever before.

  37. Tom 13 years ago

    Planet FATNESS…I went to one that was owned by a 70's bodybuilder. We intentionally set off the lunk alarm and the girl at the front desk thought it was a fire alarm…lol. She shut it off and we were never able to set it off again. I moved and there was another one close to me but not owned by the same guy. The first time I heard the ad about being "judgement free" and "no bodybuilders" gar-bage I went up to the front desk and complained. I also wrote corporate expressing my displeasure with their advertisement(s). I told them not all us iron heads are mentally challenged, I and a lot of people I used to know at the first one (which NEVER played that ad) have college educations and quite a few were teachers.
    I'm no longer a member of Planet Fatness though I train at a World Gym…who, at one time, had the same owners. World has heavier dumbbells, up to 150 vs 75# at Fatness and there are NO signs about grunting, etc, just one saying 'no chalk"…….Go figger…..

  38. tim 13 years ago

    They just recently took out the bench presses @ both planet fitness locations near me, they were even talking about getting rid of any dumbells above 75lbs.
    They forbid deadlifting(except smith) , and any overhead pressing or olympic lifts.
    I once dropped 10lbs weights from 2 inches from the ground..(was doing flyes on a flat bench) and the girl at the counter set off the lunk alarm and glared at me.
    They HARASS people in planet fitness, its insane to think that they can get away with publicly and openly discriminating against a group of people.
    They say specifically "NO BODYBUILDERS". I hear management discussing the reason for taking out the benchpress " That'll get those lunk heads out of here"
    They purposely avoid any serious equipment and make sure to prevent any lifts a serious lifter might do. which is fine.. but to take stuff away after people have already joined is stupid.
    They were even talking about taking out the leg press.

  39. John 13 years ago

    You're dead right Will, and I can't believe that people can seriously disagree with you on this. A lot of unfit peeps have a comfort zone and an insecurity complex; they are scared of doing what it takes to be healthy, they just want to remove some of their guilt by sitting on a treadmill for 20mins. Not only is planet fitness encouraging or dare I say exploiting this behaviour, but as you pointed out they are trying to make a mockery out of fit healthy people which is unacceptable.
    I can deal with stupid people wasting their money and time in a gym that will not help them, it's their choice. If they have deluded themselves into thinking that PF is a smart place to train then it isn't our problem. This culture of mocking the healthy seems to be part of a wider backlash against normal/healthy people, and especially male behaviour.
    I am dreading a future where good gyms go bust while these sorts of fraud gyms spread like starbacks across the world. Millions of fat people doing leg curls and bicep curls and then rewarding themselves with 1000 calories of pizza and soda. The internet has helped a lot of people overcome terrible fitness advice, places like planet fitness are trying to undo all that work.

    • Chad 13 years ago

      Epitome of Lunk!!!

      • shillkiller 11 years ago

        Epitome of astroturfing. Getting paid to post makes you a unique kind of scumbag.

  40. Buff Daddy 13 years ago

    If you workout with weights, with the main purpose of changing the way your body looks, whether you’re going for the lean/buff look or going for muscle mass, you are a bodybuilder. The only way Planet Fitness could not cater to bodybuilders is by getting rid of all the weight equipment, not just the weight equipment men use.
    This is what happened to me, in the Judgement Free Zone.
    Due to it’s hostile environment toward men in general, muscular men of all colors in particular, and a dress code that targets men of color, I dropped my Planet Fitness membership.
    In my new co-ed gym, a gym that caters to people of all different fitness levels, sizes, shapes, ages, and colors, there is a non-gender specific sign that says, “Please Don’t Drop the Weights”. That’s the way a gym that prides itself on being the Judgment Free Zone should be run. If someone drops a weight, regardless of gender, it should be handled on a case-by-case basis, not via an alarm that publicly humiliates a paying customer. Compare that with all the male-specific signs at Planet Fitness, combined with the gender-specific lunk alarm (male) (it’s not a dumb blonde alarm (female)), the taking away of equipment men use, and that annoying man-bashing public service announcement that says, “Remember at Planet Fitness, there’s no Lunks, no Bodybuilders, no Critics”.
    If you are a woman, imagine how you would feel if you were greeted at the front door with an offensive cartoon character of an overweight female, the taking away of exercise equipment mostly used by women, and a public service announcement that repeats the following slogan every 15 minutes: “Remember at Planet Fitness there’s no Dumb Blondes, no Fat Chicks, no Critics”.
    What Planet Fitness has effectively done is say they are a judgment free zone, but then turns around and judges men of all colors in general, and minority men in particular. The closer you look like the imaginary male super-villain cartoon character they have plastered all over the gym, the more likely you are to be discriminated against even if you haven’t grunted, dropped weights, or criticized any of the females in the gym. The more muscular a man looks in that gym, the more likely he is to be followed around by the Planet Fitness staff, who are just waiting for an excuse to turn on the Lunk Alarm, publicly criticize him, and usher him out the door.
    Ashley Todd is the woman who claimed that she was attacked and disfigured by a huge angry black man because she had a vote for John McCain bumper sticker on her car. Her goal was to scare white America into voting against Barack Obama for fear of having a black man as the President of the United States. Luckily for black men all over America, this turned out to be a hoax.
    Mike Grondahl, the owner of the Planet Fitness chain, uses the same scare tactics Ashley Todd uses in order to sell his product. Just like Ashley Todd, he’s created the ultimate imaginary muscular super-villain that he can pretend to protecting his target audience from.
    Before Planet Fitness took over my gym, I was just another paying customer with 20 years of excellent citizenship under my belt. However, with Planet Fitness’ offensive signage of a super muscular cartoon character man firmly in place, along with their man-bashing lunk alarm, and their racist dress code policy, each time I walked into Planet Fitness I magically transformed into Ashley Todd’s imaginary terrorist. I magically transform into a 6 foot 2 (I’m 5 foot 10), 200 lbs (actually I weigh 175 lbs), scary ethnic doo-rag wearing (it was a generic winter wool ski hat worn on a cold November day), black thug who’s only goals in life are to grunt, purposely drop heavy weights, and attack innocent white women, hold them down, and carve a backward letter B on their faces. (Actually, when I was 19, I prevented the rape of a white woman by a white man but neither Mike Grondahl nor Ashley Todd care about that.)
    I was walking on a treadmill at Planet Fitness, when I was publicly humiliated by the owner for wearing a ‘do-rag’ and looking too muscular. He told me that the combination of my ‘do-rag’ and my muscular body made his new target audience feel uncomfortable. I pointed to the sign that says “JUDGMENT FREE ZONE”. The owner of that gym, a man I’ve known for twenty years replied, “That sign doesn’t apply to you. It’s only meant for my new target audience.”
    What self-respecting man wants to put up with all that drama? What man of any muscular size can observe the discrimination placed upon his fellow man and not be offended on some level? That’s why I quit.
    Gender as well as Race are Federally protected classifications. If you know of someone who was denied their basic civil rights within the walls of Planet Fitness, please tell them to contact a Lawyer or their local Civil Rights Commission. Please have them call upon me to testify on their behalf if their case goes to court.
    Planet Fitness is breaking the law and they need to be held accountable.

  41. carmine 13 years ago

    THANK U …….. I go to one and am considering changing soon. first, the gym is usually very limited in what hey have for equipment, regardless of which one I have gone to. SEcondly, it is a judgment free zone, yet they judge anyone who, for their own reasons, grunt thru a last rep or wear non PR type clothing to work out! hypocrites. Maybe the people who go to planet fitness have such low self esteem that they are intimidated by a guy who has spent hours in the gym perfecting his physique. When I first went back to working out, ok, i was self conscious but now i look around and it is bad.
    yes, I am tired of WAITING for a machine that some jerk is siting at, on his friggin cell phone and when I look at some of them and ask, “may I work in” they either are like, I have a few more sets or look the other way as they continue their conversation… (not all are this way, most are nicer) but these are what I call the stereotype of a Planet Fitness individual.

    • Wallace 13 years ago

      You are 100% correct my friend.. The gym is a joke. And I don’t understand the term “intimidated” , your at the gym for your own personal reasons. I tune everyone one out and just focus on what im doing. How can anyone take a gym that has Pizza nights & Bagel Days seriously?

      • carmine 13 years ago

        what I mean by intimidated is that some people judge themselves by the standard set by the average body in a gym. remove all the bodybuilders, you are left with the average Joe and Mary…and they can judge themselves against a person who doesn’t look all that different from what they do.
        AND they stereotype bodybuilders as ignorant monkeys on juice. I lift the weight and put it down, I lift the weight and put it down. Well that is better than I lift the fork to my mouth and eat junk food, I lift the fork to my mouth and eat crap, then go the gym and pretend I work out. Lets take any self reflection out of the equation and take all the beautiful people out and I can dabble with fitness and still get to have an unhealthy lifestyle. (that is my stereotype of the place) I’m ok cuz everyone one else around me looks like shit too. no one to challenge MY status quo, so I dont have to judge MYSELF against a higher standard… I can eat shit and still feel good about going to the gym and not only that, I dont have to feel guilty about it cuz they will serve me pizza and bagels once a month, just to remind me…. its about not feeling judged, not about what a gym membership is supposed to be, fitness ….

  42. Mike 13 years ago

    I personally love Planet Fitness! The no judgement zone is a great idea, via the no grunting, and if you do an alarm will go off. I am a person that does not feel comfortable working out around people much, much bigger than I am. If a small guy walked to the free weights in Gold’s Gym or a big time body building gym, they would be judged and looked at harshly. I like that an alarm goes off if you slam the weights.
    Face it, places can have rules!!! This is one of planet fitness rules, you obey it, or go somewhere else. I see Planet Fitness as a great place to work out, you feel very comfortable.
    I don’t know who you are leaving this video, but you are wrong, and need to really shut your mouth on this topic. Planet Fitness is a great place to exercise!!!

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      PF employee detected

  43. Chad 13 years ago

    I love the approach of Planet Fitness. I’m leaving Xsport just because it does have a poor client climate. There are a lot of “meat heads” there (and trust me, I love the eye candy), but seriously the subtle rudeness that I have experienced at these gyms is a little annoying and something that I have commented about to others I know. There is the overwhelming desire to demonstrate superiority of knowledge in technique and routine (when in reality I’ve been doing this shit for over a decade, and yes I’m still fat).
    Additionally, not slamming weights has been part of the etiquette of gym I have been a member of during the past 15 years (e.g. Ballys, Golds, Results, WSC, Sport and Health, Jungles Gym), but at this gym, slamming the weights is the norm not the exception. So, I guess everyone is entitled to their perspective, but I feel this particular gripe is rather an overly sensitive response (which is so what expected from higher status fitness buffs).
    thank you

  44. susan 12 years ago

    This company is rediculous, I would never go there, we all know that the F work is FUCK not FREE, so pull this offensive ad.!

  45. Joe 12 years ago

    First of all, commercials no matter how stupid or ridiculous they may seem, they are there to market to specific target group. The lurk alarm is not true, total BS. I happen to work out at one and I am a maniac when I work out.
    I do believe that you are smarter than that. I am just going to assume you are just trying to stir the mud to get controversy and gain more readers. Otherwise you couldn’t have said all that you did. if you aren’t trying to cause controversy then please make it knowm right here and now. Because if this is NOT to raise controversy, then one can assume that you write your “supplements reports” the same opinionated way you did this one.

  46. Animal M Stak 12 years ago

    Unquestionably believe that that you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be at the internet the easiest factor to consider of. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed whilst other folks think about worries that they plainly don’t know about. You controlled to hit the nail upon the top and defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  47. Chencho 12 years ago

    Seems like a hater.

  48. anon 12 years ago

    “That really happened, supposedly” Well it either really happened or it allegedly happened. Which is it?

  49. Kristof De Graef 12 years ago

    Pathetic to say the least, I don’t think they know the amount of knowledge it takes to actually build an awesome physique. Fuck Planet Fitness

  50. Leslie 12 years ago

    Well Will I and my friends love planet fitness and the commercials. We like going there because the other people there are just regular people who aren’t in shape trying to get into shape. It’s not itimidating and there’s no exceptionally fit people there to make you feel silly and ashamed of your jiggly bits. That’s why regular people like to go there. The whole point is it’s not for people like yourself who are obviously physically fit and in shape. The comments on here drive home my point, the planet fitless and planet fatness comments. Normal people dont’ want to work out with people like you because we know in your minds you’re going, “geeze look at the cow over there.. hope that hippo doesn’t break the machine.” You guys have the rule at the other gyms, let planet fitness advertise and try to appeal to the people who arent’ fit.

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      You would be wrong on essentially all counts Leslie, and I have worked to help out of shape or over weight people changes their lives more times, then anyone at Planet Fitness has combined. It’s sad to me you think in terms of “Normal people dont’ want to work out with people like you because we know in your minds you’re going, “geeze look at the cow over there.. hope that hippo doesn’t break the machine.” as all that does it play onto PF silly marketing that does it’s best to make “people like you” – to use a term you used on me – actually think that’s how other gyms and people in them act. They don’t. Two, if you can’t see how their position and commercials are insulting to others, then again, I’m afraid you missed the major point my my vid. Sorry you feel that way, but it’s also incorrect on every level. Good luck 🙂

      • Al regular Dude 12 years ago

        Wow the feedback on this is incredible such passion. I must chime in; I am a member at PF. I consider myself to be in shape, especially compared to the average PF member (please no offense to you). I am a member merely out of the economics $10/month. Otherwise I would work out at home, I just can’t afford more. Now to the point, aside from the economics I do not see the real benefit to those “out of shape” people everyone is speaking about. I have seen many, many, many people start at PF, work in vein see no results and they are gone… I chose the word “see” in this case, because let’s face it most people who begin a workout program are really trying to “look” in shape, rather than actually track their blood pressure or increased cardiovascular endurance (which should be of greater value to more people than physique). When they see no change it is over for them. I see this way too much. The only coaching I see there is the mimic approach, do what the other guy/gal is doing. Well, while this may be an ok approach if the one you are emulating does indeed have success or experience, it is really a disaster approach if they don’t or does not share your fitness condition or goals. IF PF truly cared about the “out of shape” people they would provide some better guidance to its customers, instead of providing free donuts or pizza. The tiny diagrams on the equipment and slogans on the wall offer no value. We used to have several trainers in the gym, now I see none. I fear for the injuries and lack of success of my fellow members. Unlike what many suggest I only have bad thoughts for the ones who try nothing.
        Lastly, I think advertisements tactics PF uses only creates an unnecessary Riff between people. It has been my experience that the true Body builders I know, and one is a Champion in all natural competition, are very willing to share and help others. What is most important, they have value in what they share. So to you guys and Will thanks for sharing.
        Stop the hate, and move the weights.

    • shillkiller 11 years ago

      Again note the same key words used by the PF defenders/employees. Do a search for reputation management or astroturfing, basically people paid to lie and leave false positive reviews and/or defend a company. IE shills.

  51. Buff Daddy 12 years ago

    If you could get thousands of people to give you ten dollars per month without giving them anything in return, and all you had to do is discriminate against a group of people who are already hated and feared by the majority of the people on the planet, would you do it?
    Regardless of your answer, would you be surprised to know that such a business model already exists?
    Welcome to the Planet Fitness business model.
    The fitness website Fun Intelligent Training finally puts into words what the rest of the civilized world felt in their gut, that Planet Fitness is a scam that preys on the emotions of the insecure while building their empire on the backs of men who have the nerve to be more masculine, more muscular, and more ethnic looking than the average human can process or understand.
    FunIntelligentTraining.com exposes the “Judgement Free Zone” with the following statement:
    “Did you know the average Planet Fitness has over 5,000 members? Did you know that they do a weekly report to show them how many people DID NOT check into the facility, and that it averages above 70%? That means if a club has 5,000 on any given week only 1,500 people used their facility. That means that there are 3,500 people not coming in. That means that at a minimum of $10/month Planet Fitness is making $35,000 a month from people who cost them $0.00. Pretty sweet business plan, right? That’s why people involved outside of the fitness industry are buying into Planet Fitness franchise as quickly as they can.”
    Yeah, that is a pretty sweet business plan, if you have no problem with gender- and racially-based discrimination.
    So, if you’re an employee of Planet Fitness, as you turn on the Lunk alarm and chase another man out the door because he accidently dropped a weight supplied by Planet Fitness, it should make you smile knowing that you’re not getting any of that $35,000 in your monthly paychecks.
    If you’re a Planet Fitness member, and your self-esteem is so low that you need to blame buff-men for your lack of drive and determination in re-defining your body, and you can look the other way as you walk past racist and man-bashing cartoon character signage on your way to the table full of pizza, bagels, and chewy candy, then by all means, stay the course.
    For the rest of us who have a moral code that says using discrimination to sell your product is just plain wrong, continue to boycott the “Judgement Free Zone”.
    And for those men of all colors who were discriminated against within the walls of Planet Fitness, realize you were discriminated against, not because you’re a bodybuilder, something all body-conscious weight lifters are, regardless of gender or muscular size and definition goals, you were discriminated against because you had the nerve to be a man and embrace your masculinity, consider pooling your resources and filing a gender-discrimination class-action lawsuit against Planet Fitness before this cancer takes over the “Somewhere Else Gym” you’re always told to retreat to when you have the nerve to complain about being judged in the “Judgement Free Zone”.

    • Wallace Gainey 12 years ago

      Concearning PF it basically boils down to this”you become what your exposed to the most”.. In other words, if your serious about getting into shape one would benefit more from going to a “hardcore” gym. The members become an inspiration to you & motivate you once they see your serious about your goals they have no problem helping you. 90% of the members in PF have no idea about fitness. The fact that they have pizza nights says it all. The 5% are just there to show off & the remaining 5% just use PF to get in some quick cardio or light workout off hours. Anyone looking to seriously get into shape needs to join a gym which members represent fitness.

      • A little gassy 11 years ago

        What is the position of Planet Fitness on farting? I have bowel incontinence, so sometimes while straining with a barbell I cut a loud blast. Would this set off the alarm?

      • Angela ! 11 years ago


  52. Angela ! 11 years ago

    PLANET FITNESS IS EXCELLENT and what is so GREAT about planet fitness is yes, there arent any lunk heads (thank god)- its realistic looking and shaped people being able to be and feel conforforatble while working out. i never feel like im on display, being gawked at, or feel the need to doll myself up with tons of make up and perfume just to work out – it is a stress free enviorenment. it is a gym for all of us Non-Narcissistic people who just want to work out.

    • Wallace Gainey 11 years ago

      It’s a gym for people who aren’t seriously trying to get in shape. I isn’t get result until I joined a gym where the members had bodies I admired. There’s no motivation in PF. Everyone looks the same as you, out of shape!

      • Wallace Gainey 11 years ago

        I didn’t * get results.. iPhone auto-correct error.

    • Buff Daddy 11 years ago

      So Angela, you have no problem with discrimination as long as it’s not directed toward you. Planet fitness lets men in, but puts them on warning that if they look or act too masculine, they’ll be publicly humiliated and thrown out the door. Does that sound like a Judgment Free Zone to you?
      If they let women in but publicly humiliated some of them if they were perceived as acted too bitchy or being too mouthy, would you have a problem with that?
      If you feel the need to doll yourself up and put on tons of makeup and perfume before entering a gym, that’s an internal issue that you need to deal with. Stop trying to make me and other men responsible for your insecurities. You’re the reason I left Planet Fitness. I was tired of play the role of a super villain for insecure women. I couldn’t care less what you or other women in the gym look like or what you all are wearing. I just want to workout in peace, without being judged in the judgment free zone.
      Maybe you and other insecure women should consider joining a women’s only gym. That way you all will never have to worry about any man of any size, shape, or color catching a glimpse of you when you’re not looking your best.
      As stated earlier, men, we don’t have to take this. It’s time for us to pool our resources and file a class-action gender-based discrimination lawsuit against Planet Fitness before this cancerous way of thinking infects the rest of the fitness community.
      Also Angela, in response to your non-narcissistic comment: we both know, the second you get your body looking the way you want it to look, you’ll be strutting around town in your sexiest outfit, hair and makeup done, waiting for men to undress you with their eyes and expecting women to be jealous of your new buff body. And there’s nothing wrong with that feeling of power. Embrace it. Pursue it. Don’t hate the players, hate the game.

  53. steven 11 years ago

    wow. they will give anyone a blog these days. i work for planet fitness. just because you can follow rules doesnt mean everyone should boycott us. if u grunt, drop weights, or super setting its against the rules. if u cant follow the rules then good thing we got rid of your membership.

    • Al 11 years ago

      Steven – luckily you work at PF and not Congress, “if you grunt…”? Really? You would terminate a membership if someone grunts, but do nothing to all the never been in a gym fatbodies that fail to wipe down the area they had just cheesed or put their greasy pizza fingers all over on pizza night, we won’t talk about powdered donuts. How about all the people that never clear their bars and put weights away so that others may know when they are done not grunting. But thank goodness for the ones who come in and all but fall asleep on the machines for 30 minutes in the middle of your workout. Not one ounce of Gym Etiquette amongst them all. So yea, by all mean don’t dare grunt you might wake someone up or disturb their cellphone conversation.

      • DR 11 years ago

        I agree that some of the PF commercials are a little over the top, but I find it hilarious that there are so many people on here who are offended by the “lunkheads” label in one breath but are labeling people as fatties in the next. And then people wonder why out-of-shape people have reservations about going to the gym with hardbodies.
        It’s pretty simple. PF is an inexpensive place for people to get a cardio and lighter weight training workout in. For some that’s all they need and want. For others it’s a starting point and (gasp) there is no contract, so they can go to a more intense gym when they are ready to step up a notch.
        The business model is good, but the presentation may need some work. I find the dress code dumb, but understand it. Because a small number of gyms are in areas where wearing the wrong color bandana can cause problems, it’s a blanket policy. Fair, no – but there are many inconveniences caused by the minority that suck.
        So, if you want to boycott due to the companies offensive marketing, more power to you. But to drag down innocent members by calling them fatties, lazy and not wanting to workout is just as wrong.

    • Employee 11 years ago


  54. Employee 11 years ago

    Hi I’m an employee at Planet Fitness and I happened to watch your video about “boycotting” Planet Fitness. It is indeed a judgement free zone where we do not cater to body builders or power lifters. We are more focused on general fitness because most of our members are first time gym users.
    This means that someone who doesn’t know where to start or is not at their fitness level can come in and we can help guide them in the right track.
    Body builders are more than welcomed to join the gym it’s just our dumbells stop at a certain weight but most of them that do have a membership with us come in to do the cardio machines or if they have our Black Card membership, they use our massage beds and chairs.
    In addition we do have unlimited fitness training FREE of charge. Please tell me what other gym has personal trainers that you can speak with or do classes with them free of charge included in either membership they get? I haven’t found any because I’ve been doing my research.
    Also, the “lunk alarm” only goes off if a weight is thrown (the strength machine if it slams) and/or if someone grunts loudly. Are motive is to create a non intimidating environment for our members and people that grunt means they’re very strong and they are at a fit level. Not everyone has the fitness level as that person but that’s why they’re here. Working hard to get there. We have this rule so everyone feels comfortable no matter what fitness level they are. NO, the lunk alarm will not go off if your not at fitness level on the treadmill, that’s just ridiculous. No one makes noise while they’re on it. You’ll only hear if someone is running or squeaking of the shoes.
    This gym isn’t right for everyone and that goes the same for all gyms. You have to find which one best fits you and your needs. Before you make an opinion about a gym, you should really find out information first and what they’re all about. Just like Planet Fitness, they’re are many great gyms out there but of course it’s finding which gym best fits your fitness level.

    • Buff Daddy 11 years ago

      Dear Planet Fitness Employee,
      Is it possible for a company to reach its target audience without belittling others outside of their demographic?
      I just saw a commercial for a women’s only gym. No men were belittled in the commercial so I wasn’t the least bit offended.
      I also just saw a news story about an overweight people only gym. Buff men and women were not belittled either within the gym or via their advertisement, so, once again, I wasn’t the least bit offended by what I saw and heard.
      So, now that we have two examples of companies that can reach their target audience without insulting people outside of their demographic, let’s compare them with how Planet Fitness runs its business.
      Based on the two examples listed above, no matter how you slice it, you just can’t justify using discrimination to promote your product. I don’t know how you can watch any of the Planet Fitness commercials and still consider the facility to be a judgment free zone. I don’t know how you can go to work every day, look at those man bashing cartoon characters on the walls, listen to that public service announce that says, “Remember, at Planet Fitness, there’s no Lunks, no Bodybuilders, no Critics”, turn on the Lunk Alarm if a man looks too masculine or has the nerve to do something masculine like lift a weight the average woman can’t lift, or pee while standing up when he goes to the Planet Fitness bathroom, assuming Planet Fitness hasn’t taken out the urinals for fear of intimidating someone, and say to yourself, “Gee, this place is free from discrimination”.
      Since you work for the pseudo branch of the fitness industry, you may not be aware that the true definition of a bodybuilder is anyone who works out with weights with the primary goal of changing the way their body looks. Go to any modern day bodybuilding contest and you’ll see contestants competing in traditional freaky muscle divisions, lean and fit divisions, and the super slender Miss Bikini division. Whether it’s big freaky muscle or the lean buff look, it’s all under the same umbrella term of bodybuilding. Main stream media and Planet Fitness have turned the word bodybuilding into a dirty word and yet every insecure Planet Fitness member is striving to look like what they despise. The only way Planet Fitness could not cater to bodybuilders would be to get rid of all the weight equipment, not just the weight equipment men use.
      And by the way, men who are into powerlifting, where the primary focus is strength not beauty, grunt and drop weights far more frequently than men who are into bodybuilding. So on those few occasions where a man who bodybuilds actually excessively grunts or drops weights, that situation should be handled on a case-by-case basis, not via a blanket gender based discrimination business model.
      There is nothing wrong with an Overweight People only Gym, or a women only gym, but there is something definitely wrong with a gym that proclaims itself to be a judgment free zone and then turns around and does the exact opposite of what it preaches.
      As long as men who have achieved their fitness goals treat the equipment and the people around them with respect, they should not be subjected to the bigotry, gender phobia, and hypocrisy of the Planet Fitness members and staff who judge and criticize them while they’re trying to workout. Buff men are paying the same monthly fee as everyone else and yet they’re being treated like super villains, assuming they’re even allowed to walk through the door. Men should not have to apologize for looking like, acting like, or being men.
      As always men, remember you have rights. I know the $10 per month is tempting, but remember if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Boycotting, organizing, and filing a gender discrimination based class action lawsuit will be the only thing that will keep the judgment free zone from one day coming to a neighborhood near you and judging your level of masculinity.
      And in closing, Planet Fitness Employee, you’re right about one thing; Planet Fitness is definitely not meant for everyone. It’s only meant for those people who believe belittling people outside of the target demographic is perfectly fine. The rest of us know better.

      • Employee 11 years ago

        Buff Daddy,
        The gym is filled with all types of fitness levels. We do have a few body builders and most of them just do cardio because of the low membership price and the time we are open is convenient for them. Now, the lunk alarm is only sound when someone throws the weight very loudly. We don’t reprimand anyone but we would like the our gym members to use the appropriate weight for them because if someone throws them it’s usually because its to heavy for them.
        I used to work for Don Shula’s Athletic Club in Miami Gardens, FL and everyone that walked in their we’re body builders so yes I have gotten my fair share of the different fitness levels and the environments of the two gyms. In addition, a good 65% of our gym members come from other gyms. Some was because of the distance and some because of the price but a great majority was because their advertisements were offensive. On top of that, the gyms didn’t carry themselves very well. Some complained that the environment was not family oriented as in people’s motives were not only to work out but to do other things and it made them feel uncomfortable. We are a judgement free zone which means we don’t judge no one. When we mean we don’t cater to body builders it means are weights are not as high as they bench. We don’t mind having body builders we just have a certain weight limits so others don’t feel intimated.
        I love Planet Fitness not because I am an employee but the environment is different. I respect your opinion but you really can’t be negative until you actually see and try the gym for yourself.

        • Buff Daddy 8 years ago

          Dear Planet Fitness Employee:
          Thank you for letting me know, via your no-answer answer, that you have no problem with Planet Fitness’ man-bashing policies.
          You did not directly respond to the gender-based discrimination evidence I placed before you, so that means you must be okay with it.
          You know that PF sets men up to be publicly humiliated yet you don’t seem to care. Planet Fitness gives men weights but says, “Don’t you dare lift these, and if you do, you’d better not drop them, because if you do, we’ll publicly humiliate you.” We both know that you’d never turn the alarm on if a woman drops her weights because her lighter weights don’t make as big a thud as men’s weights.
          Whether or not you turn on the lunk alarm is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the lunk alarm exists. The mere presence of that alarm, and the man-bashing cartoon characters on the walls, and the man-bashing slogan men are forced to listen to via your closed-circuit radio, lets the men who workout there know that their gender is judged as guilty until proven innocent.
          The reason why the “bodybuilders”, i.e. men, only do cardio in PF is because they were tired of being man-bashed when they did something masculine. If they dared to lift a weight that was challenging to their gender, you’d race over with you judgmental look, and your stern warning that they’re acting too much like men.
          Since you don’t have a problem with a man-bashing alarm, I guess you’d be okay with a dumb-cunt alarm for women who get too mouthy, or a faggot alarm if a gay guy acts too feminine. Let’s spread the love so that everyone feels judged in the “judgement free zone”.
          As stated in one of my previous messages, bodybuilding is not about freaky muscle, it’s about taking control of how your body looks.
          If you play tennis on the weekends, regardless of gender, that makes you a tennis player.
          If you play golf on the weekends, regardless of gender, that makes you a golfer.
          If you workout with weights, regardless of gender, with the main intention of changing the way your body looks, whether you’re going for freaky muscle, or a toned/buff look, that makes you a bodybuilder.
          The only way PF could not cater to bodybuilders is by getting rid of all the free weights and all of the weight machines used by both genders, not just the weight resistance equipment men prefer.
          As far as throwing weights because they’re too heavy, that’s not true. Very few men throw weights. If they drop a weight, it’s usually because they’re working out correctly, which is something you’re supposed to do at a gym. Let me put you through a workout and we’ll see if you lightly place the weights down once I get you up to your higher performance levels.
          Your “we don’t reprimand anyone” statement is laughable. I was reprimanded at PF while walking on a treadmill. What was my crime? According to the owner, the combination of my 5 foot 10, 175 pound muscular male body and my winter-wool ski cap that I wore on a cold November day to keep my bald head warm, (which, by the way, according to the owner, my winter ski cap magically turned into a ghetto do-rag because of my African heritage), made the insecure white women who were walking on the treadmills next to me feel intimated. The owner made it clear to me that if I wanted to keep working out there, I had to try my best to look less masculine and less ethnic. Really? I’m paying the same monthly fee, I’m not grunting, I’m not dropping weights, I’m not paying any attention to the women around me, and yet I still have to apologize for my gender and my race?
          And, by the way, due to PF’s anti-men environment, few, if any men wanted to work for them. So, as a result, due to no male staff members, each time I came to the gym to workout, I had to wait a half hour before I could go into the locker room because the all-female staff was cleaning it. I’d watch as the women gym members, who came in at the same time I came in, walked immediately into their locker room, changed clothes, and got out on the exercise floor while I was still waiting for access to the men’s locker room.
          So, I have to wait a half hour before I can gain access to the men’s locker room because there are women in it, and then, once I get to the exercise floor I have to try my best to look less masculine and less ethnic because there are insecure women in it. As the woman from YouTube said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” Thanks to all of the anti-men, and anti-diversity energy, and my desire to be respected, I had no other choice but to quit PF.
          Don Shula’s advertising was offensive but PF’s is not? Really?
          Don Shula’s was not family friendly but PF is? Really?
          PF does not have a children’s play area. Does that sound like a family friendly environment to you?
          Your “We don’t judge no one” statement has, once again, been proven to be untrue.
          Your “We don’t mind having body builders we just have a certain weight limits so others don’t feel intimated.” statement, translated, actually means: We don’t mind having men, we just won’t let them lift a weight that’s challenging to them so that our target audience, insecure women, feel less insecure.
          You love Planet Fitness, which is fine. Good for you. As stated earlier, if you enjoy turning on the lunk alarm and chasing men out the door because they accidently dropped weights supplied by Planet Fitness, and if you can look the other way as you walk past racist and man-bashing cartoon character signage, then by all means, stay the course.
          For the rest of us who have a moral code that says using gender-based discrimination to sell your product is just plain wrong, we’ll continue to boycott and possibly file a class-action law suit against “the Judgement Free Zone”.

  55. Kim 11 years ago

    Shame that you used the words “retard” and “retarded” in your video. Those are words along with many others that I’ve taught my children not to use because of their discriminatory meaning. You lost credibility there.

  56. Aud 11 years ago

    I’m not making this up, it really happened….supposedly? What a conflicting statement! You ever been in there ?

    • Norma Mares 11 years ago

      Omg I was lmao when he said this. He really needs to get his facts straight

  57. Norma Mares 11 years ago

    You obviously dont have your facts right. I was a member at 24 hr fitness for years. I’m now a member of PF and I love it. As to the no judgement zone you should go to each and every other gym at every hour and tell me if their behavior is 100% appropriate. I’m sure you can’t give me an answer. I’ve heard members make noises when lifting weights and I’ve never seen any employee belittle any member because of that so please get your facts right. The only people who are complaining are men who relate to the muscle man being a dumb head, which to me most of them are. You don’t like their marketing strategy yet when I was a member of 24 hr they used to put fliers up saying if you don’t get in shape your spouse is going to cheat. I just chuckled and kept walking. So basically if you’re fat then you deserve to be cheated on? This is very offensive but in reality it is so far from the truth. Get real and get your facts right. I think your entire blog to boycott is so stupid. Obviously they’re doing something right if The Biggest Loser is letting them sponsor them instead of 24HR fitness and they are opening up everywhere 2 years after your boycott lol .

    • Wallace Gainey 11 years ago

      Seems to me that their is a certain level of resentment towards those who bust they’re asses to achieve a desirable fitness level. Those individuals who don’t consume free pizza & donuts , count macros & have discipline. I will never step foot in planet fitness. The place is for people who just want to tell others “I have a gym membership”. The place is a joke!!!

      • Employee 11 years ago

        Wallace, you obviously have never been to Planet Fitness. Pizza is given to our members (if they want it) only once a month. It’s a treat from us to them for their hard work. Their is no such thing as a diet that forbids you from consuming any fatty foods for the rest if your life. You have to treat yourself not for your cravings but your body. It’s not joke. It’s a serious gym just like all the gyms out there.

  58. Matt 10 years ago

    You are totally correct. PF is basically “socialist” in nature. It’s like something out of “Brave New World…” I can see them going with an energy producing device on the treadmills someday! Trying to save the world one ‘lunkhead’ at a time! Absolutely ridiculous. This is why I love my home gym. Thanks for a good video brother.

  59. Lunk 10 years ago

    10 bucks a month and I lost 18 pounds in 4 months !
    Gyms r jealous they cannot compete on the price!

  60. Al B 9 years ago

    I have been a PF member for four years now and have endured the seasonal ebb and flow, primarily due to the fact that I could not beat the price of membership and competing clubs nearby were few. I have been served the last straw, as I have learned last night by accident that Planet Fitness Corporate LUNKS have commanded that Free Weights will be no longer offered at the Gyms, but Pizza and Donut still will. I asked the attendant why this was, He said, corporate offices have decided it will be, that they are a “general fitness” destination and it’s trying to be a “judgment free.” I interrupted, “judgment Free?!, Planet Fitness is the most JUDGMENTAL fitness company I have ever encountered. If you do not fit their mold you are ridiculed and ostracized. It is my sincerest wish that the vast majority of the membership that has financed Planet Fitness’ empire thus far, walks and leaved them floundering in blubber, donuts and debt, when they report to the gym for their workouts and their preferred equipment is missing with the exception of the Gerbil wheels, arrogant LUNKS.

    • pedro 9 years ago

      they offer tootsie rolls by the bucket for crissake,,..bagel days..cmon.

  61. pedro 9 years ago

    PF praises average encourages mediocrity..it fears excellence..they discriminate against people who look fitter than the average..its bs… they suck they dont have any real equipment to gain muscle..its all cardio shit and machines..screw planet fitness…they are creating a legion of losers.

    • pedro 9 years ago

      not to mention the nyc gyms are filthy dirty places…nasty as hell dirty sloppy and hot…gross….showers are messy and people steal the shower heads…and theres gay activities goin on there.

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