As many of you know, CR has many people in a tizzy over their article regarding protein powders. I thought others have already done a good job of showing what a sham the article¬† is, so I went the video route for my comments. Enjoy, and pass around! ūüėé

  1. makster 14 years ago

    Good common sense explanation and advice Will. Unlike many others I have seen condeming the use of protein powders.
    I was listening to Dr. Radio the other day and they had a rep from consumer reports on there. They were talking about the article and the "danger" we are all in. The problem is the host Dr. did'nt know anything about protein by the way she talked. This of course led to a very negative show.

    • MG63 14 years ago

      Great editorial and very accurate. An indictment of whey proteins by CR is wrong and misleading. Whey is used in hospitals for people with immune deficiencies. It has also been shown that Whey assist in healing wounds. It might be time to cancel my CR.subscription. I do not want my subscription dollars going toward misleading journalism.

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