Gang, here is part 1 vid of the 2008 CT Challenge. I did the PT course first. I was not able to get vid of all the stations unfortunately, but got enough to give those were not there a good idea of the event. Will have vids that cover the shooting events, and other stuff up shortly. Enjoy:

  1. Susie Q 16 years ago

    Wow… a link to this vid was posted on my favorite blog, Hott Cops. Yeah, the guys are hot and all but… I can’t believe you did this course! It looks deadly. Did you think you wouldn’t make it to the end? Was it fun? Did anybody not make it?

  2. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Hot cops? Errr, ok. I was their coach and didn’t do the stations, I only had to run the course with them and film it, and that was hard enough! 6 miles is a long way for me to travel by foot I can tell you. Finish? They were 4th out of 34 teams, due to the training we did. 🙂

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