Folks, take a look at my vid from the show I judged last night:

  1. Simon 14 years ago

    Very cool video, thanks.

  2. Ira Est A Donum 14 years ago

    Gyno alert at 4:29… nice posing, but that major gyno is very distracting… spend the next few cycles worth on a visit to the dr to have that removed and cleaned out.

  3. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    4:29? I’m sure you can spot more then that it you look harder…..

  4. stephen gates 14 years ago

    cool vidz well put together, jay n dex are monsters in this sport. ps excellnt pic of you n jay! nice.

  5. Author
    Will Brink 14 years ago

    Glad you enjoyed it. 2008 should be in the vid section or on my youtube page:

  6. stephen gates 14 years ago

    love the youtube page, a couple of feet away from arnold wickid wish i was there with ya – what a day looked the biz. keep up the good work.

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