Alcohol and fitness. Does booze negatively impact your fitness? Does it prevent you from losing weight? What are the facts regarding alcohol and your fitness goals, or bodybuilding, or weight loss??? I answer those questions and others in this vid.

PS, if you want a great low carb/low sugar alcoholic drink recipe, try my “Sex On The Brink” drink. It’s what I’m drinking in the video.

  1. Joe @Next Level PT 13 years ago

    Great post! I've read that alcohol's thermic effect (20%) is higher than that of food, with the exception of most animal protein, and therefore the 7 calories per gram figure is really more like 5 and a half or so. Seems like that could be a big part of why moderate drinking within the context of a calorie controlled diet doesn't necessarily impair results. I think the main problem is the poor food choices people make after consuming (excessive) alcohol, although excessive alcohol can certainly lead to a large caloric surplus on its own. I'm looking forward to more research here, as I think its an important (and as you said, complicated) topic for those interested in flexible/moderate dieting approaches.

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      Joe, those are some excellent points. As you said, people often make poor food choices/easting habits in conjunction with the alcohol. That's one of those confounding variables good studies attempt to account for.

  2. Angel 13 years ago

    I actually found that alcohol consumption helps wiht my weightloss efforts as long as I don't drink large amounts. Usually, I have just a glass or two of red wine. ThanksWill for the recipe for a different drink!!

  3. Sean 13 years ago

    It is a very interesting subject Will and technically alcohol is a poison as it affects the CNS ( the head rush you get when drunk). It is something that i have read a little into and recent studies published in Australia show some of the following:
    1.) Moderate consumption (based on two standard drinks per day-in Australia one standard drink is 10grams of alcohol) cuts the risk of heart attack by raising HDL cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who drink are 32% less likely to suffer heart attack and 20-28% less likely to suffer a stroke
    2.) One standard drink a day has been shown to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 5% and two standard drinks have been shown to lower the risk by 10-13%
    3.) Alcohol may protect the brain from dementia, with a several studies showing that people who drink moderate amounts 70% less likely to develop dementia than non drinkers
    4.) In small amounts it can aid digestion and improve appetite
    The down side is when taking over two standard drinks per day any of the above benefits are totally negated and the person elevates the risk of the following
    1.) Mood swings and signs of aggression
    2.) Over extended periods of time excessive alcohol increases the likelyhood of certain types of cancers ( namely cancer of the liver, pancreas, oesophagus and mouth. As well as heart and liver disease
    3.) Excessive drinking will also cause a number of other health issue with some being: high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias, stroke
    4.) Alcohol has been shown to be addictive and the hops that give beer its distinct flavour and aroma come from a vine that is a relative of the cannabis plant
    5.) Large amounts of alcohol lower sexual performance in men and also reduces testosterone levels- and even worse increases a mans estrogen levels
    Women have been shown to actually absorb alcohol into the blood stream more efficiently than men, but a woman faces greater health risks whe attempting to drink an equal amount as her male counterparts
    At the end of the day I think it is the same with all things- “Enjoy but in moderation”, and this is something we all need to remember with everything that go into our mouths, even if its healhty too much of something can have a negative impact when consumed to excess

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      I think you summarized well Sean, thanx! ^_^

  4. johnn 13 years ago

    Here's a GREAT article on alcohol with scientific references:
    Alcohol and fat storage is very interesting.
    Btw this guy (Martin Berkhan) has some great thoughts on a variety of topics and he always backs his claims up with science.
    Check out his fasting article while you're at it:
    Would be curious about Will's thoughts on fasting too?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      I think that alcohol write up was good, not a big fan of fasting.

  5. Mike 13 years ago

    I have to agree. After years of experimenting with the effects of alcohol vs bodybuilding, I'd say moderation (as much as I hate to say it sometimes) is the only way to go. If you go out and get slammed, it ruins the next day; the quality of your workout, the way you feel and treat people, and your overall metabolism. Become a responsible drinker, grow an "off" switch, and cut yourself off after a couple drinks and you'll feel much happier, both physically—and mentally, about your newfound self-control—which is a necessary virtue for the successful bodybuilder in the first place! If you want to survive and make every second and penny you put into this way of life contribute to a meaningful end, you have to have the mental strength of a Buddhist Monk. If you drink like a fish, you'll be just another gym rat lost in the pack. Peace everyone & thanks, Will!

  6. prem 13 years ago

    I totally agree with you all, but red wine has about 12 to 20 % of alchohol where as whisky, vodka, rum and brandy has over 42% of alchohol now can some say how much is moderate in these type of alchohol with out mixing beverages of soda water.

  7. makster 13 years ago

    Thanks for the vid. I agree with most that moderation is the key. Also a lot of people react differently to alcohol. I think that it depends mostly on your own body on it's effects. I have never had a problem with an occasional beer or two.

  8. Author
    willbrink 13 years ago

    It's the drink I recommended for a low carb/low sugar alcoholic drink recipe the link posted below the vid brings you to. =/

  9. Bluesman Tom 13 years ago

    Since I've cut way, way back on alcohol, the weight came off and I've become more ripped for the first time in 25 years (I'm 60). I now weigh the same as I did that long ago when I was riding 200-300 miles of bicycle a week (169lbs, 5' – 10").
    When I do drink I notice that my energy levels are lower. When I have low energy levels I move slower and for shorter durations. I don't feel inspired to work out. I then crave "comfort foods" and I drink more coffee (which creates the rebound effect and again lower energy).
    When I don't drink I have energy, I work (and work out) harder, I don't need as much coffee to satisfy my addiction and I sleep much, MUCH better.
    Sleep is when muscle gains from working out happen.
    My triglyceride numbers have plumetted since this change too. The body processes alcohol as if it were sugar. This also triggers insulin issues for some and it affects sleep, especially for those who are going (or gone) silver or gray.
    Thanks for the vid. Inspiring to stay on my path.

  10. Annalee Sladek 13 years ago

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  11. Yee Carrow 13 years ago

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