Of course not. However, by some of their biographies, you may think they are. They will often list a string of accomplishments that sound almost identical to each other, and too good to be true… That adds  confusion for people as they attempt to decide who has the credibility, experience, and accomplishments worth listening to for getting their health/fitness/bodybuilding advice. Some of you already know me from the magazines and other places, and some may be new to the BrinkZone, and perhaps looked briefly at my bio

However, as human beings are highly visual creatures, I decided a vid on some tricks used to “pad” resumes may be of interest and utility, and show some of my own accomplishments and “creds” as it relates to the health/fitness industry. Note, there are some very smart people out there giving some great info and advice.

However, for everyone of those, there’s 100 wanna be types who truly have no business supplying the advice they do, and use all manner of tricks to sell products to people. That is bad for the industry in general in my view. Thus, it behooves people to take some extra time to perhaps track down some of the claims made by those giving advice on health, fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss, etc., and don’t take claims of accomplishments at face value.


  1. Mike 12 years ago

    You’re a good guy, Will. Thanks for all you do. Happy New Year!

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Happy New Year to you Mike!

  2. Alex 12 years ago

    i think that most of us who aren’t dumb, and like to study a litlle bit about the subject too, allready know about this, but it is allways good to let others know..
    I want to congratulate you for the awesome, honest work you have been doing over the years.. fortunatelly there are still people around like you who are commited to the truth and not only the money.
    Keep it up !!.

  3. Kent Ingram 12 years ago

    What’s amazing, too, Will, is the staggering number of these so-called experts on virtually every form of communications media known to man! You can’t watch late-night TV or Cable TV, without some kind of infomercial, hawking fitness equipment and diets. I have to admit, there are some of them that are so slickly produced, they actually look enticing! I must be really jaded, because I tune them out within the first minute. Truly an amazing phenomenon! Thanks for the warning.

  4. Sean 12 years ago

    Good to see you covered this topic Will, there are some guys around that publish others material and palm it off as there own.
    Hope we can remove some of the shady characters who make all sorts of claims on these topics but i do think that it is nigh on impossible to do as everyone has differnet levels of training and nutritional experience

  5. Norman 12 years ago

    Hello Will,
    You are already truly a hero, here in the Netherlands. Thanx for your inspiring, great and honest work you do for the fitnesscommunity.
    Best regards,
    The Netherlands

    • Author
      Will Brink 12 years ago

      Thanx Norm! 🙂

  6. shannon 12 years ago

    Cheers Will.
    I’m In Oz and let me confirm that we too have our fair share of wanna-be’s over here. Love your work!

  7. moshe morrison 11 years ago

    Just word of friendly advice. Your videos of you sitting at the desk talking, though very relaxed and down-to-earth, suffer because of the acoustics. It tends to echo and makes it harder to understand. In contrast, the little tour of the diplomas and pictures was a much cleaner sound. I don’t know if that was a different room or a different part of the same room with better sound absorbsion. You might want to try experimenting with some sound absorbing material – carpet, curtains, etc.
    I appreciate you and your work. Moshe Morrison

  8. hharles 11 years ago

    Great video, Will! Your bio is stellar. The head-scratching however comes from wondering why in the world you would have promoted one of those fake ‘guru’ types, with the whole Hypertrophy MAX fiasco; specifically anything that Vince Del Monte has touched? Ben Pakulski’s name certainly adds quite a bit of credence, and the pages that were taken out of Poliquin’s book to put this together definitely added value. However, the absolutely hackneyed and cheesy sales-pitch, with the mile and a half long sales page, accompanied by the talking-head Del Monte, showcased pretty much everything that is abhorrent about this industry and its sales tactics.
    Why Will, with such a sterling program of your own (Bodybuilding Revealed – which I own and am 100% satisfied with), would you put your own reputation on the line by associating yourself with such a sleeze ball like Del Monte? One minute of listening to him, and every white, pink and red flag goes off that this guy is the absolute epitome of what’s wrong, cheesy, phony, and false in this industry regarding ‘gurus’.
    Sorry, I just feel it’s ironic in that, only a week or so ago, you were ‘blasting’ our inboxes with links to their program (along with enticements such as a free telephone consult with you), and now, you create a video that pretty much has a bulls-eye targeted right at that cartoon character…

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