Synthetic sweeteners, toxic or safe? In this vid, I get to the bottom of this debate!

  1. Carlos 8 years ago

    “What people need to do is learn to just accept having less sweet foods in their diet.”
    Thank you Will I think this really sums it up.

    • Author
      Will Brink 8 years ago

      Per usual, I try to cut through the BS and distill what really matters to a topic, I think that’s the real issue in all this at the end of the day.

      • Martin Havelka 8 years ago

        True, I don’t understand why everything needs to be sweet. I drink plain water 99% of the time. I do have a coke once in a blue moon, but when I do, it’s the real thing, can’t stand the diet stuff, you can really feel that it doesn’t “fill you up”, you just crave more and more.

  2. Liam 8 years ago

    My 94 year old grandma would say” everything in moderation”. Great article Will

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