I answer a common question I get about my vids 😎

  1. kevin 10 years ago

    Hi Will,
    For some of us, like me, coffee is addictive. If I skip the morning cup then by noon I have a miserable, splitting headache. Generally once a year I go ‘cold turkey’ to wean myself off of it. I have a week of continuous headache and tiredness but then I’m cured and vow never to touch the stuff again. But once the weather turns cold I’m back on the hard stuff.

  2. Steve 10 years ago

    I get my coffee from http://www.gocoffeego.com. They roast fresh to your order. Doma Coffee has a whiskey barrel-aged coffee that is outstanding. I always grind fresh with a Hario slim burr hand grinder and I use an Aeropress to brew. An aeropress makes a perfect cup. There’s a lot of good videos on how to use the aeropress. Here is a link to that barrel-aged coffee:

  3. Kenroy Grant 10 years ago

    Hey I love coffee too man, I was in Costa Rica 2 weeks ago on vacation and the coffee there is exceptionally delicious, second to Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica.

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