My GF was having some fun with PhotoShop and this was the results. It’s several pictures combined, various effects and filters, as well as other work I don’t understand! I thought it came out really cool, so I put it up for the fun of it…

Coming To A Theater Near You!

Fun With Photo Shop!

  1. Philip (fairlane) 16 years ago

    Oh that is hysterical. I definitely see the Blade Runner inspiration there. 😉

  2. Simon 16 years ago

    Yeah, definately has a Blade Runner feel to it, well that as well as the “Acid” feel to it.

  3. Theo Zebeeno 16 years ago

    You scags are too into vampires….think back to a time not so very far away when the vigilante was running around blowing away the fools that thought they could tell him what was what.
    I think they made about five of those, mabee six….how many of those blade movies???

  4. Theo Zebeeno 16 years ago

    My goof…blade runner…oh yeah… duh

  5. Gus Gilbert 16 years ago

    Blade Runner NOT! No Laser sight. Looks more like Dirty Harry. You know… “Make My Day.”

  6. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    Blade Runner is my all time favorite movie, though I didn’t make that connection when I saw the end result.

  7. Philip (fairlane) 16 years ago

    There was no laser sight anywhere on Deckard’s gun. You’re thinking of the Terminator maybe?

  8. Irishdeerhunter 16 years ago

    Looks a bit like Beavis and/or Butthead with a gun to me. Now that is a dangerous scenario!

  9. Author
    Will Brink 16 years ago

    I went and had the above printed as a poster and put it in a frame. It’s hanging in my office now. It looks really cool blown up hanging over my desk.

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