A common claim made by various companies selling forms of creatine that compete with monohydrate, is that it’s “unstable.” I address that issue in this new vid:

  1. Rajat 14 years ago

    pH is one thing that affects creatine stability, what about temperature. Say I dissolved creatine monohydrate in tap water at 90 Celsius, would it make a difference to its stability?

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      The other vids in the series covers temp on the effects of solubility, but as far as temp on stability, higher temps would most likely increase rates of conversion. I don't have the specific figures on the effects of temp + PH differences on conversions to give specific figures however.

  2. Alex 14 years ago

    Maybe you could do a video on creatine loading and timing. I mean, I've heard about the 5 grams 5 times per day for a week, then 5 grams per day there after being the 'rule.' I've also heard that if you just take 5 grams per day that you will still reach 'saturation' but it will take 2-3 weeks…is this so? Is either one 'better' or is the loading phase just 'quicker.'
    And, as far as timing goes…do you ALWAYS have to take a dose AFTER training? If so, when…in the 'golden hour' after your session? How about the 'split doses' I see…like 2-3 grams a half an hour/hour before training and another 2-3 grams after? Does it matter or do ya' just need to get your 5 grams per day reguardless of timimg?
    Sorry if these are stupid questions, I was just wondering if there was an 'optimal' dose/timing protocal?
    Thanks Will, keep up the good info!:)

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      Alex, loading has also been covered and is found in the creatine video section also. Timing, post workout is the norm, but when does not appear to be crucial.

  3. Ithaly 14 years ago

    Hey Will,
    Pretty good information you always offer in your videos..I just have a little suggestion, I would like to really see you.. I mean no sunglasses, no cap.. you may be comfortable looking like this (I do so when I go to the gym) but you do not want to look (3 vids in a row) like you're hidding something, do you?=/

    • Author
      willbrink 14 years ago

      I'll take it under advisement, but there's no lack of pics with me wearing no hat or glasses, and so far, it's how I enjoy most doing the "talking head" style vids. Perhaps that will change in the future. B)

  4. Greg 13 years ago

    Kre-Alkaline creatine brand claims to be 100% absorbed into muscles, with no creatinine conversion. What do you know about this brand and it's claims?

    • Author
      willbrink 13 years ago

      See "the creatine graveyard" as well as other vids here. There's no scientific support for those claims.

  5. Jamie 13 years ago

    Will, what is the shelf life of creatine? Specifically I have pure micronized creatine in a powder, is it good after a year, two, or three?

  6. Jerrod 13 years ago

    I’ve always preferred buying my raw supplements in bulk and mixing my own. I have 2 questions:
    1. How long will dry creatine powder stay good if it’s kept cool and dry and dark?
    2. I usually mix it in my post-workout smoothie with applesauce, frozen berries, whey and maybe 4 oz. of water. Is this enough for about 5-10g of creatine to dissolve?

  7. Lee 10 years ago

    Hello Will, I have a question about Creatine. I’m taking medication for high blood pressure and my BP is under control.The question is, will it be safe for me to take creatine?

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