I use the Prowler with tac teams I have worked with on their performance/fitness, myself, and various athletes from all walks, and nothing comes close as both a conditioning tool and a whole body strength tool.

It is without equal as a single piece of equipment one can own that covers the full spectrum of fitness. Vast majority use it as a GPP/conditioning tool, and it’s great for that. Very few use it as a true strength/power builder, and that’s a mistake. Pile some serious weight on it, and it’s killer for strength/power developer. I have posted many Prowler related vids here in the past. Just came back from the gym where I did an all Prowler leg workout with my buddy Big Lee Rosenberg. Death by Prowler!

Basic drag sleds are great, but the Prowler sled is a drag sled on steroids! Some of the uses/benefits are:

• GPP Work
• Injury Rehabilitation
• Strength Training
• Prehabilitation
• Increased Work Capacity
• Hypertrophy
• Starting Strength
• Acceleration Strength
• Strength Endurance

Personally, I tend to rotate it in my own program depending on the goal of the day. It also allows for a lot of variety. It’s tough to say with the Prowler do X weight for X distance types recs as people (obviously) have different strength and or conditioning levels, but also, depends on the surface the prowler is being used on. Makes a huge difference to the level of resistance if its turf, black top, rubber gym flooring, etc.

On a conditioning/GPP focused day, I may push for speed using lighter weight down using the high handles, and back using the low handles X 3 cycles. That’s a simple and tough workout, at least for me.

Or, same as above vid, just lighter weight (3 forward, 3 reverse).

Or, mix it in with a total body type GPP/conditioning day such as:

Never fails to kick my ass. Did the above workout the other day with a buddy who is quite the conditioned stud and decade+ younger than I and we were smoked. Sadly, we don’t look nearly as good as Kelly does doing that workout 🙂


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