A personal story on the impact of smoking. If you, or someone you know, smokes, this is the vid for you. I’m sure many out there have stories of how smoking has impacted them. It’s a difficult topic to discuss from the personal POV, but I thought sharing it may help someone else.

  1. Lori Newburg 8 years ago

    Will, I feel your pain! Smoking has impacted my family severely. I have a family member currently on her third recovery/remission from smoking-related cancer. I endured a lot of peer pressure torture in high school because I would not smoke anything. Even in my teens I could see that the side of the family I am most like was loaded with smokers who either died with or died from lung cancer or emphysema, and I did not want to invite that into my life. There is indeed hope for those who quit. My dad was diagnosed with the early stages of emphysema some 20 years ago. Within a year of quitting, his lung function went from 36% to 83%, and he’s been stable at 90+% ever since. I too hope that your video benefits at least one person watching. Keep up the great work, my friend!

  2. Ken Brown 8 years ago

    Will, great vid as are your others. Cigs were getting to me, I had no cardio. Walking up 2 flights of stairs took 15 minutes to recover. Jan. 13, 1977 I threw them out and never looked back. 60 days of cleansing ( water, fruits, veggies ) I lost fat weight and went to a doc to see if I could start running for a 5 mile race coming up in 2 months. Doc said go. From never being a runner as a kid in 2 months I did do the 5. Then it was a 13, then a 26 all in 1977. Just passed my 39 th. year smoke free and as a competing runner. Anytime is a good time to quit cigs. Keep on keeping on Will, you are doing great work.

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