My buddy Jim V and I – who is a Sgt on a regional SWAT team in my area, and was on the ABC show Expedition Impossible – did what I refer to as a “functional range day” where I combine functional exercises with some basic range work. It’s similar to my P.A.S.T Program conceptually.

You can slowly ramp up the difficulty by increasing the physical difficulty, and or increasing the shooting difficulty, or both.

Might start with 10 push ups, five tire flips, engage target at 7 yards.
Progressions might be 1 min of pushups, 10 tire flips, 10 rear sled drags, and add stress/difficulty to the shooting; on the move, from cover, or other.

My focus is on the exercise component and don’t make claims to being a BTDT firearms instructor, but a performance trainer who works with tac LE on ways of improving stress training and I enjoy ad hoc “functional” style range days such as found in this vid.
Programming should still attempt to balance volume of antagonist muscles , such as pushups followed by sled rows, etc. which can reduce potential for injuries and improve training effects long term.
However, you have to work with what you have, which in this case was a truck tire, length of phone pole, sled, and a few 25lb plates.

Yes, a pumpkin was injured during the filming of this vid. My apologies in advance to all pumpkin lovers out there 😮

And what is this Fein stuff mentioned in the vid? I cover that in my article “What You Need To Know About Caffeine!” if interested.


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