Is garcinia cambogia (HCA) a legit weight loss agent? Is it safe? What dose is needed? Learn the FACTS in this video!

  1. Robert 10 years ago

    Once again another honest review from you Will, and I must say thank you. I was suspicious of the hype and all and I am glad to get your comments. What is your primary “go-to” research information source? Because I have a lot of questions about products.
    Thank you again

    • Author
      Will Brink 10 years ago

      As far as a good starting place for looking up studies, PubMed is the standard, but there’s others. There’s specific journals to search, researchers to contact directly, etc, etc. Many will start and end at PubMed when in need of a quick reference on a topic, and I have spent many hours there just looking at studies to find to read of interest, which has lead to some of the more interesting and unexpected topics/findings over the years. Back in the day, there was no ‘net and I spent entire days in the Harvard and BU medical libraries. Love the ‘net….

  2. Joe 10 years ago

    I agree with you will and you know Dr. Oz is doing this to raise money from his sponsors to support his TV show. On the flip side, he is no joke. I’ve met Dr. Oz on two occasions and he is a brilliant man. He performed open heart surgery on my father way before he was famous and probably saved his life.

  3. Bev Brown 10 years ago

    no volume to this?

  4. Bev Brown 10 years ago

    sorry my speakers were out – good now

  5. Lori Newburg 10 years ago

    Hi Will! As always, I’m loving how thorough you are on this topic. I have given this ingredient a try in the past, and did achieve a decrease in appetite and increase in duration of satiety when using the grams per day clinically studied dosing as directed. You’re right on with your advice to check the quantity in the product. A retailer will proudly label a product clearly that uses the proper amount of ingredient! If the amount isn’t listed, buyer beware!

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