Simple question: what’s in your gym bag? What can be found in a person’s gym bag says something about them…

Here’s what can be found in mine.

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  1. Ejaz 13 years ago

    Good one on the hand wash

  2. PeteFC 13 years ago

    A few additions I have is a note pad and a pen/pencil. A training diary to keep track of sets and reps to see progress and cue me when to change my work-out. More importantly I use it to keep track of sets. The little "ticks" on the page don't lie about how many reps/sets I've done.
    A big one for me is my MP3 player and ear-buds. If I'm not into the music being played I've got my own – not to mention it keeps me from "socializing" when I should be working. Save the chit chat for the post workout shake bar! (Make sure you carry a spare battery!)
    Also gloves! I have a few pair – some that work well with particular exercises (dumbbell vs bar etc).
    Post workout meal – what ever it is! I use your "roll your own" creatin, gatorade, protein powder, water mixture and sip it throughout the workout.
    Water bottle – nuff said!

  3. Zach 13 years ago

    I disagree with the statement "if you dont have a wipe towel youre not training hard enough". i train intensely, sweat a lot, but that doesnt mean im gonna drag a towel around with me and wipe off the squat rack after i squat or the bar after i deadlift. its a gym, not an emergency room, it doesnt have to be squeaky clean.
    also, i think youre missing two big ones that every serious lifter should have:
    1) a workout log. how can you know if youre continuously making progress and providing overload if youre not logging your workouts?
    2) chalk!

    • Miranda 13 years ago

      If you don't have a wipe towel you are inconsiderate and grubby!

  4. Joemuscle 13 years ago

    Workout log??? I haven't had one of those since HIGHSCHOOL as a beginner! lol (only kidding) each his own..I've been lifting for awhile now and I pretty much go by feel. I know the weights I can and can't handle, I know if I'm short changing myself and I go by the blood pumping sensation. I learned a long time ago that there is no "magic" number of reps, you have your good days and bad days. If I have an extreme pump at the end of a workout who cares how many reps I did! I need to focus on the muscle more than how many times I lift something from point A to B. Just my two cents

  5. @autismfamily 13 years ago

    I have wrist weights for when doing the treadmill. There are three sets of gloves. I have a water spray bottle for the Zumba class. Flip flops and towel for shower, brush, deodorant, shampoo, moisturizer for face, lock for locker. Also my rubbermaid container with two scoops of muscle milk light chocolate and a 16 oz water bottle.

  6. Annette 13 years ago

    My gym bag contains my wrist straps, gym boss, water bottle, iPod, iPad to log my training….and that is it. My gym supplies towels and I ash my hands really good prior to leaving gym.

  7. geoff 13 years ago

    bandaids. I train till i bleed.

  8. DCP 13 years ago

    1. training journal and pen
    2. chalk
    3. athletic tape
    4. grip straps
    5. powerlifting wrist straps

  9. mancpete 13 years ago

    I have a chalk ball which I find is less messy than a bag of chalk. I also have a skipping rope to warm up with and a stuff for a shower after the sweaty session, I want a shower.
    I also have a towel that I use to improve my grip, instead of a bar when using the cable machines.

  10. Elden Saysithideth 13 years ago

    This is a good article about personal training. I’m a college student just trying to learn more about the fitnessindustry and I really enjoyed reading your article. Keep up the great work!

  11. DaveT 13 years ago

    SInce I built my gym at my house – I have everything I need and then some 🙂

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